Room dividers for home feng shui , It is another option for people who want to change the proportion of public space in the house without renovation. It’s not wasted your time and budget. But nowadays there’re variety styles of room divider, such as finished and folding room dividers, etc. So Today HomeGuru will tell you the meaning of each pattern? And how to use for adjust the good home fengshui

• Why the room divider is the good choice?

renovation the house is not only long time taken and high cost but some house is a new house or a finished house with a clear structure. cannot change the structure as the buyer want. or maybe it’s an old house built for a long time without feng shui planning at first. Or the room for rent which the lessor is not allow the tenant adjust room structure. All these factors make the room divider is interesting.


• How can the room divider help adjust the feng shui of the house?

adjustment the feng shui of the house is the adjustment of every member life of the house. Make us lucky in work, money, physical health and mental health. So, make the good feng shui or always make the house beautiful with good proportion. by using a room divider. you can do it as follows.

1. Divider between rooms, your hhappiness will always stay


For a house with a living room, Dining room and the kitchen is connected as one area should use room dividers to block those areas by using the finished room divider which is easy to use and install. or using folding room divider If you want to open the space from time to time. using room dividers in this way will help the members of the house joy and peace

2. Divide front and back doors, make you full of money


The houses with the same position of front and back doors. it is not good. It’s believed that how much you have tried in your life, the money will flow out of the house. You can bring a room divider both a finished room divider or a folding divider. place between the two doors This will help about the money

3. Divide the bedroom, good health without sickness


when we open the bedroom door and can see the bed placing in front of you directly. it will result the sickness of the owner of the room all the time. But using, finished or folding room divider will help to enhance the health of the room and the room owner

• What’s the meaning of each room divider pattern?

The room dividers have been developed from the normal furniture and home decorations, old fashion and not suitable for this period. But on these days finished and folding room divider are designed to look modern and suitable following the style of modern home decoration. There’re many more room divider which is not only beautiful, but it also adds the strength for the user as well.

1. 2 side auspicious coin, stencil pattern


It will help about your power. Freedom, success, the successful of money, Work and friends. It also encourages people to support you. Have good friendship, good married life and a good family life too.

2. 5 side auspicious coin, stencil pattern


It supports about the money, investment and business expansion. Have the power to attract the Business partner to support your money. Full of profit in business. Good Liquidity, always see the way of money and also bring happiness, wealth, good health to the owner. It also promotes new start-ups and new projects that are coming up. Including a good start to a family life.

3. 9 side auspicious coin, stencil pattern


No.9 is good in wealth. walking in the right direction. Encourage life to meet only progress. Have life and business supporter Helps to lead the goal of your life

4. Bodhi tree, stencil pattern


It is a tree that is revered in Buddhism, Brahmanism, Hinduism and Jainism. They are used to decorate the interior of the house to bring peace and tranquility. Also bring the happiness, the successful and the good fortune into the house and has the long live.

For people who are looking for a way to modify or enhance the feng shui of the house. But don’t have much installation time and Budget. Or have the limitation to renovate the main structure of the house. HomeGuru believes Room dividers for home feng shui , both finished and folding room divider are the good and suitable choice. Also, should consider about auspicious patterns and meaning to help strengthen Feng Shui in the house. Including keeping the house clean, airy and beautiful at all times

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