HomeGuru thinks of home safety as important to your family. Nowadays, we use glass inside our house for decoration and other purposes, such as doors, windows, handrails and shower screens. Glass, which is a breakable material. Therefore, there must be a selection of suitable glass types for safety use. In which some standardized design areas which are vulnerable to user safety. It is necessary to put Safety Glass. In which the area is subject to the following risks:

1.The glass installed is less than 45 cm. above the floor level.
2.The edge of the glass is less than 92 cm. above the floor.
3.Glass larger than 9 square feet.
4.Glass that is less than 92 cm from the passageway.


If you’ve read, you will find that the area where safety glass should be installed is an important area and is frequently used in the home such as full glass doors. A railing for a log or balcony, windows and light channels that is not much level from the ground and glass partitions to divide the room or a glass partition for the shower itself.

There are three types of safety glass in use today, each of which has a different appearance and production. There are different strengths. Which if you already understand the properties of each type of glass. This will help you to select the appropriate type of safety glass for use. Let’s see how. What are the 3 types of safety glass?


Tempered Glass

This type of glass is the introduction of ordinary glass through a “tempered” process by conducting glass through high heat. And the glass to cool suddenly Therefore, the outer glass hardens faster than the inside. Because it is in the state of stress (compression stress), resulting in the glass inside that is in the state of the tension stress. This makes glass is 5 times tougher than ordinary glass and can withstand sudden changes in temperature as well. When the tempered glass breaks, it will break into a small grain corny which is less sharp. The tempered glass cannot be cut or drilled after it has been manufactured. Because it will break immediately. Therefore, the glass must be designed in accordance with the jigs and mounting styles.

Suitable for use with frameless doors glass, product showcase, indoor partition wall, shower partition wall including used to make furniture, various glass.

ฉากกั้นอาบน้ำ ฉากกั้นอาบน้ำ ฉากกั้นอาบน้ำ

กระจกนิรภัย ประตูบ้าน

Laminated Glass

This type of glass is made from ordinary glass or two tempered glass sheets together between the sheets. A polyvinyl butyral (PVB) transparent plastic sheet is installed, and then treated with high heat, all three pieces of materials are attached to one sheet. Laminated glass was originally invented for automotive glass. When broken, it will crack spread out like a spider’s web. The glass pieces will not fall off as dangerous. This glass also has better soundproofing properties than ordinary glass. It also helps block heat and UV rays up to 97%. It is commonly used for roof skylights.

Glass baluster or a glass partition at a height helps prevent glass fragments falling to the bottom. Many golf club homes also prefer to install laminated glass to ensure the safety of the golf ball that floats on the glass from entering the home. The disadvantage of glass type is that it is less durable than ordinary glass of the same thickness. But it has an advantage in safety if it is broken. Therefore, sometimes we see the use of tempered glass to make laminated glass which will be stronger and more durable, but is followed by a higher price.

กระจกนิรภัย ทุบไม่แตก

กระจกนิรภัย คือ

Wire-Reinforced Glass

This glass is a safe option in the event of breakage, helps enhance safety in case of fire and prevent theft better than other types of glass. Wire-reinforced glass is produced by embedding metal wires during the glass panel production. This type of glass is stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness, impact resistance. In case of a breakage, the wire in the glass will help secure the glass from falling out. Especially in the case of the glass being exposed to high heat, even when a fire occurs. In addition, it is suitable for applications where theft security is required in some cases. The wire pattern in the glass is also suitable for any decoration style, such as industrial style.



Therefore, choosing the type of safety glass should be consulted by designers, architects as well as experienced specialists such as shower partition glass, and HomeGuru hopes that an introduction to all three types of safety glass will help you understand what recommended by the designer or contractor. Because safety glass has a higher price than ordinary glass. But what we get is the safety of family members who cannot be valued.

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