It is undeniable that the overflowing problem of the world is caused by human beings. And how to do less waste now? Let’s start with the small things around you (but the biggest problem across the world) by reducing plastic bags in any way. Let’s join together to create awareness of the world. Just refuse plastic bags then picked up a cloth bag to use instead… We are now starting to see from the campaign not to use plastic bags. Many department stores have cooperated very well. Without giving out plastic bags to put things to us causing us to carry bags to put in the things we bought. Shopping bags of various sizes are essential to have in your bag. HomeGuru will introduce the selection of eco-friendly bags, trolley bags. This Shopping Cart will be a great help when packing things home for you to enjoy shopping when walking into a small shop or shopping in big malls, I certify that I do not have to suffocate by carrying big stuff such as


Cloth bag

Cloth bags and fabric bags In addition to various fabrics Beautiful patterns and designs. There is also a special feature including multiple storage compartments or folded and stored in a zip bag that is sewn together neatly. And a single bag normal fold various sizes to choose from as needed. Suitable for carrying in a bag without cluttering your hands available at all times.

ถุงผ้ารักษ์โลก ถุงผ้ารักษ์โลก ถุงผ้ารักษ์โลก


Trolley bag

There are a variety of trolley bags to choose from. Most of the trolley bag frames are made of light steel. Covered with different kinds of cloth depending on design. Designed with functions that go beyond just capacity, for example, foldable, save space to put in the car or drag it out to the nearest shop. Some models have folding chairs that can be pulled out to sit and rest when you are tired. There are also two wheels to drive. And a six-wheeled model for easy climbing up stairs without much lifting and pulling force does not cause a concussion on the contents of the bag to cause damage as well.

รถช้อปปิ้ง รถช้อปปิ้ง รถช้อปปิ้ง


Wheeled bag

Wheeled bag or Shopping Cart is similar to a trolley bag but made of stronger material. They are heavier and they are available in a wide variety as well. Which is currently popular as a foldable type that does not take up space. The material has steel, aluminum, stainless steel and the function of the wheels is fully optimized to increase the efficiency of use with 4 wheels, 6 wheels and 8 wheels.

รถช้อปปิ้ง รถเข็นอเนกประสงค์ รถเข็นอเนกประสงค์


Utility cart

Utility cart is As a migration aid. It can carry big stuff. Plus a design that conforms to the use of modern fibers that benefits everyone can use it easily, such as easy to fold and store adaptable to the size of the transport. Firm grip And wheels that support going up and down stairs.

รถช้อปปิ้ง รถเข็น รถเข็น


Now that you know this, don’t forget to find a wheeled bag, anyone who doesn’t yet have you can go shopping for a Shopping Cart to help make shopping at every HomePro branch. There is a dazzling selection at the price of friendship.

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