Nowadays, Energy saving is becoming very important. We can start saving water with simple guidelines to save money. Start by paying more attention to daily use of water. Such as change your old sanitary ware to the new one that has a water saving feature is one easy way. But if everyone changes the behavior, it will save quite a lot of water.

Check the water before turning it into a bathtub

Do not forget that the drainage of the bathtub is closed before turning on the water. Also, do not forget to check the vent whether it is damage or not, to prevent losing too much water. Bathing in bathtub use more than 150 liters of water.

Use shower save more water

Reduce time in bathing by using shower instead of bathing in bathtub. Take 5 minutes less than bathing in bathtub, includes turning off water while washing your hair or scrubbing. This can help us save more than 200 liters of water.


Reduce the amount of water in the toilet

In flushing a toilet, it uses more than 5 liters of water at a time. To reduce the amount of water for flushing, recommend to put in a water bottle or a stone, is an easy way. Or choose a toilet that has saving water feature with beautiful design. Do not forget to check leaky spots at the joints or valves. Simple check by putting food color into the tank. If the color soak into the toilet, then there is a leak and cause waste of water. Need to repair immediately.

Check the water meter

Check the water meter regularly. Aside from telling you how much water you have used in each month, you can also check the leak. By turning off the water and check the meter. If the meter is still increases, then there is a leak. Need to repair immediately.

Turn off the water while brushing your teeth

Do not forget to turn off the water while brushing your teeth and shaving. This can help save water more than 30 liters. This is the easiest way to save water.

Choose faucet/shower that add more air bubbles

Choose faucet/shower that has Aerators system, it will add more air and reduce the amount of water. This makes the water flow smoothly. Large shower can add more air and there is a model with water filtration as well.

Use an automatic tap or long lever tap

To save water more effectively, choose a tap with lever or censor to stop water immediately. To prevent wasting of water.

Do not throw garbage into the toilet

Disposal of garbage into the toilet causes the toilet to clog and waste water. Sanitary napkin, toilet paper or cigarette ash use a lot of water to flush.

หลายMost people turn on water to wash soap bubbles while washing dishes. This waste a lot of water. Recommend to put water into a bowl or sink first, then wash the dishes. This make the dishes cleaner and use less of soap.

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