“Electric screwdriver” is one of the tools that every home should have with prices from tens to hundreds but it may help save the life and property of everyone in the home without a valuation at all. The reason I dare to say this is because the electric screwdriver is a voltage testing tool that will help us know whether there is electricity in our home or not and it can also check to see if our electrical appliances have leaks or not. It is a small tool with great features. HomeGuru would like to take everyone to know more about the electric screwdriver.

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How does an electric screwdriver look like?

Most electric screwdrivers in the market are divided into ordinary electric screwdrivers and a digital power meter screwdriver which is the most popular style and most people are familiar with most ordinary screwdriver with a light bulb on the handle itself.

This type of electric screwdriver is a small size electric check screwdriver with a flat metal screwdriver tip. The handle is made of glass or non-conductive plastic. There is a metal button on the bottom of the handle. The inside of the handle contains a neon tube and a series resistor. From the tip of the screwdriver, check the light to the metal button at the bottom of the handle to perform the pressure display.


How does electric screwdriver work?

The working principle of an electric screwdriver is to rely on the user’s body as a medium. That is to rely on the voltage difference of the electric current. In principle, the electric current will flow from a potential point to a less potent point. When the tip of the screwdriver measures the electric contact with a conductor with electric current. The current will flow through the resistor in order to limit the current to a level that does not cause danger to users. Then flow through to the neon tube before flowing continuously to the user’s body and then flowing down to the floor in a complete cycle can brighten the fluorescent lamp and the reason why during the use of electric screwdrivers must not wear shoes.


How to use an electric screwdriver?

When you want to test the voltage by a power screwdriver. Grasp the area of the glass or plastic screwdriver handle. By being careful not to touch the tip of the screwdriver to check the power. Then, use the tip of the screwdriver to check the conductor, electrical outlet, power cord, or on the metal you want to test. And then use one finger to touch the metal push button on the bottom of the handle. If the fluorescent lamp in the screwdriver handle lights up, meaning that the test area has either a line current or a leakage in the system.


When using an electric screwdriver, what precautions should be taken?

Caution when using an electric screwdriver that HomeGuru would like to recommend for the safety of users are as follow:

1. You should choose a light measuring screwdriver that is suitable for the type of electricity, where direct current, DC is electricity used in cars or alternating current AC is used with electricity coming from electricity.


2. Besides, the type of electricity, the size of the electrical voltage must be appropriate. Not too high or too low, such as measuring electricity in the house, which uses 200 – 250 volts of electricity, should not use a screwdriver to measure electricity for the voltage of 80 – 125 volts, etc. and do not use a screwdriver to check the electricity to test at Don’t know the pressure or high voltage is strictly prohibited.

3. Holding a screwdriver to measure electricity while in use. Must be careful not to touch the tip of the screwdriver, the bare part is strictly prohibited. You should use a light screwdriver to hold the handle in perfect condition Insulated with non-conducting insulation like glass or plastic and may also be wrapped around a wire to help prevent a short circuit from inadvertent use.

4. The correct method of using a power screwdriver is to tap the tip of the screwdriver to check the conductor to be tested first. Then use your finger to touch the metal buttons around the handle while removing the shoes and not standing on the insulated floor. So that the electricity flows completely and can display the correct voltage value.


5. Every time you use an electric screwdriver, be careful and keep in mind that there is a danger such as a screwdriver, a light gauge may be damaged or a short circuit inside. When in use, only touch a little.

6. In addition, when touching the conductor, be careful not to allow the screwdriver to touch the other part of the electrode. At the same time, especially in a narrow area, such as touching the different phase electricity or electric pole touching the ground electrode, for example, will cause a short circuit and sparks coming out to the user that may cause severe injury.


7. From no. 6, In situation where there are open or bare electrical terminals, such as the switch panel area or the socket that opens the door. You need a professional electrician who has specific expertise to conduct the electricity measurement only.

8. For light screwdrivers that have not been used for a long time, fluorescent lamps or internal resistors may be damaged and therefore should not be tested before actual use. By testing with parts that are known to have certain electrical power first, such as tapping the tip of a screwdriver to check the light into the wall outlet hole There will be only one hole that has fire etc.


9. In case, that the electric screwdriver is damaged absolutely no re-use as well as not to modify the manual electric screwdriver, such as altering the resistance value or directly to the resistance etc.

As you’ve read, you probably agree with HomeGuru that the price of a screwdriver is a tens digit but has real benefits. And for anyone who doesn’t have this mechanic equipment, don’t forget to hurry to buy. Because it’s a small piece of equipment but very necessary.

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