Office Syndrome is a widespread symptom that modern people are facing. Coping with a seat cushion is considered a great relief from aches and pains, especially for people who have to work with computers and sit for long periods. However, the back cushions are also available in a variety of designs. Today, HomeGuru will take you to know more about healthy cushions and recommend good techniques for choosing the right cushion. We guarantee that young office workers will definitely like it.


When facing office syndrome and back pains. Finding a fit cushion can be a good solution, and handle it efficiently well.

1. What is Office Syndrome?
2. Seat cushion, help relieve back pain
3. How to use a seat cushion to sit comfortably and suitable for work
4. How to choose the quality seat cushion
5. 5 Seat cushions, the price is not more than a thousand baht

What is Office Syndrome?

Office Syndrome is one of the symptoms of muscle pain and inflammation of tissues and ligaments. There are different levels of pain, depending on the severity of the cause of the pain. Most of the time, this happens with people who have to sit at work for long periods. There is a wrong sitting posture according to the principles of ergonomics. The chair used is not a healthy chair that supports sitting well. This includes repetitive muscle injuries such as prolonged and repeated use of the mouse.

In addition, such symptoms are caused by an inappropriate workplace environment and not conducive to good sitting. Whether the nature of the desk is not related to the computer monitor and the chair does not support the individual’s ergonomics. And there is no back cushion to help adjust the sitting posture properly.


Seat cushion, help relieve back pain

When back pain and body aches, especially in the neck, shoulders, shoulders, and coccyx caused by office syndrome. The best and most responsive response without lifestyle changes is the use of a healthy cushion.

The benefit of choosing a cushion for a seat is to make it more comfortable and reduce the pressure from sitting for a long time. Help distribute weight evenly and help adjust the sitting position to suit the body. Including the workplace environment such as desk, chair, hand placement angle so that aches and pains in the back are alleviated accordingly.


How to use a seat cushion to sit comfortably and suitable for work

Choosing a good back cushion and seeing the result is the correct use of the cushion suitable for our own body. Otherwise, it may result in more back pain.

1. The placement of the cushion must be appropriate

The position of the back cushion should use the side that has grooves outward. Because it is the side that supports the back to fit perfectly with the body while sitting in the chair, so that the back is touched in the correct position, you will feel comfortable when sitting. But if it is a cushion for sitting, take the concave side of the pillow inward instead because it will reduce the pressure on the coccyx area to support the body, including both legs.

2. Adjust the seat level

Adjusting the seat level, if it is a back cushion, adjust the seat to the level of the hips. You should not adjust too high. This may lead to an incorrect sitting position and discomfort due to excessive backpressure. But if it’s a seat, it should be appropriately positioned and support both legs to help reduce pressure, especially under the crook of the knee. Sitting will not result in numbness or cramping.


3. Check the feeling after using the cushion

After adjusting and positioning the cushion correctly, the last thing is to check your own feelings after using the pillow. At first, you may not get used to it and feel uncomfortable, which is caused by adjusting the sitting position and adjusting the muscles. But when the muscles begin to change, it makes sitting more comfortably. There is a feeling of stability, and the pain will gradually subside.

However, if it has been used for about 2 weeks and still hasn’t improved, you may need to check again to see how well the adjustable seat cushion is. Or in some cases, it may be caused by the material used to make upholstery may not have standards.

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How to choose the quality seat cushion

1. Choose the right cushion type

Cushions can be divided into two main categories according to the nature of use and the position of use: back cushion and seat cushion.

  • The back cushion is a cushion that helps to adjust the new position to avoid sitting with a hunched back that can result in a hunched back if you sit for a long time. The cushion is designed to support the back body as well as support the spine. Most pillows have straps attached to the chair to adjust the angle accordingly.
  • The seat cushion is a cushion that helps reduce lumbar and coccyx pain from sitting in the same position for a long time. Choose a pillow that is thick, strong, and not too soft. The height must fit the level of the seated body, and feet touch the floor properly. It is vital to check your eye level, especially when staring at a computer screen.

2. Choose the right thickness of chair cushion

Choosing a cushion should select the type or model that is the right thickness because it may support less weight if it is too thin. A pretty thick cushion will not only make it more comfortable to sit on, but it will also help extend its lifespan for a longer time.

3. Choose the right size for the chair

When choosing a cushion, select a model that fits the chair in use. Because if using a cushion that is smaller or narrower will make sitting uncomfortable. Or if it’s too big, it might overload the seat.


4. Choose chair cushion with ties

To choose the best healthy cushion, choose a model with ties or cords to attach to the chair. Because it will make it comfortable to sit without worrying when moving and not cause the seat to move or fall. The rope can be attached to the legs of the chair and attached to the backrest.

5. Made of good material, soft and not stuffy

A good cushion should be soft and not too weak. Sitting should feel firm and comfortable, able to support the back, hips, and coccyx. For most of the materials used to make cushion, there are 3 types:

  • Cotton is a natural fiber that is airy, light, soft, and breathable. Still, the disadvantage is that it is slow to recover, not flexible. When washed, it may cause shrinkage easily.
  • Polyester is a durable, easy-to-clean synthetic fiber that retains its shape well but has the disadvantage of breathability.
  • Memory foam is the most popular material for cushioning for health, good weight support, flexibility. Suitable for a variety of physiques but may cost more than cotton and synthetic cushions.

5 Seat cushions, the price is not more than a thousand baht


This model is made from polyester fibers soft and comfortable to sit and relieve aches and pains when sitting for a long time. It can be positioned to suit the work and can be used with a chair or placed as a backrest. The important thing is that the price is only 479 baht.



This cushion is made from polyester fibers that make it comfortable sitting, recovering quickly, and not easily collapse even after sitting for a long time. The key is to support the body and weight well, designed to help sitting and a backrest in one piece, with a price of only 299 baht.



It is a model made from high-quality polyester fibers, has a modern design, and supports various ergonomics. It has good resistance to fraying or tearing. It’s lightweight and holds onto your chair well with a selling price of only 179 baht.



For the health cushion from BEWELL H-11, size L, gray color, is one of the models that are worth it. It is made from memory foam that can be shaped to fit your body. The seat’s cover is made of Soft Plush fabric, making it soft and comfortable to sit on. It can be used as a work chair or as a driving seat, for which the selling price is only 590 baht.



This is another model from the BEWELL brand that is affordable as it is available for only 750 baht. It is also a model made from memory foam to conform to the user’s sitting and ergonomics. Supports sitting in both chairs and car seats. The cushion is made of Soft Plush fabric, which is soft and comfortable to sit on. The important thing is that it doesn’t irritate the skin.


It’s all about coping with Office Syndrome with a supportive seat cushion for office workers. The selection of back cushions or healthy cushions all has different elements and methods of choice. It depends on the usage characteristics of each person. Of course, suppose you want to get an economical version of the health cushion with a budget of not more than 1,000 baht. In that case, you can go and buy it at HomePro, and you will find many affordable products on the budget you want.

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