Slipping in the bathroom is one of the top accidents in the home, especially for homes with elderly people and young children. The main reason is caused by the accumulation of wetness, causing bathroom floor to have moss and mold. If the bathroom is not well designed, it can become a dangerous zone in your home.

For new houses that have just been built, it should not be very worrisome. Most architects have designed a separate wet and dry zone. But if it is an old house or a house that does not give importance to the design, may still use the old style of bathroom that combines everything within the same zone which is not only dangerous but also results in difficult bathroom maintenance. This article, “HomeGuru” has 5 easy ways to separate wet and dry zones without dividing the room. So that every home can use the bathroom safely and not tired of scrubbing throughout the room.

Ways to separate wet and dry zones for the bathroom

1. Insert edge boundary water barrier on the floor

The barrier is commonly used in housing projects. Because the project wants to reduce construction costs which create a barrier edge by means of a cement edge to create a barrier about 5-10 cm high, then lay the drain pipe (Floor Drain) or water drainage in the bath area in relation to the slope of the room.


The divider will be effective, if the bathroom plan is positioned separately and the shower area is facing properly. It will help prevent water around the floor of the wet zone from flowing out into the dry zone. But if designing a shower zone combined with other zones, recommend attaching curtains or installing additional glass, otherwise, the water from the shower will splash throughout the room which is not good.

2. Separate wet and dry zones with curtains

“Bathroom curtains” are the easiest way to save wet and dry zones. There are many types of production materials and the properties vary. For ordinary plastic materials, the price is quite cheap. But the usage is short, when exposed to water every day, black mold will appear as dirty spots. So you have to change it often. Therefore, you should buy bathroom curtains that have waterproof features such as:

• Flexible PVC curtain: absorb moisture fast, easy to clean.
• PEVA material curtain: semi-opaque curtain better than PVC, straight without chloride, less toxic to the environment, has waterproof property, helps to reduce the occurrence and accumulation of mold as well.
• Curtains, materials from EVA or another type of polymers: has translucent properties, odorless, friendly to people and home. Water, soap stains and shampoo well resistant, and can prevent mold.
• Polyester curtain waterproof coating: does not absorb water and moisture, stains do not cling, lightweight, washable, does not shrink.

Separate wet and dry zones with curtains

3. Separate wet and dry zones with shower scene

In modern houses, shower curtains are used as a divider for dry and wet zones especially the shower curtain screen (Bare Glass (Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures), with the highlights of transparent materials which makes the bathroom look beautiful, giving a feeling of airy, able to design according to the desired size or shape. It can be just a single wall or additional doors depending on the needs.

Caution, do not use ordinary glass. But use strong and durable glass such as safety glass, acrylic glass because if glass is accidentally broken, the glass fragments will be sharp. Unlike the broken tempered glass, it looks like a small corn grain, it is less dangerous.

Separate wet and dry zones with shower scene

4. Shower Cabin

It is an option to partition wet zones and dry zones into convenient proportions. Just bring it and put it to use, almost no need to do anything more. Finished shower cabin is not heavy. The standard size is 90 cm X 90 cm, but it is recommended that before buying to install, measure the space in the bathroom first. And then try to stand, rotate, as if standing from a real bathroom first. Because if the user is tall and big, a shower cabinet that is too small, you will feel uncomfortable and can stick to the arm while rubbing soap. The advantage of the prefabricated shower enclosure is the ease of installation. Barrier wet, dry, almost 100% good and tangible price, starting at only thousands of baht.

Shower Cabin

5. Forming dry and wet zones

It is another simple way, very popular in Thailand. Suitable for bathrooms that have a shower zone layout at the edge of the room. By constructing a wall protruding about 80-100 cm, depending on the size of the bathroom. The floor area of the shower may be designed to have a floor level below the dry zone about 5-10 cm to prevent water from flowing out to the floor. This method is a budget-saving method and a level of splash protection. But it may feel darker than clear glass.

Wall should cover the wall surface with materials that are easy to clean, such as ceramic tiles. Or in case of bare polishing, coat with another layer of polish to prevent moisture accumulating and easier to clean.

Forming dry and wet zones

Conclusion: Although, the bathroom is the smallest space in the house. But it is important for quality of life and hygiene. For houses that have not been built, you should pay attention to every detail from the design process, including the arrangement of usage functions, selection of cover material, sanitary ware. Or if any home has an elderly person, it should be designed according to the Universal Design principles to increase security as well. Homeguru will bring bathroom design ideas for the elderly to read next time.

Slipping in the bathroom is one of the top accidents in the home
separate wet and dry zones for the bathroom without partitioning

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