The bedroom is a private space for sleeping and is like a lonely space to read books, watch movies, listen to music. For some people may wonder why the bedroom at home feels uncomfortable. Both beautifully decorated important factors that many people may overlook which creates a perfect atmosphere which is lighting or Set the Bedroom Light. Examples that many people may have experienced and seen clearly is a hotel room or luxury resort.

In addition to the beautiful decorations, the lighting characteristics, the color of the lights and the placement helps you to relax.


HomeGuru recommends simple principles In the lighting or Set the Bedroom Light that can be adapted for use. By categorizing the use of light according to usage which helps create a dimension of light and light to enhance the atmosphere in the bedroom. Which is different from using a single type of light that shines brightly throughout the room in general. The assortment of light will help the bedroom at home be as relaxing as a luxury hotel and resort. Let’s see what are the principles of lighting in the bedroom.


General lighting

Ambient light or general light is a basic lighting for every room. It provides illumination for vision and general activities. Most often the light from the ceiling lamp or downlight. For bedrooms that focus on relaxation. Ambient lights should be less brighter than other rooms. As for that position it can be installed above the bed but choose ceiling lights that give soft light or lamps that illuminate the ceiling to prevent the light shining on the eyes or may use downlights spread above the ground.

ไฟเพดาน ไฟเพดาน ดาวน์ไลท์


Active lighting or Task lighting

Task lighting lights provide spot lighting for specific applications. For that bedroom will be a feature of a bedside lamp for reading Including lamps on the bedside table, wall lamps and hanging lamps, as well as desk lamps and vanity lamps. You should look at the installation location of the appropriate light source. Avoid shining angles that interfere with use, such as if writing a right hand, the lamp should be on the left side to shine into the face of the hand etc.

ไฟตั้งโต๊ะ ไฟอ่านหนังสือ ไฟช่อ


Highlight lighting

Highlight lighting or Accent lighting is as a decoration using light which can use lamps that are strange and beautiful. Lamp that emits light in a shape or the installation of hidden lights on the ceiling or in the wall, to shine in a line or curve In addition to using general color lights. Sometimes other colors may be used to create an interesting atmosphere as well.


Dimmer switch

Dimmer switch is a brightness control device that can change the look for the bedroom instantly. Suitable for people who want to get a lot of light. In the rhythm of cleaning the room or search for items but requires dim light. During rest time, to install the dimmer switch, you must consider the lamp used in conjunction with, generally if incandescent or halogen lamps can be changed immediately. But the case is a compact fluorescent lamp or a low-voltage LED bulb may flash. Therefore, you should consult an electrician, equipment store in order to choose a dimmer switch and tubes that can work together. Nowadays, there are some types of lamps that can adjust the light level without using a dimmer switch. Which is another option for instant bedroom remodeling work.

สวิตช์หรี่ไฟ สวิตช์หรี่ไฟ สวิตช์หรี่ไฟ


Light color

The color of light affects awareness and mood. Light color is measured in Kelvin, or the K value that we see on the label or on the lamp. For home lighting, it will be in the range of 2700K-6500K, approximate K value is low, light will be yellow, high K value, light will be white. For the bedroom, you should choose the color of light that is comfortable for the eyes to relax. Which is a yellow light to yellowish white or the range 2700K-4000K is a color that creates a warm, friendly. But this yellowish or orange light may not be suitable in the case of searching or cleaning, compared to the white light in the 4500K-6500K range. There are currently some lamps that can change color in one lamp which is suitable for cases that require a variety of applications.


Lastly, HomeGuru say that changing the style of lighting or Set the Bedroom Light in the bedroom for relaxation. And sleep comfortably considered as a worthwhile investment. Aside from getting a beautiful bedroom with good atmosphere. You will get to rest fully which will definitely result in good health and affect work efficiency Let’s start with simple things. Just change the bright white light to a light yellow eye You will feel the difference immediately.


Dont’ forget… if you are not sure about installing any electrical equipment For safety reasons, it is better to consult a mechanic for installation.

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