Shading Net is one of the useful helpers which can relieve the heat for both a house and family members. Sometime they are called a sunshade net. We can install and use by ourselves, low investment, cost savings, Easy to move and can be used in a variety of areas especially outdoor area such as Garage, Storage area, outdoor garden, front or back of the house. Planted area. Or even the area that needs shade as a common living area for the whole family. Today HomeGuru have the tricks of how to choose the effective and suitable shading net in different area for everyone

1. What is a Shading Net?
2. How to choose a suitable Shading Nets
3. Choose a suitable garage Shading Nets for prevent the car breaking
4. Which shading net brands are interesting?

ตาข่าย กันแดด

What is a Shading Net?

Shading net or sunscreen net, is a large canvas, lightweight, easy to install, durable whether installed permanently or temporarily, low cost, easy to maintain and there are variety of colors to choose. But the most popular are green, blue and black, the highlight of the net is used to filter sunlight and reduce the intensity of daily sunlight.

Especially the outdoor area such as the garage, garden, front and back of the house, Storage area and planted area. They not only can protect the sun but also can be used as a fence around the area you want. It’s very popular to use for farming and reduce the impact of the falling rain as well


How to choose a suitable Shading Net

Normally, they will be divided into the color, such as black, green, blue depending on personal preference and the area you want to install. But there is also about light involved. For example, a black shading net will not cut off the length of the light wave so the light pass through the black net is the normal white light. It can keep the heat better than other colors, but also have a shorter service life than other colors too. But The blue and green shading net will cut off the length of the light wave in same color of the net.

Besides the color, we have to choose from the percentage of the Shading Net filtered as well. The percentage can be divided from 50% – 80%, but nowadays available to 90%. For any house which wants to use them longer, have to look at the weaving of the net too. Because the more weaving with the needle the net will be more tough. And more durable to us


Choose a suitable garage Shading Net for prevent the car breaking

Having a garage is important. But if you do not want to invest in an expensive garage at home. Selection of shading net garage is another economical choice for the housewife and househusband. It can save the budget and the advantages are the garage area will not be a dark and humid because the air and sunlight can be easily ventilated throughout the day.

But there are also the considerations in the installing. Should use the shading net that can protect against sunlight, heat and UV light to prevent the car’s color fading quickly, prevent the deterioration of equipment inside the car. Also, should choose the type that fits with your home. it will not make the garage much ooutstanding or contrary to the house.


Which shading net brands are interesting?

• SLAN sunscreen 90% SPRING 2X3 meters beige

For anyone who is looking for a large and durable shading net to decorate the outdoor garden. This is a good choice. They’re made from PE (Polyethylene) plastic with extra toughness. So, it difficult to tear off and also resistant to environmental conditions. They mixed with UV substances to prevent sunlight. So. It’s suitable for the garden and the garage, available in a variety of colors such as beige, mocha, brick color depending on the suitability of the area to be installed.

ส แลน กันแดด ราคา

• 90 UV filter shading net with MOREL star LED

Houses with common areas such as outdoor gardens. Iinstalling the shading net to protect the sun during the day for everyone in the family can sit, relax and organize small party in the house, it can create little happiness for the whole family. it is recommended to choose a percentage of light filtering about 90%.

It will not damage your family member’s skin. This model, can use both day and night. there’re 100 LED bulbs which can create better atmosphere. It also saves electricity while using because it works with solar energy and Solar Cell.


• 90 UV filter shading net with MOREL LED

For anyone who doesn’t like a rectangular shading net, can choose triangular Which can protect the sun and uv light up to 90%. It makes your home look chicer. The highlight of this model is not only their shape but also 107 LEDs placed around the edge of the fabric to create a brighter atmosphere at night. This model also uses solar energy. If you want to use with your home electric power, just buy an adapter. Suitable for outdoor garden.

ราคา ส แลน กันแดด

• Sunblock 85% shading net SPRING 2×10 m. Green

It’s suitable for agricultural and general worked, rather than garden area. Made of thick plastic with 85% of light protection. can block UV light, sunlight, dust and smoke. Lower price as well. But the selection for agriculture used or any house who love to plant or want to build green houses. Should study the sun’s preferences of your plants before setting up the net too. Should choose 70-80% light filtering net, but if you planted orchids, only 25% of light filtering is enough.

แต่ทั้งนี้การเลือกสแลนกันแดดเพื่อใช้งานสำหรับการเพาะปลูก หรือบ้านไหนที่ชอบปลูกผัก ต้องการสร้างโรงเรือน แนะนำให้ศึกษาความชอบแดดของชนิดพันธุ์พืชที่จะปลูกก่อนติดตั้งสแลน เช่น หากเป็นช่วงเพาะเมล็ด ควรเลือกสแลนที่มีเปอร์เซ็นต์ในการกรองแสง 70-80% แต่หากเลือกปลูกกล้วยไม้ ก็อาจจะลดเปอร์เซ็นต์ในการกรองแสงให้เหลือเพียง 25% ครับ


The more important things besides HomeGuru have already recommended above is we should choose a good quality shading net, have weather-wind-rain resistant, low price, long time used, and should select shading net with suitable installing areas. Both modern and looked. It will make more beauty to the space within the house. For any house who wants to install without expertise but still worry about the safety. We Recommend to find an expert technician to install.

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