While air fryers are convenient, they also come with a set of problems: food stains. Many homeowners worry about how to clean an air fryer because they are concerned that if it is not cleaned properly, it could damage the air fryer and reduce its lifespan. It’s necessary to remove grease from an air fryer, so HomeGuru will demonstrate how to do it in just a few simple steps.

Cleaning the fryer entails not only wiping and cleaning, but also completely cleaning the dirt and inside equipment. 

1. Points to consider when cleaning the air fryer.
2. Classic equipment for cleaning.
3. 3 Methods to clean an air fryer that are simple to use and quite effective.
4. How to clean an air fryer for heavy-light stains. 

Points to consider when cleaning the air fryer.

HomeGuru will show you where to start cleaning an air fryer before you start removing grease. Because the fryer’s equipment isn’t just a sieve for the food stains, it also comes into contact with them. However, there are other locations where stains have built up and, if not cleaned, may emit a putrid odor. 

1. Food pot  

If there’s any dirt on the pot, it’s probably just cooking oil smeared on the bottom of it. Dishwashing liquid can be cleaned using the pot’s sides and bottom. 

2. Frying basket  

This is the part that has the most food contact, thus stains such as food and oil may become embedded, especially along the sieve grooves, to some degree. You should use baking soda or water to soak clean an air fryer near the grid. This may require a stain remover. 

It’s important to pay attention to the basket sieve when cleaning the grill since improper cleaning might cause the pot coating to peel off and produce rust on the grill. 

3. Machine body 

Cooking stains can easily be removed from the machine’s body by wiping down any spills with an antibacterial cleaning solution. That’s all there is to it; the air fryer is spotless. 

4. Heating rack above the cooking point

Another area with some cooking stains is sometimes overlooked when cleaning since the stains are difficult to see. It’s also the hardest part of the air fryer to clean. 

Classic equipment for cleaning.

All-purpose cleansers aren’t required for cleaning the fryer; household goods can be cleaned instead. 

• Foggy spray bottle. 

• Sponge for cleaning the air fryer.

• A soft brush or an old toothbrush for scrubbing food and stains.

• Cotton swabs are used to clean the edges. 

• Tissue paper for cleaning hard-to-reach spots. 

• A towel to clean the device’s outside. 


รวม3 Methods to clean an air fryer that are simple to use and quite effective. 

1. Clean the air fryer well with a sponge and brush 


• Sponge 

• Towel 

• Soft brush 

• Cotton swab 

• Tissue paper 

How to clean  

• Use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the machine.  

• Soak the sponge in hot water before cleaning the inside of the fryer.

• If food particles become caught on the heating plate, clean it with a gentle brush.  

• If the soft-bristled brush is unable to reach the small areas, wet a cotton swab in hot water and wipe it clean. 

• After cleaning the air fryer, use a tissue to dry it. 


This method of cleaning an air fryer is suitable for general stains, and it is possible to clean an air fryer on a regular basis because it does not take much time, and it also helps to minimize the creation of deep stains in various spots.


2. Baking soda is the finest way to clean an air fryer. 


• Baking soda

• Water

• Foggy

• Sponge 

• Tissue paper

• Cotton 

How to clean 

• Mix the prepared baking soda with water in a ratio of 1:1.

• Pour the baking soda and water mixture into the foggy.

• Spray the coil area and any nooks and crannies of the air fryer.

• Plug in and turn on the air fryer.

• Set the timer for 15 minutes to clean by heating at 200 degrees Celsius.

• Once the timer has ended, disconnect the power cord and allow the device to warm up before wiping it clean.

• Using the prepared sponge, clean the air fryer around the coil once again.

• In parts where the sponge cannot reach, fold the tissue into a square and clean instead, or use a cotton swab to wipe the edges or small nooks.


It’s an excellent cleaning solution for common oily stains, and you’ll notice the odor of food and the rancidity of the oil inside the fryer.


3. Clean the air fryer’s basket and grill grate 


• Hot water

• Dishwashing liquid

• Sponge or soft brush

How to clean

• Pour the prepared hot water in the air fryer basket.

• Add dishwashing liquid.

• Leave the fryer rack in the basket for 10 minutes.

• Begin cleaning the air fryer’s grill with a sponge or soft brush.

• Flip the grill grate and clean it from the bottom up with a gentle brush.

• Scrub the air fryer basket with the sponge.


Cleaning the sieve with too much force can loosen the coating.


How to clean an air fryer for heavy-light stains

Equipment and ingredients

• 1 cup orange/lemon peel

• 1 cup of vinegar 

• Foggy

• Cleaning brush

• Sponge

• Towel or paper towels for cleaning.

How to mix the cleaning solution

• Mix orange peel or lemon peel with vinegar.

• Fill the foggy or spray bottle with the cleaning solution.

• For maximum efficiency, marinate the ingredients for 1-2 nights.


1. Light stains

Spray the fermented cleaning solution inside and outside the machine for about a minute. Then clean it with paper or a towel.

2. Heavy stains and very dirty 

• Spray the prepared solution around the machine’s coil twice, leave for 10 minutes.

• Pour the solution into the fryer’s oil-supporting pan over the sieve.

• Set up the air fryer at 200°C for 20 minutes.

• Clean the oil reservoir when the appliance has warmed up.

• Rinse and dry the device with water.

• Clean the coil area with a brush.

• Completely clean the equipment before reassembling it.

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HomeGuru‘s air fryer cleaning procedure makes it simple to get rid of grease and food stains. Prior to cleaning an air fryer, make sure to inspect and clean the appliance thoroughly to avoid the coating from peeling off. However, if you’re looking for a low-cost, simple-to-use air fryer, go over to HomePro, which has been placed both online and in your local branch.

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