Shoes can be a grief to store, but the right closet storage solutions will help you keep your shoes neatly organized and allow you to make the most of your closet storage space. Thus, shoe box storage is a device that has become very popular nowadays than old shoe cabinets. There are many advantages of plastic shoe boxes; in addition to maintaining shoes, they also provide flexibility in almost any form of use and placement without limitations. It’s perfect for those who have many shoes or want to show off their beautiful shoes in a neat way. You can find several different kinds of shoebox storage solutions that will work in your home. So HomeGuru has compiled a technique for buying it for you. Keep reading to find out more about the different types of shoe box storage solutions and which one will work best in your home.

• Everything you need to know about shoe box storage

1. Benefits of using plastic shoe box
2. Types of shoeboxes
3. Techniques for choosing shoebox


• Benefits of using plastic shoe box

Having multiple pairs of shoes or having a favorite pair of shoes you want to maintain for a long time is an important thing for shoe lovers. And to prevent your shoes from being damaged by various risk factors as much as possible, store them in a shoebox designed specifically for shoe care. In addition, to keep them in good condition, there are also many advantages.

1. Protects shoes from damp and mold.

Because the shoebox design focuses on ventilation and dampness. Typical shoe boxes are designed to have ventilation holes to prevent mold problems that can easily occur from sweat and reduce odors. Further, you can also add anti-fungal pads to the shoe box.

2. Protects shoes from water, dust, insects and animals.

In addition to preventing dampness and mold, the shoebox can also help protect shoes from getting wet and dust that can cause dirt to accumulate. Or even insects and animals that may nest inside the shoes and cause harm or may hurt our favorite pair of expensive shoes.

3. Keeping your shoes shipshape.

Another advantage of storing shoes in a box is that it helps keep the shoes’ shape intact, not deformed, as they don’t cram with other pairs of shoes like storing large volumes of shoes together in a single shoe cabinet. Therefore, the shoes are always clean and look new.

4. Saves space in storage and can be stored as you like.

Because plastic shoe boxes are small, lightweight, not bulky like using a shoe cabinet. This makes it easy to move and can be stored in various formats according to the size of the existing space. Most of the shoe boxes are designed with a lock that allows the shoeboxes to be stacked as many layers as needed without easy slipping, thus saving a lot of storage space.

5. Collapsible when not in use, reducing storage space.

Some plastic shoe boxes are designed to be foldable when not in use. So, when you don’t want to use it, it can be folded into a small plastic sheet to save storage space. Not cluttered and easy to move to other places.

6. Makes shoes easily visible and easy to pick up.

Shoeboxes are generally designed to be transparent around the box and lid so that you can instantly see where the shoes are. So, it can be taken out and used immediately without having to dismantle the hassle. It helps to reduce the time to find them in a rush hour very well.

7. Help your home look tidy and beautiful.

Apart from the benefits of keeping your shoes organized and organized, a beautifully designed shoebox can also help make your home look stylish. It’s like another piece of furniture or home decoration that can choose the color scheme and layout to match the home decoration style as you like.


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• Types of shoeboxes

Shoes are apparel that, besides being meant for use, is also a part that clearly indicates the style or taste of the owner of the shoe. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many styles of shoes designed to meet each person’s dress needs. As well as shoe boxes that have been created in many different types to meet the user’s needs.

1. Plastic shoe box

Plastic shoe boxes are considered the most commonly used shoeboxes because plastic is a durable material that is easy to form. It can be designed in various formats, both foldable and non-foldable, with a top lid or a lid on the front of the box. It is also lightweight, making it easy to move. Can be assembled or stacked on top of each other to save space in shoe storage. It is also popular to be made into a transparent box that clearly helps to see the shoe’s inside, so it is suitable for storing shoes for display and convenient to use.

2. Shoe box drawer

It is another popular shoe box storage made of plastic and clear acrylic that allows the inside of the shoe to be clearly visible. It can also be easily accessed and used quickly by opening-closing the drawer. So, there is no wasting time lifting to select the box that you want to use. In addition to using high flexibility, the box’s appearance with the stacking of drawers makes this shoebox stronger than other boxes.

3. Shoe box for car

For shoe boxes in cars, most of them are plastic shoe boxes because they want to be lightweight for easy transport. Many people tend to choose a box with a lid open-close than a drawer box to prevent drawers from flowing according to the brake force of the car. The key is to be a box with holes to remove moisture and mold, including preventing various dust very well and help prevent shoes from losing their shape during the journey.


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• Techniques for choosing shoebox

A shoebox is a storage device for keeping your shoes organized. Keep your shoes clean and help keep your shoes as long as possible. The current shoe boxes are produced to choose from a wide variety of uses. Although, at first glance, each shoebox is the same, in fact, there are some minor details to consider before purchasing as well.

1. Consider the size of your shoes

Typically, a standard shoe box storage can accommodate almost all shoe sizes. But for anyone who wears extra-large shoes or a special design shoe, they should check the size of the shoebox to make sure that it can be stored in the box without having to stuff the shoe into it to lose its shape.

2. Function of the shoebox

As I said before, each shoebox is designed differently; some are drawer boxes, some are boxes with a top lid, some have a lid on the front of the box. Including the lock of each box that may be different, such as Magnetic locks or plastic locks slide up-down, etc. When there is a difference in size, you should consider choosing the functionality to meet your needs as much as possible.

3. Shoe box material

Shoe storage boxes should be strong. They won’t break easily, especially if you want to use them outside your home to be exposed to the sun, rain, and wind. Or, if you have pets in your home that can jump into the shoebox, you’ll need to consider the strength of the material. If the shoebox is not solid or tight enough, it has a chance to break easily.

4. Shoe box with ventilation holes

One of the basic essential qualities a shoe box should have is good breathability. So, buy a shoebox that has holes for ventilation to help prevent shoe odors or moisture and mold problems.

5. Choose the color and style that you like

Each shoe storage box model has a different design. In addition to supporting various applications, it is also designed according to home decoration style. To become like a piece of furniture or decoration that blends in with each style of home. Choosing a color scheme that matches your home so that the shoebox doesn’t look too striking is another attractive home decorating idea.

6. Consider the price of the shoe box

Although the shoebox is a small storage device that is not very expensive compared to buying a whole shoe cabinet. But due to the storage limitation that can only store one pair per box, it is necessary to consider the number of shoeboxes that will be used well first. Because the more shoes you have, the more shoeboxes you need and the more budget you have to buy them.


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These are stories of shoe box storage with little details that many people may not have noticed before. HomeGuru hopes that you will get a good technique for choosing shoeboxes that meet your needs. And if you are looking for plastic shoe boxes and other storage equipment in the house, don’t forget to check them out at HomePro in every branch or shop online simply by click and ask for information about home products and services via Call Center 1284.

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