The popularity of using a bathroom that has shower glass is fairly popular nowadays. Because in addition to making the bathroom tidy, it also helps to divide the wet and dry zones to clearly separate from each other. Today, HomeGuru will take you to know more about shower glass and also introduce ready-made shower glass that can be installed in a simple way. So your bathroom will look good and stylish as well. Don’t be afraid that it will be out of trend.

First of all, if you are going to build a house or renovate a hew home. You will definitely want a beautiful bathroom to use. So choosing a shower glass will be the most suitable for a modern home.
1. DIY the bathroom to make it nice with a chic partition
2. Advantages of shower glass that deserves to use
3. Shower glass model I-SPA BD-SVE150185GWH 150 cm. super cool
4. Shower glass model I-SPA BD-SLB120185GWH 120 cm. for minimal lovers


DIY the bathroom to make it nice with a chic partition

Nowadays, people like the bathroom decoration to be minimal, stylish and clean as well with ready-made shower glass. So let’s see how the trend in 2021 is. What kind of bathroom partition is there that is not out of trend? Let’s mix and match. From the simple bathroom that you use every day. It will become a nice and luxurious bathroom.


1. Barely open partition

It is the most popular partition in design and decoration. It is rather simple, elegant, modern and not out of trend. The key is to make the bathroom look airier. But it has a high price because it is made of strong and durable materials. There is no frame or rubber around the edge.

2. Frame partition

It is a partition that can be used with the same material as the barely open partition such as tempered glass. But the difference is that there is a frame. There is also a wheel for turning on-off that has been added to facilitate the use.

3. Prefabricated partition panel

This is a popular partition used in residential buildings because of the finished shower glass is designed to be easy to install. Because it is not very large. Plus, a complete set of equipment such as a tray, shower glass, shelf. But the limitation is it cannot modify or expand anything much.

4. Plastic curtain partition

It is very popular and has been in use for a long time. Because it is highly flexible and lightweight, which can be purchased in the market. But the limitation of plastic curtain partitions is that they easily get dirty especially mold and water stains. As a result, it has to be changed more often than other partitions. If they are regularly expose to the sunlight, it will easily break and damage.


Advantages of shower glass that deserves to use

For the advantages of choosing ready-made shower glass. I can tell that it’s not just about making the bathroom beautiful as many people think. Because the partition of the shower room has many advantages than you think. Whether it is…

• The bathroom is spotless, good to use. Because there is openness. It also makes the room not have a solid light like a room that does not use a partition. Or just use a common curtain-style partition.
• It is private. It is similar to having your own comfort zone.
• Unlimited decoration with other items or accessories depending on individual preferences and style.
• Separate wet and dry zone clearly. You can dress in the bathroom. Wet clothes will be all gone.
• It helps to increase the safety of using the bathroom such as slipping and falling due to overflowing water and slippery of soap and daily products.
• Easy to clean because there are clear proportions. It can save time for maintenance.
• Don’t worry about stains, dirt and mold accumulation especially stains that have accumulated from using tap water.


However, choosing a good partition for the shower. You should choose a model that is durable and suitable for use. Or if the shower partition cannot be installed because the bathroom is very narrow, wet-dry zones can be separated by other techniques as well.

Shower glass model I-SPA BD-SVE150185GWH 150 cm. super cool


For anyone who wants the ready-made shower glass partition at a reasonable price I-SPA BD-SVE150185GWH size 150 x 185 cm. is consider a very good answer because the partition has been selected with quality materials that are strong and durable. It is a Top Sale, the most popular product, suitable for DIY bathroom to cook cool for modern people.

As for the partition, it can be firmly fixed on the wall. It can open-close, comfortable to use because it is a model that uses a sliding door with a strong roller system and also it is tempered glass with a thickness of 6 mm. Guarantee safety in use, 10 out of 10, no broken.

In addition, sliding partition model I-SPA-BD-SVE150185GWH. It is very easy to clean, just use a cleaning cloth or you may choose to use a sponge soaked in mild soapy water, it can remove stains that adhere to the glass. You don’t have to find expensive cleansers to use. Now, HomePro is organizing a promotion. The price is only 9,9990 Baht discount from the full price of 18,900 Baht. This is the hard sale.


The pros:

• Fit the standard and easy to install
• Comfortable to use because it has a metal core castor
• Safe to use with tempered glass up to 6 mm. thick
• Resistant to heat and hot shower.
• 3 years product warranty and 2 years for the wheels

Shower glass model I-SPA BD-SLB120185GWH 120 cm. for minimal lovers


If anyone who likes minimalism and would like to add a gimmick to the shower room with a glass partition. We recommend that you choose the 120 cm. I-SPA BD-SLB120185GWH model that comes with 5 mm. thick tempered glass. The kind that is a hot model that sells very well at HomePro.

For the partition of the shower room has been designed to be a slide-open door. This makes it possible to use, flexible and with this 120 cm. size, makes it very economical to use and makes the bathroom look airier. Even if plants are to purify the air in the bathroom. It doesn’t make the bathroom look narrow at all. Who like DIY style, you will have a lot of space.

In addition, the sliding door is designed to be very easy to install. It is sufficiently the size for installation in the bathroom. You can also order a special cut to match the design you want. Most importantly, it is easy to clean. Just use a sponge and liquid soap to clean. No need to brush or use any chemical that are toxic. At the moment, HomePro is organizing a super promotion, hot discount, it is only 8,990 Baht, from the normal price of 16,900 Baht, a 50% discount, half price! It is the most hot discount!

ฉากกั้นอาบน้ำ homepro

The pros

• Perfect size, you can also order a special cut to match with the bathroom
• Easy to use with open-close slide door
• Safety tempered glass with 5 mm. thick
• Good resistant to heat and bumps
• 3 years product warranty and 2 years for wheels

In addition to these two ready-made shower glasses, these are just a few that HomePro has for sale. There are also many other models to choose from according to your preferences. Definitely answer all lifestyles. At the moment, there are many great promotions to choose from that can help you save more money in your pocket. From the starting price from thousands to ten thousand. We guarantee that your bathroom will look stylish, airy and comfortable. Your bathroom will no longer boring at all.

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What do you think about the pros of shower glass that is perfect for modern bathroom? HomeGuru recommends ready-made shower glass. Giving you the models that we think they are outstanding and have unique style. Or if anyone wants to decorate the bathroom, we have shower glass from the lowest price. You can purchase it at HomePro, you will definitely be satisfied.

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