During the time when PM 2.5 dust particles are massively spreading in many areas of Thailand, and there seems to be no measures to prevent this problem for long term. During this time, people are very careful with the removal of PM 2.5 dust particles surrounding them. Some people are even get used to wearing masks for protection. We don’t have much choices. Wearing masks may not be convenient but it is good for our health and reduce the risk of illness as much as possible. Especially, people who live in areas where PM 2.5 is at dangerous level, they have to beware of their physical health and also care for their houses.

As we all already know, PM 2.5 (particulate matter) is small dust particles less than 2.5 micrometers. It is highly possible that these small dust particles can get into houses and buildings. Although, some houses have planted trees for air purification. Or some houses even close tightly for protection. However, you can’t prevent the dust 100%. Cleaning your house, removing dust particles, is a part of prevention that needs to be done.

PM 2.5 dust removal is not as complicated as you think

Although PM 2.5 is considered a very dangerous toxic dust, however, we can get rid of this type of dust just like typical dust without the need for cleaning equipment or rare house cleaning products.

Remove dust with household items

A simple method for dust removal that HomeGuru would like to recommend you, is to use a cleaning equipment that every house has, and that is “a soap.”

How does soap removes dust particles?

Normally, dust particles will stick on various materials by static electricity (Electrostatic Attraction: ESA), which causes the gravitational attraction of dust particles to stick to various surfaces. Therefore, while cleaning the house, you have to try to reduce static electricity as much as possible.

How to use dust removal soap?

A simple method is to scrape a soap into flakes approximately 1 tablespoon and dissolve them in 1 cup of warm water. Then, dissolve the melted soap again in normal water about 10 liters. Now you can use the soap to remove dust particles in your house.

Wiping out dust particles with the melted soap will help reduce electrostatic, which can remove dust particles easily and they can hardly embody themselves. Moreover, melted soap can clean the house on all surfaces whether it is tile, laminate, plastic, leathered furniture and PU, or even wooden floor.

Can you remove dust with other household items?

While soap can remove PM 2.5 dust, and if we use liquid soap, will it gives the same effect? The answer is yes, but liquid soap may be less effective than soap, due to some liquid soap does not contain fatty acid mixture, resulting in lower adhesion.

As for fabric softener, it can be used to clean only on leather or PU surface, due to fabric softener has some positive charge mixture. If you use fabric softener to clean other types of surface especially on wooden surface, it may cause more dust.

Apart from liquid soap, there are many anti-static substances good for dust removal. But they are often rare and hard to find in the market. Therefore, HomeGuru would like to recommend you to use household items such as cheap soap, which is easy to buy and it works well for dust removal.
Credit from page: Chemistry for textiles, food and surroundings

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