Skateboards are among the most popular surfing gear among teenagers and families who enjoy sports and weekend activities together. In addition to helping the body move in balance, it also increases the strength of the muscles to keep fit and helps with good balance. But there are ways to choose the best skateboard to match your lifestyle and preferences and meet sports enthusiasts’ fun. Today HomeGuru has tips for selecting the best skateboards to recommend to every family.


What’s the difference between Skateboards and Surf skate?

Because of their similar looks and playing characteristics that are almost indistinguishable from each other, these two types of devices are different in the following ways.

• Surf skate is more flexible than a skateboard. For example, some skateboard surfers can rotate 360 degrees.
• Skateboards use plowing force to move forward. But Surf skate focuses on using centrifugal force that causes hip twisting to move forward. And if you want to turn, drop the weight in the desired direction.

4 types of skateboards, that you need to know


1. Skateboard Original is a classic from shape to wheel because it is regarded as the origin of this sport. The original skateboard is highly durable and flexible. Because most of them are made of maple wood, they are 8.5 inches wide and about 32 inches long, no more than this. Skateboarding focuses on moving like a surfer, emphasizing balance that requires relaxation and weight shift, especially during turns.

2. Longboard is another Surf skate sport that is as challenging and fun as the original skateboard but more difficult. Because the plate is larger, about 8.5 inches in width and about 34-40 inches in length. The appearance of the wheels protruding outside the board makes them look different from the original skateboard.

Most of the play focuses on spins and downhill slides that require quite a bit of skill. Those new to playing may gradually practice by plowing at a distance to prevent danger during play.

3. Penny Board is a Surf skate that is perfect for girls who focus on light plowing. Because there are suitable sizes of 22 inches and 27 inches to choose from. Lightweight because the material in the production is plastic. Easy to transport, strong, and durable. It’s a perfect combination of skateboard and longboard shapes.

4. FINGER BOARD is a skateboard that most people like to collect because it measures only 4 inches and is beautiful. The highlight of the fingerboard is the use of fingers, which is as difficult as it is. With skateboard surfing in general because it’s pretty challenging to control the direction.

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Tips for choosing skateboards that you like for long-term use


Now that we’ve gotten to know some basic types of skateboarding. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to choose the best skateboard to meet the needs of each person’s play and lifestyle. There are four main points for consideration as follows:

1. Size of Surf skate


Because Surf skate are available in a variety of sizes suitable for all ages. From children to adults and fit the body. The size of the skateboard surf must be chosen appropriately because it affects the play that helps to improve mobility and balance.

2. Component of Surf skate


Components of Surf skate include:

• The skate deck is the flat board that you stand on when skateboarding. Most of the boards are made of maple because of their strength. Durable, support the weight well, and most importantly, it is highly flexible. The board’s design varies according to the type of skateboard for greater mobility and stability while playing.

• Grip Tape looks rough; if you touch it, it looks like sandpaper. Anti-slip pads are placed on the board to prevent slipping while playing when turning or even while balancing. But not that there are anti-slip pads, and it will help prevent 100% slipping. However, it is necessary to choose quality shoes that are anti-slip to wear while playing.

• The truck is a device that helps attach the board to the wheels, which must be strong, durable, and absorb impact.

• Wheels are a crucial component that helps to control the direction of the Surf skate easier. Most of them are made of polyurethane (PU) because they provide surface adhesion and are solid and durable.

• Bearings are essential components that make skateboarding easier. This can be observed from the ABEC standard; the higher the number, the higher the speed and sensitivity. Before buying, we recommend that you follow the ABEC standard first that we are suitable for speed.

These components affect the quality and efficiency of balance and movement. For example, if a player is a person who weighs quite a lot. It is necessary to choose a plank that is strong for ease of movement. And may also have to look at the wheel components and choose polyurethane or aluminum to help with surface adhesion and reduce pressure.

3. Skateboard pattern


The charm of Surf skate sports, besides being cool, challenging, fun to move and balance, the pattern on the skateboard is another essential thing. Make your family members and gangs of friends go out to play the same sport as well. Because everyone can design and choose the pattern, they like by painting to indicate identity or lifestyle preferences. But melt will have a unique and distinctiveness that is different. Sometimes it becomes collectibles because of the patterns that are art.

เซิร์ฟสเก็ต สเก็ตบอร์ด สเก็ตบอร์ด

How to maintain skateboards?


For long-term use, it is crucial to maintain and maintain the skateboard in response to its movements. Because if any part is damaged, it may affect safety. By the way, cleaning and care are not very difficult, can be done by yourself easily as follows.

1. Surf skate boards should not be exposed to water or cracks, and softwood boards should not be used as they will break easily and lose flexibility during use.

2. Anti-slip sheets should be wiped clean, do not have stains because they may affect the beauty.

3. Trucks and wheels are essential components that need to be cleaned regularly. Avoid contact with water surfaces for safety reasons. If stains and dirt appear after use, simply use a powerful metal polish remover to wipe clean with a clean cloth each time, which is the easiest way.

Skateboarding is a trendy sport today. Because it is an exercise that moves in every proportion of the body. But no matter how to choose the best skateboard, especially beginners, HomeGuru would like to recommend you to find safety accessories to wear to prevent danger.

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