Home electrical appliances that are in New Normal. At this point, everything is online. At this time, SMART TV is inevitable. Aside from having advanced technology and various functions to support behavior and the needs of movie fans that spends most of the time watching the series through various applications that create happiness, closeness to the whole family as well. But how to choose a Samsung SMART TV that is desirable and worthwhile. HomeGuru has Samsung SMART TV models and functions of each model to recommend.

TV Samsung

1. Samsung UHD TV

UHD or Ultra-High Definition is the standard of modern TVs that many homes use because they are SMART TVs with a resolution of at least 3,840 x 2,160 pixels which is 4 times the resolution of a Full HD TV or what people generally say is “4K TV.”
TV SamsungThe Samsung UHD TV is available in 43 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches and 70 inches with modern design. Slim design makes it suitable for every room in the house and supports the needs of the search, game, cable and scratch line, with the main outstanding features that makes watching family movies together more fun is

  • Picture quality that is full of power driven by the UHD Processor makes HDR (High Dynamic Range) that helps to see every detail of the image clear. Although it is a bright scene or the darkest.
  • Convenient with Smart Hub and Samsung One Remote functions. Just a touch of a finger can manage everything. Whether it’s a digital TV box various applications and game console.
  • Smoother connection with YouTube voice function, Thai voice search, and can connect to ios wirelessly and watch the latest movies on Apple TV.


2. Smart QLED TV

Smart QLED TV, QLED stands for Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diode Television which is the most advanced TV at this time and is equally popular because with sharp images showing 100% accurate color gamut for beautiful images like watching TV in a movie theater no matter where you are, you can enjoy clear, beautiful, realistic 360 degree images. Therefore, suitable for homes with spaces or have a home theater room for relaxation and free time during the holidays to watch movies with family and friends, which has a wide selection of Smart QLED TVs. But if you are looking at the value, HomeGuru recommends 2 models from Samsung Smart QLED.

tv 8k

75” Q60R 4K Smart QLED TV

Many houses surely like the value of functions and large screen (Super big TV) which is considered a highlight of this model that has it all Makes the whole family enjoy watching movies with pleasure combined with the simple design, slim but strong. With Ambient Mode, this SMART QLED TV becomes another item that can be harmoniously decorated. Plus, perfectly fits the home decoration lifestyle, just set the screen background as needed with photos that can also be set up as personal galleries.

Samsung SMART TV

Combined with advanced features that combine Quantum Dot technology to bring colors and images to life. Creates a 100% full color level, allowing you to see the color of the movie realistically, whether in dark or bright scenes. With Intelligent Mode, helps to adjust the viewing environment both brightness levels and real time sound level for example, making the voice clear when listening to news programs etc.

tv 8k

In addition, 75” Q60R 4K Smart QLED TV also has a function for children who like to play games on TV. With FreeSync (Input Lag) technology that helps reduce input lag, resulting in fast, realistic gaming without interruption of images while playing games.

Smart QLED TV 8K Q9000R

Reputed as 8K, image resolution and realism is a new dimension in image quality with 4 times the highest resolution of 4K UHD and up to 16 times higher than FHD and sharper, with a large screen without pixels, no matter how sitting just near the TV. Anyone can see the picture clearly and without eyestrain, along with AI Up scaling that helps reduce the roughness of the image. Makes the image and text to be sharp While also adjusting the brightness of the screen and volume to match the room and scenes displayed on the screen with QLED’s Quantum Processor 8K in real time as well. Available from 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, 82 inches and 98 inches.

Samsung SMART TV

The simple design in the Minimum Design style of this model makes it compatible with every room in the house. Without having to worry about installation, especially with regard to cables Because this model can combine all cables into one cable (One Invisible Connection). By connecting to One Connect Box, this Smart QLED TV 8K Q9000R becomes a decorative home furniture as well. Plus, it’s convenient with Smart Hub and One Remote, along with the Bixby talk system for TVs, to be a helper to do more than control the TV.

Samsung SMART TV

You can also seamlessly connect to IOT (Internet of Things). With the built-in Samsung SmartThing, QLED allows access to different devices. Easily inside the house, for example, can turn the lights off Control the operation of the robot vacuum cleaner or see what is in the refrigerator as well. Not only this, this Samsung SMART TV can also work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to change the equalizer, control video playback. With the voices of everyone in the house and more importantly, you can share series, movies, music or photos viewed on your mobile screen, Apple device, as well as QLED.

The Frame QLED 4K Samsung SMART TV

The Frame, TV that is more than a TV for the new generation and families who like art and room decoration in the house. With the design to blend in with the wall of the room with the right frame as needed (Customizable Bezel) which can be attached to the wall by the magnet to adjust left, right, back, without wires or cable to disturb. With One Invisible Connection, no wasted time installing, and there is an Art Store in every home. You can choose images to change the atmosphere in the room to be different each day.

Samsung SMART TV

In technology, The Frame, there is no exception. With Quantum Dot technology that delivers 100% true color level regardless of viewing in dark or bright conditions, as well as a Bixby on TV system that works via audio, another convenience and works with Amazon Alexa

And the Google Assistant, allowing easy control of functions such as changing audio channels and also able to control various connections with One Remote Control and Mobile App. Very convenient to the lifestyle of the new generation. The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV is available in 55 inches and 65 inches.

tv 8k

The Serif QLED 4K Samsung SMART TV

55-inch QLED 4K Smart TV with unique design Which has the shape I (Iconic I-Shape design) makes a difference and more than ever, with squares and corners, regardless of the angle of the room, it will give the room a new design and feel every day or choose to place on a black metal stand to increase transparency and the open space of the room.

The key is to hide the straight wires on the side lines for orderliness in the room. It can also inspire the screen when the TV is turned off with Ambient Mode, which can choose the image for him to decorate every room in the house perfectly instead of a black screen.

Samsung SMART TV

Technology is advanced. Believe that many Houses can still be seen as an option, in addition to realistic clarity with the 100% color level of Quantum Dot technology, and also very convenient to access movies, series and music quickly via NFC on TV. Just place your mobile phone on the top of The Serif. While turning off the TV screen and the phone will connect to the TV via NFC. Just that, you can listen to music from your mobile phone on the TV screen quickly Without stumbling too.
โฮมเธียเตอร์With Samsung Smart TV, but still not satisfied because of watching movie series and listening to music in this New Normal era that must be enjoyed both video and audio, finding a complementary Soundbar to install is another good option, like the Samsung HW-Q90R soundbar that produces realistic sound. In which the sound will move around and 3D surround via wireless speakers with an upward firing system with Adaptive Sound that automatically enhances sound clarity, make watching movies, listening to music together of all family members is more fun.

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