Make your garden more beautiful with lanterns, make your home romantic and heart-warming with solar cell lanterns. Solar cells not only help save energy, but gives you freedom to decorate lights in your garden easily. With 10 advantages that guarantee the lighting in your garden will be both beautiful and energy saving.

1.Easy to install, no system required

2.Safe, energy saving and environmental friendly

3.Easy to use, suitable for all areas, both home and condo

4.Durable, with chargeable battery last up to 1-2 years

5.Various styles: spotlight, lamp and field lights

6.White light color or other colors

7.Price starts from hundred

8.Poly Crystal light with small circuit board, store energy well

9.Just switch on first time to store energy

10.No electric cost

 10 Advantages of Decorating

As of the advantages, it is difficult to say no to solar cell lanterns, which helps decorate garden lighting in an easy way. Just simply place the solar cell lanterns and turn on the switch, and you will get beautiful lights in your garden. The Mini Stainless 1 LED solar cell field lights: just place them in the sunlight, the solar panels attached to the lantern, will turn sunlight into electric energy. Charge the battery in the lantern until it’s full. At night, the lantern will turn the light on by itself and will charge itself in the daylight. The solar panels must be taken care of, they need cleaning regularly.

Decorate the pathway with solar cell lanterns. Install by placing them periodically on the floor, to make pathway lights especially for large garden. Or the other way, mixed the solar cell lanterns with field lights to create interesting group of lights.

Decorate little corner with solar cells short lanterns embroidered in the garden or put lanterns in low bushes to create lights in small or large garden, or put them on the balcony of condo. Easy to install, just place them on the ground and turn on the switch. Now your garden already has beautiful lights.

Highlight your large trees with solar cell spotlight. Put the spotlight under a large tree to add up light. And decorate more with small field lights, decorate them as you like.
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