Wherever there is a pipe, there is always a problem with the “clogged pipe.” This classic problem that every home has to face caused by many reasons. But most often it comes from the accumulation of crumb stains, soap, food scraps, hair or other materials that flows through the holes in the pipe to fill the joints of the sink. Pipes in the bathroom or rainwater drains causing the water to not flow easily, drain slowly, and the work area will become very dirty is a place to accumulate germs and have unwanted odors and if left unresolved, it may overflow and cause damage to other parts of the house.

This content, HomeGuru has implementing prevention guidelines and collecting methods to solve the pipeline by yourselves.

Solve Basic Solid Pipe Problems Before Calling a Technician

1. Water hose can help you

If there is no other helper to solve an urgent solution, try bringing equipment that every home has, like a water hose. Put it down the pipe and push to the point that is clogged (usually in the horizontal pipe or elbow section), then turn on the water to the maximum and hit the strong tube several times to remove the blockage or if there is a high-pressure nozzle, it will help increase the pressure of the water to push the stuck material to flow out more easily.


2. Open the solid pipe using a vacuum

This method is an immediate solution that is suitable for pipes not very clogged by applying petroleum jelly around the rubber band of the sucker in order to better adhere to the surface. Open the water to flood the sucker, then move the pump up and down several times. If there is no petroleum jelly then bring a sucker. Cover the mouth of the pipe then cover the wet cloth around the pump and make a strong pump for about 6-10 times to pull the dirt out.


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3. Sprinkle baking soda and vinegar

If you are making regular bakery, you must have baking soda. (Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda) in the kitchen, pour about ½ cup baking soda into the pipe, then pour in 1/4 cup of vinegar After leaving for 1-2 hours, then use hot water repeatedly to pour into the pipe again. This process does not cause dangerous reactions to plastic pipes. But it will have a pungent smell of vinegar and can cause burning. Therefore, should wear a cloth covering the nose and gloves before every time.


4. Explode with a pipe breaker

Currently, there is a convenient pipe fixing solution, which is a break through solution which is easy to use. Just open the bottle and pour Instructions for use should be left out for the recommended time period. In order to effectively clean the pipe cleaner. This solution is a chemical in the mixture, the solution may contain sodium hydroxide compounds. Sodium hypochlorite or more than 1% or more of the substances used to correct clogging of sewerage coming from food scraps, soaps, tissues and fats. You must use it carefully. Protect yourself by wearing gloves, nose mask and glasses, avoid inhalation of both odor and smoke while the solution reacts.


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5. Break through clogged pipe with drain snake

If using tools that are already in the house does not improve, try using a tool called “drain snake” or a spring brake line tube, it is several meters long. The tip is a coil shaped like a snake. How to use? Use a drain snake put it in the pipe that is clogged and turn it around in order to trap the clogged dirt inside the pipe to come out, ensure that the pipe is clean, without a dead end.


ท่อน้ำตัน ท่อน้ำตัน ท่อน้ำตัน ท่อน้ำตัน


Clogged pipe Sometimes it can occur in hard-to-reach places or with large obstruction where strong push or chemical substances do not help to fall off or decompose. If trying any method and the pipe is still not good. It’s a sign that it’s time to call a specialist technician specifically to help eliminate the problem in the blink of an eye. So that the pipes are clean, not clogged, not clogged, not a source for accumulating odors and germs.

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