The tight situations in everyday life that we may face and exclaim Oh no! Aside from the power cut while working, haven’t yet pressed save. One of them is “can’t flush down the toilet” after completing personal errands which immediately causes the users of the toilet to feel miserable.

Anyone who has to meet with a jackpot like this, don’t just panic. this content, “HomeGuru” has a solution to the immediate problems and unexpected situations in the bathroom immediately with the stuff in the house and collecting the source of the problem in order to consider what the symptoms of flushing at home can come from. For the correction to be made to the point as if suddenly lifting a mountain.


The main reason that cannot flush the toilet

The main reason that cannot flush the toilet. There are both caused by usage habits, such as throwing away tissue paper, sanitary napkins, food scraps and hair down the toilet. Resulting in accumulation and blockage which if caused by these causes, can be resolved by methods in this content. But if the problem is caused by the installation process, such as the toilet position and the pipe position being too divergent, there is not enough slope of the pipe. Normally, the toilet pipe must have slope around 1:50. If less, it may cause the drain to jam later or problems in the sanitation system in the home, you need to call an expert technician to help investigate. However, try to fix in the following 5 ways first.


5 helpers available in the house eliminating the problem of toilet flushing:

1. Water Pressure

One of the most common causes of flushing down the toilet is the accumulation of sewage. The most basic solution is to wait for the water to decrease as much as possible. After that, prepare 1 large bucket of water, about 10-15 liters, then lift up high. Or if anyone is small, you may need to find a chair to help supplement to allow large amounts of pressure to be poured. Then pour the water into the toilet hole at the same time. The water pressure will help break through sewage clogged pipes in the blink of an eye.


2. Hot Water

The next step to solve the flushing problem is to pour it with hot water. By bringing about 1 gallon of water to a boil (do not use boiling water The heat may cause the toilet to crack). Then pour into the toilet bowl. Leave for 2-3 minutes. Try to flush the water to see if the condition improves. For hot water pouring, this is suitable for cases of clogging from stains or grease that adheres to the drain wall.


3. Use dishwashing liquid or liquid soap

Another way to do it is not difficult, but it works very well with a toilet that does not get clogged by squeezing a dishwashing liquid or liquid soap into the toilet. Leave for about half an hour. After that, add about 1 gallon of hot water. The clogged thing will slowly flow down.


4. Deal with caustic soda

If the use of dishwashing liquid is still mild, then have to turn to a more aggressive method as well. Caustic soda or sodium hydroxide (do not use baking soda for baking), which is another thing that can help with many household chores in solving flushing problems.


Caustic soda is acidic and corrosive. Usage is more dangerous than other methods. Before use, you must wear glasses and gloves every time. The method is to take half a bucket of water, add about half a bag of caustic soda. Use a stirring stick to dissolve caustic soda. Do not pour caustic soda directly, without first dissolving it. Because caustic soda will crystallize making it more clogged. Then pour in the toilet. Leave for 15-30 minutes, then press the water out as usual, the obstruction will improve.

5. Solve the problem of clogged pipes with wire or plumbing snake

For the use of hangers, it is suitable to handle items or debris that are clogged not very deep. It should be done when the water in the toilet is reduced and clean. By using a hanger that can be easily stretched and covered with plastic to prevent scraping the steel wire to flush the toilet. Take the hanger out and stretch it into a long curved wire. Then use the curved part to push down into the toilet hole to kick or push the clogged thing to flow down and flush the toilet to test again. But if there are frequent clogged toilet problems, there are plumbing snake attached at home will help break through the blockages more easily and easily Because the length of the plumbing snake is more than several meters will get to the point of problem that is far away well.


All of these recommendations are just basic management. But if you try to do so, the problem of flushing down the toilet is still there. May be due to other complex technical reasons, especially if the problem is caused by incorrect installation or sanitation systems in the home begin to get into trouble. You need to consult a specialist to help resolve. Do not leave for a long time because aside from causing unsightly images. There is a bad smell in the bathroom. What’s worse is the filth from the waste. It can be the source of the spread of disease. It is not good for the health of the residents as well.


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