For painting, I believe that HomeGuru fans would have made it all together. But who has it? When finished painting, why is it not as beautiful as you think? There are many problems and mistakes that we cannot imagine. Uneven color, colors fall off ahead of time and many more problems that have to regret not having called a painter in the first place. But… any of these mistakes can be solved. Don’t give up. HomeGuru will resolve Mistakes in painting the house and overcome problems before they occur. So that both professionals and amateurs can enjoy painting without pain.


Choosing a color is not easy… but it is not difficult to understand the light

Many people have a problem choosing their favorite color, but don’t do it!! How do you do it? If you do not want to face this kind of problem, it is recommended before you buy. Try to compare your favorite color with the light that is closest to the light in the room you want to paint first. Or if not at all, can still change your mind and choose a new color that is more sophisticated in time. Because each light is not the same thus seeing different shades.

FYI: The shiny color will make it easy to see the mess of the crack in the wall. Matte colors blend in better reflections, making them less visible to the mess of walls, but easier to get dirty. And semi-gloss colors reduce the disadvantages of the first two colors and can also be wiped away without getting stains easily. But the price is higher than the general color.

สีน้ำทาภายใน Air fresh สีน้ำทาภายใน CAPTAIN HATO สีฝุ่น 1 กิโลกรัม


Prepare the area before starting to paint

Preparing the area before starting to paint is this often neglected step. Did you know that the color will be beautiful, not beautiful, smooth, durable? This step can be proven. Preparing the area starts with sandpaper to polish the same color wall thoroughly. Or use a paint remover, wall varnish, it is very fast. Then clean it with dishwashing liquid or detergent. Let it dry. If found that there are cracks, cracks, and rough grooves. Putty should be done with acrylic chemicals to be even first. (Most painters use gypsum powder, which is not as durable as they should.) Let it dry for a day before the painting process begins.

FYI: If any part of the wall is moldy, just regular scrubbing with dishwashing liquid or detergent is not enough. For sure in painting to perfection without the fungus definitely not coming back. You should apply a mildew remover before starting to paint.

ฟองน้ำ+ใยขัด น้ำยาล้างจาน TOA น้ำยาลอกสีเก่าผสมไดคลอโรมีเทน


Check the weather

The paint will dry well and quickly when the weather is a little hot which makes us work easily and conveniently. The ideal time for planning to paint a house is recommended from November to April of the year as the weather conditions are less favorable. This allows the paint to be dried for the right time. But it should not be painted in very hot weather especially the exterior painting because it makes the work comfortable. It creates air bubbles from paint on the brush that dry out too quickly. Avoid painting on rainy days or immediately after the rain. Because the humidity in the air will cause the adhesion quality of the paint to the wall is not good. The paint dries slowly, causing the paint to become transparent, blister, flake and may develop mold as well. Do not paint on a windy day, it will cause dust in the air to fly onto the painted wall.


Brush and roller size

To paint that wall, start from the top to the bottom. Lay an old book on the floor to prevent specks of paint. Choose paint tools such as brushes and rollers based on the size of the paint area. The roller is suitable for painting over large areas. But you should not use a paint roller on the edge of the wall and ceiling edge may stain the paint. You may find adhesive tape to stick together or use a paint roller because the middle part and then use a paint brush to add details of the color along the edges. The brush is used according to the appropriate area size. A small brush is suitable for the edge of the wall, ceiling edge, cornice, power socket, window sill, door sill, and you should find adhesive tape to stick it together as well.

FYI: If anyone likes to have a pattern, there are many pattern rollers to choose from.

FITT ชุดแปรงทาสีขนธรรมชาติ SOMIC ลูกกลิ้งทาสีไมโครไฟเบอร์ PACK IN กระดาษกาวรองทาสี


The wait is worth it

People think that paint in many places is the best, right? In which the painting has many factors which must also be considered by area. But if the surface is well prepared, apply only 3 times, it is enough, economical, not wasted. As for the painting process, it is not difficult. There are easy steps: apply 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of topcoat. A good paint job is to apply primer and let it dry for 2 to 4 hours. You should choose a primer, old cement, oil formula to enhance the adhesion of the old paint to the wall better and leave it for about 12 hours.) Then paint over the first round and let it dry completely first. (The drying time of the topcoat depends on the selected color quality. If you choose to dry 2 – 3 hours, but the price is higher than the general paint) then paint the second coat and let it dry completely. At this point, you will get a beautiful smooth wall. Or if you need to decorate a pattern to add a difference. The fourth round can be painted only in the area of the created pattern, giving it a dimension.

FYI: If you need to use multiple cans of the same color, all of them should be mixed well before using to get the same color.

RPS สีรองพื้นอเนกประสงค์ FITT อุปกรณ์สร้างลาย PU โฟม FITT เพลทสร้างลาย


The mistakes that were ignored

Many amateurs miss it. When the paint is divided, apply it, often forget to cover the can. Thus causing the paint to dry quickly and other accidents can often happen. Therefore, the paint can should be closed at all times. So that the paint dries quickly and prevents others from coming into contact with the paint can.

If the remaining paint from the paint is full area. The remaining color can be kept for a while used to repair parts that may have been damaged shortly after applying or using other parts of painting. Later, the color should not be stored in a place that is too hot and too cold, it will cause the color to lose premature or coagulate where the air at room temperature is optimal for color retention.

Some people think that a whole failed operation with a paint can cools better, or a simple, untreated paint, as opposed to doing so, resulting in a full color payoff. It’s easier to apply, sometimes making it look like a smile, the color is not completely used, and the color is also applied. So just a dip to the end of the horror is enough.

Nowadays, the art and the art are a little closer. Skilled craftsmen or even a beginner to experiment can get inspired by creating colors and patterns on the walls. But don’t forget that the artist had a hole plate to divide the color. There is a painting process that sometimes doesn’t require a brush to be washed to create a masterpiece. But the paint job is different. Therefore, you should be careful not to paint multiple colors at the same time as the chances of dipping the brush in the wrong color are quite high.

Saving is a good thing. But if you buy paint as much as the amount of space you want to apply, it is often not good enough. If the paint is not enough. Having to travel to buy a new one will be more wasteful. Therefore, you should buy 5 – 10% more paint than the area.

During painting, doors and windows should be completely open for good ventilation and you can breathe clearly as well.

FITT ถาดพลาสติก ลูกกลิ้งทาสี FITT แปรงสร้างลาย เทปฟิล์มกันเปื้อน


These are just some of the problems and Mistakes in painting the house that can occur. Which if you think to prevent and be prepared before, all problems will not happen, not lose money, do not waste time and get beautiful colored walls like you want. If you are thinking of changing the color to a new house. You can consult on color, purchase and properties of color including your favorite color brands at every HomePro branch near your home.


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