The sink is clogged, frustrating problems that can happen to every home especially if members of the house like to cook by themselves or do restaurant business. Gradual build-up of food debris and grease accumulation every time you wash dishes may cause drains are clogged faster. In addition to having problems with direct drainage. If you leave it for a long time, the problem of unpleasant odors from the accumulated food residues will likely be a nuisance and the whole house to lose the atmosphere as well. The sink is clogged is a problem that needs to be solved urgently and HomeGuru has a simple solution that you can do it by yourself.


Cause of the sink is clogged

Usually, when we wash and clean dishes after eating, there are food particles, grease and other dirt residue accumulated in the sink. Including inside the sink drain pipe as it accumulates over a long period of time, it forms a hard stain that makes it impossible to drain water from the sink eventually. Which in addition to the problem of water waiting to drain, also resulted in the problem of bad smell and destroy the atmosphere in the house as well.


The sink is clogged can be preventable

Of course, every problem has a solution. But it would be better if we had a way to prevent such problems. Occurred from the beginning The same goes for the problem the sink is clogged that can be prevented by the following ways:

1. Using toilet paper to wipe or drop the oil from the container before washing it clean. It will partially reduce the amount of grease that will flow into the sewer pipe.

2. Do not pour the excess oil into the drain as well as not leaving food waste or leftover eating waste directly into the sink drain to help prevent a blocked pipe from accumulated grease.

3. Use a grill or basket to trap food particles every time you clean the utensil to help reduce the chance of food debris entering the drain, however, the grill or food basket may not be able to trap all the small food particles. Therefore, before washing the utensils, food particles should be disposed of to separate them before washing them as well.

4. Install a grease trap that will function to separate the grease layer from the waste water from the sink. So as not to get fat from various food residues flow down to accumulate or clog the drain pipe, which will clog the drain pipe by the grease trap is divided into two types: burying grease trap and a floor-mounted grease trap. Both of these have different installation steps. Therefore, it should be used to suit the suitability of the area and the amount of usage as well.

ถังดักไขมัน ถังดักไขมัน ถังดักไขมัน


How to fix the sink clogged by yourself?

The sink is clogged. It’s a problem that must be resolved quickly. But it is a problem that is not so serious. It is a frustrating problem, there may be no need to call a technician to fix it, as HomeGuru has a solution to fix the sink clogged by yourself from nearby things that are easy to find Inside the house, try to fix problems before relying on technicians.

Salt and hot water

In case that the blockage has recently occurred. Salt and hot water can be an easy and effective solution – just pour 1⁄2 cup of salt down the drain. Then pour hot water into it. Then open the water tap and wash the water pipes accordingly. It can be repeated if it feels unclean.

Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar, in addition to being easily found in the kitchen, it can also help dissolve grease well. The first step is to pour hot water into the drain first. Then pour about 1 cup of baking soda, let it sit for a while, then mix it with hot water and vinegar in a 1: 1 ratio, pour it down to mix with the baking soda. Then find a container to cover the drain for good. Leave it for a while and then rinse the drain again with hot water.


Baking soda, salt and vinegar

It is a method that may be a little more complicated than the first two methods. But if the drain pipe has a lot of grease accumulation. This method is a very effective method. The process starts with pouring hot water down a drain to help soften the grease from the blockage. Then mix 1⁄2 cup of baking soda and 1⁄2 cup salt, pour it into a pipe and boil 1 cup of vinegar to a boil. Then pour it into the pipe and close the pipe immediately so that no bubbles flow out, leave it for 15-30 minutes, then open the pipe and pour hot water into the pipe as the last step.

Non-destructive enzyme products

It is a product that is commercially available in the market. It has the effect of removing grease, clogging and other dirt. Inside the water pipe, especially and there is an organic type that does not corrode the surface of the water pipe. Easy to use, just pour the product down the drain, strictly following the amount of product on the product label. Then leave it for about 1 night for the product to work at its best and then rinse with clean water again.

น้ำยาขจัดท่อตันท่อน้ำทิ้ง น้ำยาขจัดท่อตันท่อน้ำทิ้ง น้ำยาขจัดท่อตันท่อน้ำทิ้ง


Wash and clean the drain tank

The sink trap can be in the form of a Bottle Trap or P-Trap, which holds water in the bowl to prevent odors from flowing back into the sewer. But if the device in this section is clogged with food particles or sludge, it can be rotated to remove the food and dirt. Then wash it thoroughly before installing it again.

Clean up the grease trap

If there is a grease trap installed or grease traps, it should be checked and cleaned at least once a week by opening the tank lid to bring out the filter to spray clean or open the tank lid to scoop out the grease floating on the water surface. Because if there is a lot of grease stuck. The water inside the sink cannot drain into the grease trap and cause problems the sink was clogged as a result.


Sanitary ware rubber pump

The immediate device solves the problem, tons of sewer pipes. Another one is the sanitary ware rubber pump or as we call it the toilet pump. The method is to fill the sink with hot water almost full. Place the pump tire over the drain hole. In the case that the sink is a 2-hole type, a small piece of water is provided. Stuffed into the drain hole that is not clogged. So that the pressure of the pump tire works on one side. Then, pump up and down very quickly, about 6-10 times and check to see if the water starts to drain or not. If still, keep pumping until the obstruction disappears.

Drill line for blocked pipe

It is another force-saving device to fix a clogged pipe that some may call a pipe drain spring or snake drill. By putting this device into a clogged drain. When the obstruction is found, use force to penetrate it while running water to remove the clogged dirt. But if you don’t have a water hose at home, you can also bring a clothes hanger to work with. By removing the hangers to form a long wire. Bend the tip up slightly to make a hook. The hook end of the wire is then lowered into the drain to pick up any food or dirt that may clog the pipe.

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Although there are many ways to solve the problem the sink is clogged. But one way that HomeGuru does not recommend trying to do this is to use caustic soda. Because caustic soda is highly corrosive. Pouring caustic soda into drains can damage the drain and become a perforation problem. Which will be much more difficult to fix. In addition, accidental inhalation or exposure of the skin is directly harmful to the body.

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