Sound Bar and Home Theater, a speaker for movie lovers who dream of having a small cinema in their home, with unique features that deliver more sound than any other speaker at a price that can be selected according to the budget. It is therefore not surprising that these two types of electric appliances are becoming more and more popular. If the popularity is measured, HomeGuru believes that many people still put their hearts into the home theater and know more about this type of speaker. But recently sound bar speaker is becoming more and more popular. Until the question arose, is the sound bar speaker good? HomeGuru therefore volunteers to solve all your concerns about the sound bar through this article.


Sound bar vs Home Theater, how are they different?

The sound bar, also known as Surround Bar, is a speaker in a single box or cabinet, serves to expand the sound to spread wide. Usually home sound bars have both left and right channels. And there is a center channel added in some models. Giving the full sound of bass, mid and treble sounds, makes watching movies and listening to music on a flat screen TV feel like in the midst of a concert or a movie theater. The sound bar is specially made for LCD, Plasma and OLED TVs, just a few simple steps can be connected to the TV sound bar. It can also be placed in both a tabletop around the bottom of the TV or install it on the wall.

Home Theater, also known as Home Cinema, is a home cinema system. Including a sound system Video source and display devices together which can choose to use various devices. These can be various. It is considered a high quality video and sound system. It provides a great sound and picture with surround sound system. The enjoyment of watching movies is as close to the smallest movie theater as possible. Nowadays, there are ready-made home theater sets that allow buyers to not have to mess around with purchasing one piece at a time.

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Who is suitable for home theater, who is suitable for sound bar?

Sound bar speaker and home theater set as a fun accessory for watching movies and listening to home music as well. But they are differing in certain characteristics. If you are still confused about whether to buy is the sound bar speaker good? Or still trust the home theater set more, HomeGuru would like to recommend the following:

Choose Sound Bar when…

When there is little space to place the equipment because the highlight of the sound bar is the installation in a limited space. Due to the look of the sound bar with a small, one piece, it looks modern. Therefore, it does not need to occupy a lot of space and is not cluttered, making it more suitable for small rooms or condominiums.


When installing, the sound bar is as easy to connect to a TV as a home theater. There are few connectors. Therefore, it is not confusing. It also does not need a lot of cables. Some sound bars require only one cable to connect. And some models that support Wireless do not need a cable at all. Therefore, suitable for users who do not have basic knowledge of how to connect devices before.

When the user wants to focus on the position of the sound because placing the speaker in the center will make the voice and bass sound equally clear. If you want the sound to be clear in the whole room regardless of the position of the room, select the sound bar.

When you like the minimalist room decoration style. Because if you like a clean and airy home, choosing a small piece of equipment like a sound bar is definitely a better choice than a home theater. And in addition to not cluttering it, it can also be cleaned easily.

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Choose Home Theater when…

When there is enough space to use the home theater setup. Because choosing a full stream home theater set requires a reasonable distance between the TV screen and the viewing position. Including the need to have a distance to place the speakers to meet the standard for efficiency in use.

When users want to focus on the dimension of sound because the speakers of the home theater can be placed at the desired distance. Left and right modular speaker placement will give a clear left-right sound separation dimension. Different from the sound bar speakers that both the left and right speakers are in the same piece. Therefore, there is not enough distance from each other to create a dimension of sound that the home theater can do.

When you like the fullness and love the grand beauty of the home theater that feels like a movie theater in the house. At present, home theater manufacturers have developed a more beautiful design of the machine to suit any style of home even more or if you still don’t like the designs available in the market, you can still spray paint on some parts as you like.

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Techniques for choosing the right sound bar for home

Which sound bar is good, is a popular question, not to mention whether it is better to buy a home theater or sound bar. And it is a question that must be honest that only the user can answer. Because of many factors in choosing to buy, users have to do homework and find out. Including personal preferences and set budget. However, HomeGuru has basic techniques for choosing to buy a sound bar.

The Size of sound bar

The sound bar is unique in its compactness. But with so many demands, today’s sound bars come in sizes from compact to large. A large or wide sound bar can extract a sound channel better than a small sound bar. In addition to sound quality when choosing a sound bar, you also need to consider the size of the unit in relation to the TV size and the available space. Because whether it is wall-mounted or desktop-mounted, you should make sure that the sound bar does not cover the bottom of the TV that often has a sensor for receiving remote control signals. The best way is to measure the area for installation and the size of the TV is a personal information to choose to buy as well.


The Quality of Sound Bar

Each sound bars and each brand has a different system and internal equipment. Users should study basic information on what kind of sound bar they like or want. Some sound bars can operate by themselves. Some models come with external wireless subwoofer speakers or a built-in package. Some models are all-in-one, support virtual surround sound. Which will vary depending on the performance of each model. Some models come with separate surround speakers that can be connected both wirelessly and wired. All these different functions will have an effect on the price that will follow.

Number of sound bar channels

If you want to use the sound bar to enhance the sound quality of the TV’s internal speakers, a 2.0-channel sound bar is enough. The 3.0 and 3.1 channel sound bars will add a channel center for listening to various voices. More clearly while a 5.1 sound bar is best suited to a surround sound system.

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Sound Bar display screen

Some sound bars do not have an active screen or LED. Users do not know the sound level, the use of Input-Output or the adjustment of various modes that may be a hindrance for some users. In this section, you should check with the seller or the instructions of the device before you buy for full use without interruption.

Wireless connections in the Sound Bar

Due to the behavior of users in this era, streaming is easy to use. Some sound bars can support Bluetooth signals, including Wi-Fi connections. If users want to stream music to play via Bluetooth, you should choose a sound bar that supports Bluetooth aptX for sound quality, good not being compressed to be distorted.


Now that you have the answer, which sound bar to buy, and HomeGuru hopes that this article will help many people decide when to buy a sound bar that fits their lifestyle and home to make the time of rest in the home happier.

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