Sterile doormat an essential item in the rainy season that every home or office building should not be overlooked. Although, the rainy season keeps the weather cool and even more wet. But the main problem of the rainy season is inevitable is messy all day long. Besides, it also brings shoe-infected germs to homeowners worrying, especially in the New Normal era, where every home cares about cleanliness, HomeGuru has an easy way to get rid of these problems. By choosing a dust trap mat or sterilized doormat that can absorb water and remove dust and dirt actually. Plus, it does not cause any harm to the body to leave every home.


How to choose the right carpet for use?

Non-slip dust traps are currently used in many homes because in addition to their ability to remove dust from shoes, some dust traps also have the ability to absorb water from the shoes and anti-slip for the safety of the residents of the house. In most cases, the ideal area for a carpet to trap dust during the rainy season is before entering the door. And after walking in the door to improve efficiency in removing dirt better.

It also reduces the cleaning force of the housekeeper as well. In addition to living in the house, for office buildings, if arranged doormats, disinfecting mats or dust trap mats in front of the entrance arrangement of plastic bags for umbrellas. It is also another way to prevent water from dripping between the walkways. Mess is one of the causes of the accident as well.

พรมเช็ดเท้าฆ่าเชื้อ พรมดักฝุ่นฆ่าเชื้อ พรมเช็ดเท้าดักฝุ่น


Rolled rugs or carpet dust collectors are mostly used in front of the entrance to your home. Or office building to trap dust and reduce the dirt that will enter the house. The material is made of synthetic polyester. With strong toughness, high elasticity, making it resistant to use. If it is a synthetic material, it will provide comfort during use. Plus, it’s easy to clean, just vacuum or washing with clean water.

Towel rugs is a widely used carpet in almost every room within the house including in front of the house. Because it can absorb water in the wet area to dry it well It is durable to use. Plus, it’s easy to clean, just wash and clean. Most of the fibers of the towels are made from natural fibers such as Cotton or artificial fibers such as polyester fibers, which are used to choose rugs, towels that are soft to the touch. During use and after washing, not harsh. But the disadvantage of towel rugs is the background of the carpet that is all cloth. It can cause an accident to slip and fall during use.


Toilet carpet is specially designed for use in the bathroom. Good water absorption carpet at the end of the carpet. There is a non-slip back with TPR adhesive to help grip the floor, preventing the slippery fall of the whole family. But will not trap dust inside the bathroom as dust trap carpet must be cleaned regularly. Most of the carpet fibers are made from microfibers and through knitting, weaving, carpet trimming (Cut Pile) to help keep the surface soft during use. The pattern of the carpet will have curves to fit into the corner with the toilet bowl. Therefore, it does not feel clutter when placed in the bathroom.

Anti slip mat is an optional item and is widely used in many homes because of its distinctive feature of anti-slip sheets that reduce the risk of accidents, slip and fall well when standing in the shower or used on hard-surface bathrooms. By choosing to use a non-slip mat, it will be used according to the material, such as silicone, which is an easy-to-clean material. It helps protect against germs and bacteria or choose according to size and drain holes to help prevent the occurrence of mold during use.


Coconut fiber mat is a durable carpet. You do not have to worry when you use it in the sun and in the rain. It is a carpet that is suitable for use outside the house. Difficult to slip and slip well and is a dust trap that can be used to clean your shoes when entering the rain. Cleaning is not a hassle, just use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt or use a method of shaking dust instead, it will help keep the carpet cleaner.

พรมเช็ดเท้าฆ่าเชื้อ พรมซับน้ำ แผ่นกันลื่น


Why is the background of the carpet Is floor coverings important?

In addition to the beauty of the carpet Equally important is the carpet background. There are various types of carpet backgrounds to choose from, including PVC, Latex, SBR and Nitrile rubber patterns as carpet backgrounds. Made of nitrile rubber Will have better ground adhesion properties. Thus, helping to prevent slipping without having to stick with glue or tape It also has flexibility, good recovery, can be placed flat on the floor. Not easy to tear. And most importantly, it does not have a pungent smell and does not leave stains on the floor for the housewife to keep cleaning.


And with features carpet back produced from nitrile rubber. Nowadays, this type of carpet is widely used both for dust trapping carpets and sterilizing mats which has a 2 in 1 function that can kill germs from the shoe soles and has a dry mop area, anti-slip rubber and antiseptic absorbent pad tray that will continue to act to remove dirt on the shoes.

Choosing a sterile doormat, it is one secret that helps to build confidence in the residents or visitors, especially with the elderly and children to prevent tripping or slip and fall well. Not only accommodation, this carpet is also the choice of operators, schools, hotels, airports, hospitals nowadays. Sterile doormat or disinfectant tray to be able to build customer confidence or users who use the service screening area.



Choosing a sterile doormat, whether it is within or outside the house It is no less important than choosing furniture for home decoration. Because with function and the properties of each type of carpet Suitable for different areas of the home. But the important things that HomeGuru wants you to consider is the first factor. In selecting the most carpet is. Safety during use, by observing production materials such as dust traps, non-slip rugs, and sterilized rugs to reduce the hygiene concerns of everyone in the family.

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