Many houses in Thailand, including single houses, commercial buildings, and town homes tend to install “awning.” Sun-rain canvas protection to prevent sunlight, heat and rain from splashing into the house. Mostly, it is possible to install a foldable awning or standing arm awning because it is easy to install and use, and it has a light weight than a permanent awning. But sometimes the folding awning can be chosen to meet the 4.0 era and the design of the house is also a troubling problem for homeowners. HomeGuru has ideas for you to choose a foldable awning to meet the usage and modern house innovation.


Before installing a foldable awning, you should know the direction of the sunlight that will shine into the house including choosing to install awnings with innovative wind sensors to prevent damage when strong winds occur, the awning will fold automatically.

Which foldable awning to choose?


1. Automatic foldable awning

Automatic foldable awning is awning that can be rolled up. Mostly installed in the parking area or area with limited space without having to install columns to support the awning. In foreign countries, it is popular because it helps to make the house look good with design. Sun-rain canvas protection has a synthetic woven canvas with arms extended horizontally about 1.50 -3.50 meters depending on the size of the house which should be installed at an angle of about 25-30 degrees to prevent sunlight and rain.


Caution: For strength and durable, you should choose the automatic awning that the structure is made of aluminum. And when not in use, it should be folded to prevent damage in case of strong wind or heavy rain.

2. Open-close awning with sliding rail type

Open-close awning with sliding rail type or sliding roof type has a wavy appearance when opened and closed, most prefer to install it in an outdoor open space, deck, glass room, or in a garden sitting area to help protect from the sun and rain. It can install LED lights to illuminate the awning area which the awning works by motor system, remote or rotary gear.


Caution: For open-close awning, although it is an interesting option but has a higher cost than all types of awnings. And it takes quite a long time to install because it must be installed to fix with the steel structure.

3. Vertical awning

Vertical awning or roller blind this type of awning can be installed inside and the exterior of the building such as an open location to accept the wind space that is narrow and in dwellings around windows and doors to prevent sunlight and helps increase privacy. Most of the size is not over 4 X 3 meters. But if the space to be installed is large, multiple installation should be installed in order to distribute the weight. The characteristic of sun-rain canvas protection will be a filtered mesh fabric or translucent canvas operate by rotating gear motor or motor.


Caution: Awning roller blind will look like a typical hoist canvas but it is different in the material of production. Awning roller blind will use materials and rust-free equipment. Therefore, make it durable and more beautiful than canvas.

Install awning to protect sunlight

Each house is facing in different directions. Therefore, homeowners should know first that the dwelling house facing in which direction in order to be able to choose to install foldable awning. So you have the correct type of use.


  • North: If any house faces north, it is a good direction because it will receive sunlight in the morning. It will get very hot during May – August and the sunlight will shine in a high degree.
  • South: Will receive sunlight in the afternoon especially in the months of September – April, which will be longer than the north. But the nature of sunlight will shine in the same way as the north. Therefore, should be able to install the awning that can be folded automatically in a horizontal position to help shade the sun.
  • East: Will receive sunlight in the morning until late.
  • West: Will receive sunlight in the afternoon until evening, the light shining with a low degree. Therefore, it is suitable for installing vertical awning or roller blind to prevent the sun at various times.

Is foldable awning better than a permanent awning?


  • Foldable awning: easy to install, convenient because the installation does not need to put the pole. It can be installed on the beam structure or wall.
  • It can be foldable, can be used internally and outside the building. It can be moved according to the climate in each season including many sizes to choose from as appropriate and the size of the area.
  • Foldable awning is worthwhile, despite having a higher price than the permanent awning but has a longer service life. It also helps prevent sunlight, UV rays and reduces the temperature inside the building. It helps to save energy and reduce the use of indoor air conditioners resulting in a reduced electricity bill.

Maintenance of a foldable awning


Foldable awning is an item that is used outside the house. Therefore, causing dust deeply buried, to extend the life of the foldable awning should be maintained regularly and cleaning materials like canvas every month to extend the useful life and prevent the accumulation of dirt.

The best method is clean with water. It is not necessary to use cleaning agents or detergents as they will have more disadvantages than good results due to their high acidity, causing the canvas to fade quickly.


For the structure, the easiest way to maintain, it starts with the installation that should have a slope of about 30 degrees to allow the water to flow easily into the ground and should always roll it up when not in use.

Foldable awning is an alternative, innovative item for this era, need comfort, no hassle in installation and the budget is not very high. But it is worthwhile to use, responding to the lifestyles a lot.

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