Tablecloths are considered one of the tableware cultures passed down for a long time, especially in Europe, to use a white cloth to decorate the dining table and add interest to table runners. The colors and patterns stand out beautifully to help create a better atmosphere for dining, and besides making the table cloth beautiful, it also has many benefits. Both help in cleanliness, reduce scratches that may occur on the table, and help prevent heat from freshly cooked food. May damage the surface of the dining table. But how do you choose a tablecloth that is suitable for use? HomeGuru has an excellent technique to recommend.

• Techniques for choosing tablecloths

1. Fabric
2. Shape and Size
3. Color and Pattern
4. Features

• Recommend quality tablecloths from HomePro.

1. TABLE CLOTH BLOCK 150X225CM BUSH/EA. (SKU: 1035188)


• Fabric

Anyone who frequently dinner in restaurants will be familiar with the use of different types of table cloths depending on the decoration style of each restaurant. But if you choose to eat on the street, you may be familiar with the colorful rubber tablecloths. That shows that nowadays there are many types of tablecloths to choose from according to budget and satisfaction, the first factor to consider is the material.

1. Table cloth made of cotton

Cotton or cotton is the most popular type of tablecloth and is most suitable for home use. Because of the properties that are softer than other fabrics, feel natural, breathable, durable, and very flexible. It can be cleaned quickly and is very inexpensive, but it has the disadvantage that it is easy to scratch and can cause yellow stains easily.

2. Table cloth made of silk or lace

Silk and lace with various patterns will help make the dining room’s atmosphere look beautiful, luxurious, suitable for use on special occasions such as banquets, weddings, seminars, etc. The disadvantage of this tablecloth is that it is more difficult to clean than other tablecloths, including relatively high prices.

3. Table cloth made of flax or linen

Flax is a natural material that has a relatively hard and rough texture. Linen is considered a type of linen but is the softest of all linen types, thus being the most popular. The advantage of tablecloths made from flax or linen fabrics is that they are difficult to cause mold, but the disadvantage is that they may be difficult to clean if stains occur.

4. Table cloth made of polyester fabric

Polyester is another popular material for tablecloths because it is readily available, inexpensive, easy to maintain, and lightweight. Good scratch resistance, a variety of color patterns to choose from, and the fabric are shiny, beautiful. It can be used both inside and outside of houses. Therefore, it is suitable for use as a table cover in the garden or as a table cover when going camping because polyester has good UV protection properties from the sun.

5. Table cloth made of PVC, vinyl or plastic.

For tablecloths made of various plastic materials, including rubber tablecloths, are relatively inexpensive tablecloths. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Due to it resists to sunlight, water, and dirt. Moreover, stains can be easily removed by simply wiping them with a damp cloth. But the disadvantage of PVC plastic tablecloths is that they can withstand low heat. If it is exposed to hot water or hot containers, it may shrink and lose its shape.


• Shape and Size

Another technique for choosing a tablecloth is to measure the size of the dining table you want to use. Then choose a tablecloth that is not too small or too big in size compared to the table. Because if the tablecloth is too small, it may not cover the surface of the tableware. Or, if it is laid over the table, the end of the cloth may not leave itself, causing it to look awkward during use and look unattractive. While the tablecloth is too large, it can cause the long end of the cloth to drag the floor and get dirty easily. It can lead to accidental stepping on the edge of the tablecloth, tripping, or spilling food as well. Therefore, choosing the tablecloth appropriately selected with the size of the dining table. By choosing a tablecloth, the end of the tablecloth will leave about 50-60 centimeters from the top of the table.

• Color and Pattern

Choosing tablecloths for home use to look beautiful in your home, it is important to choose colors and patterns that go with the overall atmosphere of the kitchen or dining room. If you like to decorate your home in a minimalist style or want the room to look bright, you should choose a tablecloth in bright or pastel tones. But if you want an attractive style, you may choose to decorate with a tablecloth in bright colors. Or, if you want the room to look natural or you like to decorate your home in a cozy style, you can choose a warm-colored tablecloth or a tablecloth made of raw materials such as cotton or linen.


• Features

In addition to the factors mentioned above, the selection of tablecloths may need to consider other special features to meet each home’s needs as much as possible, which may try to look at these special features.

1. Waterproof Table Cloth

Some tablecloths, such as those coated with acrylic or polyester, are water-resistant. The advantage of using a waterproof tablecloth is that it can be wiped clean as soon as it gets dirty, so it’s easy to care for. Just wipe it off as usual. For those who already have a tablecloth that is not waterproof and still don’t want to replace it, they may choose to cover another layer of clear vinyl over the same tablecloth. That’s all, it’s already waterproof.

2. Heat Resistant Table Cloth

Another exciting feature of quality tablecloths is their ability to withstand heat. This is because the tablecloth is a place that is regularly subjected to heat from freshly cooked food or hot beverages. Therefore, a heat-resistant tablecloth reduces the risk of the material melting when heated, burns, shrinks, and deforms in the long term.


• Recommend quality tablecloths from HomePro.

If anyone is looking for a cheap, guaranteed-quality tablecloth but still doesn’t know which one to choose, HomeGuru has picked up three different tablecloths at a special price to consider. You can click to buy and follow!

1. TABLE CLOTH BLOCK 150X225CM BUSH/EA. (SKU: 1035188)


Table cloth with the sweet pattern, size 150×225 cm, made of PVC material with high flexibility. Protect the table surface from scratching, water seepage, and flow through as well. You can use a damp cloth to wipe it clean when it gets messed up easily. Helps to enhance the appearance of the kitchen, dining room, prevents scratches on the dining table or shelf, protects the table surface clean and free from spilled food stains.



Tablecloth from the MEIWA brand is used to cover wide tables to add color and atmosphere to the kitchen and dining room with beautiful patterns. It has edges on all 4 sides that add luxury, distinctiveness, and uniqueness. It protects against scratches or stains from spilled food and reduces noise from placing utensils on the dining table. Made of 100% polyvinyl chloride plastic material, it can be cleaned easily, wipe or wash with water, and be washed by hand.



Cream-colored square finished tablecloth made of good quality PVC, durable, highly flexible, not easy to tear, sweet pattern. Suitable for homes decorated in vintage style, it adds atmosphere to dining tables, coffee tables, or shelves. And helps prevent scratches on the dining table as well. It can be easily wiped clean with a soft sponge or a damp cloth.

These are all good techniques for choosing tablecloths, including good quality table cloths from HomePro that HomeGuru has selected for you. If you are still not satisfied, want to go and see with your own eyes, you can go to the HomePro near your home. Or if you’re going to buy online easily, you can buy via Homepro Online by clicking For more information, please contact HomePro Call Center at 1284.

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