After having to endure the heat for a long time, rainy season that many people are waiting for is finally here. But coolness and wet comes with many problems that challenge home lovers to be vigilant! Taking care of the house during rainy season is an important issue that cannot be overlooked and must be prepared comprehensively. But don’t worry! HomeGuru gathers techniques to prepare houses for rainy season, whether it is finding a spot in the house that may need to be renovated, home building materials that are easy to find and you can repair the house by yourself. Or even decorating the house to be beautiful, safe and no more worries for rainy season. All the techniques are here in this article.

Home care techniques to prepare the house for this rainy season!

Does the house roof leak? This is the first thing to check thoroughly because the roof is the first fortress that strike by the rain. If the roof leaks a little, you can repair the roof by patching or filling with acrylic waterproof. But if there is a lot of leaks or cracks, it may be necessary to replace the new roof tiles. You also need to check whether the roof has rust problems or not.

Check the ceiling and the house walls as well. If there is a crack in the ceiling and the wall of the house, including the boundary of the door edge, window edge, you can repair them with home building materials with high flexibility such as acrylic waterproof or waterproof cement.

Check troughs and drains. Another important spot that we often overlook. You cannot overlook this spot during rainy season because if the trough is clogged with leaves or debris, when there is heavy rain, it can cause overflowing into the back to damage the house. You need to check troughs and drains regularly, start from the part that receives water from the roof to the large pipe. Make sure it does not damage or clog. Also, make sure that there is nothing that block the drainage.

Prevent slippery floors, mold and moss. Regularly cleaning the area that has been exposed to direct rain, not to cause waterlogging and the occurrence of moss or fungus. You may use anti-slip strip or anti-slip lubricant together with mold cleaner. In addition, if there are various water storage containers, don’t forget to overturn the container to prevent breeding of mosquitoes as well.

Trim large branches near the house. Large branches may fragile or fell down when there is windy, heavy storm which maybe the reason for you to repair house. Trimming large branches or find something to support the trees is necessary during rainy season.

Decorate house during rainy season, take good care of outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is not good with moisture. Paint your outdoor furniture with varnish or insect repellant on your wooden furniture. And paint anti-rust lubricant on steel furniture for prolonging the life and better tolerate the sun and rain. But if outdoor furniture is not used, it should be kept in the house or find some plastic to cover it temporarily.

Be careful of lighting systems outside the house. Whether it is a power plug or outdoor lamps, field lamps, you must check to make sure there is no electrical leakage problem and there should be a switch cover covering the power switch or the power plug outside the house as well.

Decorate the house in rainy season for safety without worry!

Renovate the house with awning, batten, decorative wood or beautiful eaves to prevent decay, moisture, mold and moss problems. Reduce the chance to repair the house in rainy season for long term.

Pave anti-slip tiles or blocks with drainage holes
or use beautiful anti-slip sheet, pave them on the area that you frequently use.

Plant new trees or move potted plants into the soil
Rainy season cause humidity, this will help trees to have a very high chance of survival.

Decorate your home in rainy season with rain-resistant furniture on the terrace, patio or on the windows that are likely to rain frequently.

Install backup power supply to prevent power outages when there is heavy rain, another way to help extend the life of electrical appliances.

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