Anyone ever encountered these problems !!? The cloth is not dry, has a musty smell, has mold, does not have enough drying space. A lot of clothes I can’t handle … If you live in the house, there is definitely enough space to handle these things comfortably. But for those who live in a condo, apartment, and dorm, this is a familiar sentence that you will often hear, the most disturbing problem of condo residents when it rains for several days or on a humid day, HomeGuru will tell you techniques for buying a clothes rack for condo residents to manage all these clothing problems.


Nowadays, the clothes rail is available in a variety of materials and a super functional design which can be selected according to personal preferences and individual budgets by featured materials with their properties are as follows:

Stainless steel towel rack. Elegant and good-looking with a strong, shiny, durable material, high quality but heavy weight and strong price.

Aluminum clothes rail. Because the material is soft, it is lightweight. Easy to move, foldable and easy to pick up, plus, save space.

Iron clothes rail. There are many beautiful colors to choose from, moderate weight and support more hanging clothes than aluminum. Easily available, inexpensive, but easy to rust.

Wooden clothes rail. Looks beautiful, warm, strong, but not suitable for drying wet clothes and should not be exposed to the sun and rain.

Plastic clothes rail. The highlight feature is light weight, many colors, beautiful, easy to buy, inexpensive, but not durable.


As for the problem of limited space, try these ideas to make the most of your limited space.

1. Allocate the room walls to benefit

Indoor and outdoor walls are a great way to add a limited space. Try to allocate a wall with a window or a corner with air to pass through, it would be great. Hang a wide variety of wall-mounted clothes bars and comes with a design. Functionality to use in response Whether it can be retracted when not in use or lowering the height and low as appropriate, it makes a simple cloth hanger. If it is an outdoor wall, such as a balcony, a window wall is even better, as dry clothes will be exposed to air and direct sunlight. Makes the cloth dry quickly and smells the sun light.

ราวติดผนังสเตนเลส ราวแขวนผ้าประหยัดพื้นที่ ราวติดผนังสเตนเลสพับได้

ราวตากผ้าติดผนัง พับเก็บได้

2. Free space of the ceiling

Most of the space on the podium is overlooked because it cannot be installed on its own unless you have enough technical expertise. But did you know that the ceiling hangers are perfect for hanging clothes in a chic and unique way? Plus, a smart allocation of space can be used for drying clothes on high places, will dry clothes faster because there is more than enough ventilation gaps between the floor and the hanging clothes or can be used for hanging clothes to divide the room without separating the wall. The remaining space at the bottom can also be used for other purposes, such as placing a cabinet with low drawers. Box or basket can put dry cloth. But if the bag is too high, you may need a ladder to climb up and hang the clothes for a safer and more comfortable ride. But have to be careful about the weight, which should not hang too much cloth.

3. Clothes rail with wheels

Clothes rails with wheels come in many sizes, bars, level patterns and a variety of optional options, such as a basket or an open shelf. Multipurpose cloth hanger which facilitates the allocation of hanging fabrics easily; moving it is easy to move, pushing the trolley wherever it is convenient, saving energy without lifting.

ราวตากผ้า homepro ราวตากผ้า homepro ไม้แขวนผ้าประหยัดพื้นที่


4. Foldable clothes rail

Even if space is limited, it’s not a problem anymore. With a stand that can be folded away when not in use. There are many types and materials to choose from as appropriate. Some models have impressive lengths to adjust. It can hang on short dresses and long dresses. And there are many bars to hang clothes as much as you want.

ราวตากผ้าคอนโด ราวตากผ้าคอนโด ราวตากผ้าพับได้


5. Various reagent technologies

To ward off all worries With the technology of the detergent used on the fabric now very advanced and detergent. Fabric softener that has the property to make clothes dry quickly even in indoor. The rain did not stop for several days in a row. On the day of a rush, you have to leave the clothes in the machine and then go back to dry It also has the ability to inhibit battery life, fungus, and anti-odor power. Eliminate odors and gives a fresh scent that lasts all day long.

ราวแขวนผ้าประหยัดพื้นที่ น้ำยาซักผ้า น้ำยาซักผ้าสำหรับตากผ้าในร่ม


However, choosing the right towel rail for use also has many factors depending on the nature of the individual living space and personal preferences too. However, in order for the clothes rack to last for a long time. Maintenance is also important, the clothes rail should be used properly according to the material and hang the clothes according to the weight supported. Always clean and mop according to the correct material type. And do not store all types of clothes rails near heat and open flame.

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