Outdoor tile or (Exterior Tile) is the important part of the house that many people may ignore. But actually it is more important than you think. Tiles are both useful, beautiful and safe for use. Many people may still wonder if wall tiles at home can be used instead of floor tiles? What type of tile should you use? How to choose pattern of floor tiles? With many more questions that HomeGuru already prepare answers to all questions on selection of outdoor floor tiles.

There are many types of floor tiles. There are both indoor and outdoor tiles, garage floor tiles, bathroom tiles, or swimming pool tiles, and etc. Each type of tile has different unique features. Choosing the right floor tiles is no less important than the pattern of tiles. If you use wall tiles to pave on the floor, it is not appropriate to do so because it is a wrong type.

กระเบื้องพื้นภายนนอก กระเบื้องพื้นภายนนอก กระเบื้องพื้นภายนนอก กระเบื้องพื้นภายนนอก

For outdoor floor tiles, that have to face both pressure and impact from the use, trampling and scratches from moving objects, the weight of the car in the parking area, also including variable weather at any time. Choosing to buy outdoor floor tiles must emphasize on strength and make sure they are not easily broken.

Outdoor floor tiles: Important things that should not be overlooked

Some areas outside the house are frequently pour by water or rain such as balcony, car park area for car wash or washing areas that are used regularly. If you choose improper tiles, they may cause accident easily. Anti-slip tiles are the most suitable tiles for these areas. Available for both matte tiles (not shiny tiles) and rough tiles that have roughness surface to choose from and for proper use.

Emphasize the pattern of natural floor tiles for outdoor use

Everyone wants to use beautiful decorative floor tiles to decorate the house. Therefore, in order to harmonize with the environment outside the house, it is important to choose a floor tile that is really close to nature such as wood, flower, marble, granite or sandstone patterns.

กระเบื้องพื้นภายนนอก กระเบื้องพื้นภายนนอก กระเบื้องพื้นภายนนอก กระเบื้องพื้นภายนนอก

In addition to the pattern of tiles, another important thing that is the color tone. The selection of outdoor floor tiles with dark tones such as black, gray or brown can fit in every home style and also these colors can camouflage the traces of stains caused by use.

How to choose garage floor tiles? Just like choosing outdoor floor tiles

Focus on materials that are strong and durable because in addition to having to carry the weight of the car, it may also need to carry the weight of using it as storage space as well. If you choose the color tone and pattern of the garage tile is appropriate, it will help reduce the burden of cleaning more. You don’t have to worry about oil stains or stains from various engines.

How to lay tiles outside the house? Recommend to use dry floor tiles

How to pave tiles outside the house? Paving dry floor tiles or known as “Khee Nou-Khui Nou Paving” is the suitable way of paving, durable and long lasting. Due to wet paving has high humidity which may cause mold problems later. While “Salapao Paving” has the risk of falling tiles and cracking easily. In addition, the slope of the floor tiles is also important. Because the slope at the appropriate level can reduce waterlogging which may cause accident. The method of outdoor tiling must be calculated to find the right spot and make every area to tilt toward the drain as well.

กระเบื้องพื้นภายนนอก กระเบื้องพื้นภายนนอก กระเบื้องพื้นภายนนอก กระเบื้องพื้นภายนนอก

The main problem after buying tiles is whether tiling is beautiful or not. HomeGuru has a helper to make buying tiles easy and convenient, just shop online or via Fit Tile application. The only app that makes shopping for tiles easy.


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