Is there a Termites Prevention Wood? HomeGuru thinks that’s still a question and is a problem that many homes worry. Because it is well known that wood and termites are naturally paired with each other. Almost every home uses wood to decorate the house. Because the wood has its own characteristics and is beautiful in both patterns and colors. Finding ways to prevent termites from not eating wood.

And find materials to substitute for wood without fear of termites. Therefore, it is a top issue that many homes are interested in.


7 Popular Termites Prevention Wood

Teakwood or teak flooring

Teak is a termite type wood that has the highest quality and strength compared to other types of wood. The long life teak can produce natural teak oil, which is a termite and insects do not like. But it must be teak that is grown from nature only. Because teak from the forest planted will not have much time to grow, so does not accumulate oil.


Although teak is a termite prevention wood, but the use must be careful. Because it’s easily scratched while also having a high price and requires a technician who has expertise in woodworking to cut and decorate. So many home avoid using it.


Radipine wood

It is suitable for exterior decoration such as garden areas, blinds, battens, fences, wooden floors around the pool. Or work that needs decoration for sun protection and rain protection. The characteristics of this type of wood, when compared to natural wood in general, is lightweight, not heat and the wood grain is naturally beautiful.


It has anti-corrosion properties termite and wood protection because through technology to absorb moisture from wood. Compression of wood preservatives to replace and wood drying causing humidity to decrease. It helps the wood not to stretch, shrink, twist, and can choose the wood that is suitable for the wood according to the level of compression of wood preservatives.


OSB (Oriented Strand Board) wood

OSB wood is popular for both internal and external structural work. Which can be used for a variety of applications such as built-in design, decoration, floor, wall, furniture, due to its natural beauty, strength, durability, moisture resistance, does not crack, bend like general plywood. But does not contain chemical substances that are dangerous to users and is a termite protection wood, because termite protection can be added to the production process.

The main wood consists of pine or hardwood such as rubber wood that is put together therefore making it strong.



It is a wood produced from the combination of technology and bamboo species Moso (Phyllostachys edulis), which is a natural material from forestry certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), a forest management organization, Truegrass is considered an environmentally friendly product, can use both inside and outside the building. It helps the house to have a color tone and natural patterns which can be painted over available in many sizes. The wood has been baked to control humidity to less than 12%, thus preventing the wood from twisting and bending.

Wood grain rubber tiles

The selection of rubber tiles is another option for wood flooring or floor tiles on concrete surfaces, terrazzo floors or old wood floors. In addition to providing color and patterns like real wood. Also, it is easy to install, takes less time, is resistant to scratches, water resistance, some models have fire resistance features and resistant to moisture. It does not destroy the old surface, feels soft and comfortable, not cold feet when in use. Making it popular with many homes.

กันปลวกกินไม้ กันปลวกกินไม้ กันปลวกกินไม้


While also maintaining the rubber tiles is also easy and convenient like normal wood flooring, but do not use force to polish or rub too much. Because it can cause damage and most importantly, termites eat wood as well. Because there is no wood mixture.


Wood grain print tiles

If you want wood flooring but don’t know where to find how to make termites unable to eat wood? Turning to wood print tiles is another interesting way. Because aside from being easy to maintain, it is also durable and able to support weight well. Also, the pattern of the tiles is still beautiful. Natural looking and there are many varieties to choose from.


After tiling it is recommended to apply a coating to prevent stains. So that the surface of the tiles remains beautiful and prevent black stains during use.


Artificial wood

One of the types of termite wood that is easy to maintain. Easy to use and install. Available in 2 types:

  • Artificial wood made from fiber cement. The main ingredients of this type of wood are cement, wood powder, sand and are pressed into the mold according to the usage such as the slat flooring has sun resistance, rain resistance, impact resistance, does not shrink, warp and decay. Quite a lot and the skin is quite hot Because there is a mixture of cement and cannot scrub the surface. Because it will cause the color to peel.
  • Artificial wood WPC is a synthetic wood that is produced from a special type of sticky plastic polymer with wood powder. It can be used to replace real wood. Most of them are used with outdoor work such as lath, arches to help add to the atmosphere in the house as well.
วิธีทำให้ปลวกไม่กินไม้ วิธีทำให้ปลวกไม่กินไม้ วิธีทำให้ปลวกไม่กินไม้


If choosing a Termites Prevention Wood is difficult for many homes. HomeGuru recommends you to find a skilled technician to help choose the right termite prevention wood to use for the house to be strong and durable in the long run. Another way to prevent termites from eating wood is to use chemicals or specialized cleaners such as termite removal and prevention solution that every home can do by themselves.

น้ำยากำจัดปลวก น้ำยากำจัดปลวก น้ำยากำจัดปลวก


Currently, there are many types of termites to choose from, but the most popular are poured type and the type that protects the wood. But you must be careful, you should wear protective equipment such as gloves.

Or mask to prevent danger and keep in a completely sealed place Is another good choice.

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