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Usually, buying a house within the housing project both single houses, townhomes, the project will focus on designing light kitchens in the house but the actual use of Thai people need to make food that has a pungent odor. Homeowners, therefore, need to add Thai kitchen afterwards. The main reason the project does not provide Thai kitchens is because it will increase house prices. Inevitably affects the purchase decision. In addition, some families may not cook often. Using a light kitchen may be sufficient for your needs.

For butler Iron maid, don’t worry. Usually through various projects will leave space behind the house for about 2-3 meters according to the Building Control Act. The more worrying is the correct extension methods, both the Building Control Act and the legal engineering structure of this content. “Take you to see how to add correctly. Along with introducing the extension service of Thai kitchens by HomePro.

Sample picture of Thai kitchen renovation

2 Important parts to add Thai kitchen correctly

The addition of a Thai kitchen behind the house seems not difficult. Some homeowners, therefore, call technicians with drawings to let them know what the Thai kitchen will have. Where to put it? Not long after, it was discovered that The Thai kitchen collapses also being blamed by nearby neighbors because going to make a short distance. Aside from having to follow solve the problem of the kitchen sink. You may have to be demolished later if neighbors notify the district or municipality for inspection, if they don’t want to encounter these problems, follow these 3 guidelines:

1. Keep the space to be legal

The reason why the project is popular is to leave the area behind for about 2 meters. Because the Building Control Act stipulates that if any part of the wall has light channels, openings should be spaced 2 meters or more. 50 cm or, if you want to close the fence, the landlord needs to notify neighbors of the nearby land to sign their consent first. Otherwise, it will be an offense under the Building Control Act.

To sum up, overall, the fence on the back of the house must be designed to be dense and leave a distance of 50 centimeters or close to the fence in case of agreement with neighbors on both sides, add the kitchen to the wall on the side of the house, which will be approximately equal to the shortest distance of about 2 meters, so can be designed to be open for ventilation. But if the light is not enough, may choose translucent roof materials to help brighten the Thai kitchen.

2. Separate the kitchen structure from the house

The problem encountered after adding more than 50% of Thai kitchen is the sloping kitchen problem. There are cracks in the walls of the original building structure, which these problems usually arise from the attachment of the extension to the house. Over time, the extension will pull the wall and roof apart from the house. The solution is to separate the structure. Part of the extension out of the house, the main structure of the house and choose lightweight materials such as columns and roof structures roofing materials selected as a double-walled tiles vinyl or translucent roof to reduce the load bearing weight, which is another cause of slanting problems.


Sample picture of Thai kitchen renovation

11 advantages to add a backyard kitchen with HomePro

For homeowners who are not confident in the addition and still do not know where to find additional technicians. At present, HomePro is not only selling kitchen sets and kitchen equipment but still have the complete service to extend Thai kitchen at Home Pro immediately which the strength of HomePro is reliability. Both the design with 3D images to look at before, material lists and a team of trusted technicians. What are the advantages? Let’s see details.

1. The list of specifications is clear, including pile structure, roof structure and full steel specification according to TIS and JIS standards. Homeowners can inspect by themselves.
2. The extension structure is separate from the house. Not attached to the original building from floor to roof. Therefore, reducing the problem of fracture from subsiding and pulling together.
3. Use lightweight vinyl roof with heat resistance features, reduce the sound of rain impact. Homeowners can choose transparent or translucent roofs to save more energy.
4. While the Metal roof structure will be rust-proof prevents rusting from moisture and is painted over another

Prevent 2 layers of waterproofing

5. Prevent 2 layers of waterproofing, seal the roof and walls by installing dry tech sheets and Flashing, closing the seam between the roof awning and the house wall and with a closed vinyl rain gutter Prevents clogging from leaf debris.
6. 3-sided wall painted waterproofing protects the kitchen moisture mold and make the color not swell The kitchen is therefore always beautiful.
7. Ready-to-use electrical system install a new plug and have a built-in switch. No need to pull the cord help extend the life use with electrical appliances and prevent the broken power cable which may be the cause of the fire.
8. 2.53 meters long cement kitchen counter. Strong structure, lightweight, resistant to water, termites, not eating. Available in 3 styles as you like. In addition, customers can also choose floating cabinets. Front door to match the style of the house tile division floor and paint do not have to pay extra.

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Fast construction, complete within 20 days

9. Fast construction, complete within 20 days, reliable technician, does not leave the job.
10. Have staff to check the quality of work on behalf of customers, give homeowners peace of mind, even without the knowledge of this, will definitely not be deceived.
11. Guaranteed for up to 1 year. Build confidence and reduce anxiety for homeowners after the addition of the kitchen is done.

ต่อเติมครัวไทยหลังบ้าน ครบทุกฟังก์ชันกับ HomePro
Thai Kitchen Renovation, All Functions with HomePro

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