My AC isn’t working, what should I do? HomeGuru is here to help you figure out why your air conditioner won’t turn on or, in some cases, won’t turn on at all, even when the remote control is turned on. Your air conditioner may not turn on, or it may have a blinking light that you can’t figure out what it is. In order to determine whether or not this is a problem that needs to be addressed, it is recommended that you read the entire article to the finish and see if we can follow it. It is imperative that air conditioners are checked for safety because they are electrical appliances. Let’s see what you can do about it now.

• AC isn’t working, here’s how to easily fix it yourself.

1. Reasons why your AC isn’t working.
2. How to troubleshoot an air conditioner won’t turn on.
3. Fixing precautions.
4. Recommend some interesting air conditioners.


• Reasons why your AC isn’t working.

The cause of the air conditioner not turning on It can be divided into two categories:

1. The air conditioner does not turn on, and the remote is stuck, which is caused by the electrical system or the air conditioner’s control system, such as

1.1. The air conditioner will not turn on because a fuse has blown.
1.2. The air conditioner does not turn on, and a flashing light appears.
1.3. As a result of frayed wire.
1.4. The power cord has been damaged.
1.5. Air conditioner turns off or does not turn on due to a power outage caused by rain, lightning, or other natural events.

2. Unable to turn on the air conditioner because the remote is broken, for example

2.1. The remote’s battery has run out.
2.2. The receiver is filthy or broken.
2.3. There is a problem with the control panel.


• How to troubleshoot an air conditioner won’t turn on.

Now that we’ve figured out the main reasons why your AC isn’t working, let’s see if there are any DIY solutions for air conditioner shutdown and not turning on. This advice is appropriate for people who are familiar with electricity and have safety equipment. It can be dangerous if a person has no knowledge of electricity, has never touched it, or has never done it before. HomeGuru suggests hiring an experienced technician to handle it.

If it is discovered that the source of the problem is the electrical system or the control system of the air conditioner, The air conditioner will not turn on, and the remote control is stuck.

1. Use an electrical measuring equipment to check for leakage current in the system or air conditioner.
2. To avoid electricity, turn off the switch/cutout.
3. The most common problem encountered when opening the air conditioner panel is blown fuses. Fuses cut power to keep it from interfering with other devices. To locate the short circuit, replace a faulty fuse and inspect for loose or broken wires. Turn off the breaker for 20 to 45 minutes if the air conditioner won’t turn on and the light isn’t flashing. The LED will flash if you try again and the air conditioner still does not turn on. Let’s check to see if the freeze or coil sensor is damaged and if it can be replaced.

Regarding the replacement method, I recommend watching it concurrently with the YouTube channel for air conditioner repair technicians in order to understand the picture and follow along at the same time.


If the remote is broken, the AC isn’t working.
1. Replace the remote’s battery if it’s expired.
2. A broken or unclean receiver AC doesn’t work. If cleaning doesn’t help, replace the receiver.
3. The remote’s control panel is broken; basic technological skills are needed. If you can’t handle it yourself, see an expert or send the air conditioner for repair or replacement.


• Fixing precautions

1. Unless we want to check and measure the electricity, let us always turn it off before starting.
2. Prior to attempting to fix an electrical appliance, you should conduct study. Just type a few words into Google or YouTube to find what you’re looking for. Air conditioning is broken, the remote is stuck, and there are other sources of information that don’t necessitate the purchase of a heavy book.
3. Should purchase electrical appliances that are standardized with TIS or symbols confirming safety and energy efficiency. Standardization is important. Always inspect the electrical equipment to see if there is any portion that is odd from the original damage that creates symptoms such as a malfunctioning air conditioner, and don’t forget to look at the power consumption.
4. It is recommended that one more person be present during the inspection or repair of electrical appliances to assist in the event of an emergency accident such as electric shocks, etc.
5. If a short circuit occurs, the first step is to remain calm and turn off the power supply. If a fire starts, do not use water to extinguish it because it will spread faster and may cause an electric shock. If a person is electrocuted, make another person aware as well; do not panic and do not touch the person who is being electrocuted. But before we can help each other again, let’s go turn off the power.

• Recommend some interesting air conditioners.

The HomeGuru would like to pick up a few high-quality air conditioners to recommend if you have a home where the air conditioner isn’t working properly, can’t switch on, or can’t be fixed permanently. HomePro also carries a wide variety of high-quality air conditioners.


แอร์ LG


– UV Nano Technology eliminates bacteria and virus with UVC light.
– PM 1.0 Filter protects you from very small particles of dust.
– Air Purifying System comes with PM1.0 Sensor, offering fresh air.
– Features with Allergy Filter.
– Auto clean function helps eliminate the build-up of bacteria and odors.
– LG ThinQ allows you to control air condition via smartphone easily by connecting with Wi-Fi.
– Power control system helps save more energy.




– Save more energy with 5-star energy efficiency rated inverter.
– Ice Cleaning is an automatic coil cleaning defrosting system which reduces growth of mold.
– 4D Air Flow – both horizontally and vertically.
– Display temperature on front of the unit.
– Hydropholic Gold Fin which is weather-resistant
– Luxurious remote control comes with bigger display.
– 7-Year compressor warranty and 3-year machine warranty (subject to terms and conditions).




– Jet Flow technology produces quick cooling power.
– Hi Power mode: quickly generates the powerful air for 15 minutes to reduce the room temperature.
– Natural Solar Filter is provided for filtering unpleasant odor.
– Natural Enzyme Filter helps eliminate the airborne germs.
– 24 ION mode.
– Self-Cleaning Operation keeps the evaporator dry and prevents mold.
– Corrosion-resistant coating.
– Fluorescent remote buttons.
– On/Off Timer Operation.




– Long-lasting circuit board that can operate even when the power dips below 130 volts.
– Humidity control It’s cool yet not sticky.
– Distribute the wind widely, sending it as far as 9 meters along the ceiling.
– Motion capture using an intelligent eye system You can send the wind whenever you choose.
– There is an automatic 3D air dispersion, up-down or left-right.


If you are still dissatisfied with your air conditioner not turning on on its own, there is a good article about electrical systems that I would recommend everyone read and understand. This article is extremely beneficial. Protect your appliances with brownout protection devices

Now you know why the AC isn’t working and how to check and solve the AC not turning on. It doesn’t matter whether the air conditioner doesn’t turn on, if the remote is on or if the air conditioner doesn’t turn on by itself, as HomeGuru has stated. An expert technician is recommended if you are able to perform the preliminary examination but are unsure of your abilities. More importantly, we’ll save our entire lives. Please remember that Home Service by HomePro offers a full range of services, including high-quality air conditioners and a skilled technical support team. Shop online at, or visit any HomePro location. Please call the Call Center at 1284 for additional details.

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