Refrigerator does not close completely is a frequent kitchen problem that many families may be experiencing, including the problem of the refrigerator seal not sucking in, causing the cold to leak out and the refrigerator to work more than usual. The fridge door won’t close properly since it has been used for a long time and has deteriorated over time. Anyone who already has a budget and wants to replace a new refrigerator may choose to buy a new refrigerator. But if you still miss your old refrigerator or want to save money, avoiding and fixing refrigerator does not close completely isn’t too tough; anyone can do it, and HomeGuru has some amazing tips.

• It’s easy to fix the problem with the refrigerator does not close completely!

1. How to avoid and fix a refrigerator does not close completely!
2. Replace the refrigerator door rubber seal, if the fridge door won’t close properly.


• How to avoid and fix a refrigerator does not close completely!

As previously stated, if the fridge door won’t close properly, it will lose its ability to maintain a cool interior temperature and will have to work harder to achieve the desired temperature. If it’s left, don’t worry about fixing it right away. In the end, food in the refrigerator spoils more quickly, the electric bill doubles, and the other parts of it begin to degrade. Keep an eye on the door and make sure it closes properly, or attempt to slow down the deterioration of the refrigerator as much as possible with these methods.

1. Check that the fridge door closes properly.

Use an A4 sheet of paper as a separator on the refrigerator door to see whether this works for you. Open the refrigerator door, place half of an A4 sheet of paper inside, and then clip the other half of the paper to the refrigerator door to close it. You may test this by trying to pull out some paper, and if it feels as though the paper is readily taken out, this indicates that there may be a problem with your refrigerator seal not sucking in.

2. Make sure the fridge isn’t overstuffed.

That which many people may have missed is that the amount of food stored in their refrigerator sometimes exceeds its capacity, leading the door to not close entirely by default. Refrigerator interior organizing can be a useful tool in keeping things from becoming excessively huge. As a result of this, not only are products in the refrigerator easier to access for usage, but the refrigerator’s appearance and lifespan are also improved.

3. Position the fridge so the front is higher than the back.

Refrigerator seal not sucking in or fridge door won’t close properly can be fixed by adjusting the refrigerator‘s feet to raise the front by 2 to 3 centimeters, if the problem persists. Newer refrigerators generally feature legs on each side that can be set as low as necessary to hold the front of the refrigerator up and let gravity come in as a solution to the problem of permitting the refrigerator door to close entirely. A method to find solid wood, bricks or strong tiles to support the front legs of an antique refrigerator is an alternative if you cannot adjust the leg heights.


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4. Clean the refrigerator’s door seal frequently.

Dust and grime build up on the rubber edge of the refrigerator door, which prevents the seal from sucking in until the refrigerator seal not sucking in and many people don’t notice. Cleaning the edge of the refrigerator tire once a week or at least once a month is the most straightforward approach. Simply dampen a sponge with water and wipe away all the accumulated dirt and grime. The rubber seals will degrade faster if you mistakenly use chemicals or cleaners that are highly abrasive. This is vital to avoid.

5. Repair a frozen refrigerator door seal

A simple technique to tell if the refrigerator rubber seal is worn out is to look at the door seal and see if it’s hardened or not. Refrigerator seals not sucking in can be caused by a hardened rubber edge. To soften the rubber edge again, simply disconnect the refrigerator and add hot water. Add to all four sides of the refrigerator’s rubber edging. You can leave it for a bit to let the rubber edge expand, then clean and dry it thoroughly before plugging in the refrigerator for routine use. However, if you pour hot water on the refrigerator’s rubber edge and it remains hard as usual, the rubber edge has expired and should be replaced as soon as possible.

6. Change the refrigerator door seal.

This method will be used even if the refrigerator seal not sucking in, if the hot water pouring method isn’t working, or if the door seals are moldy and uncomfortable in certain households. If you don’t have the money to buy a new refrigerator, you can save money by just replacing the old one with a new door seal.


• Replace the refrigerator door rubber seal, if the refrigerator does not close completely.

If the existing rubber seal on your refrigerator door has degraded, you’ll be able to remedy the refrigerator door not closing properly by replacing it with a new one. Refrigerator rubber seals can be purchased from a refrigerator spare parts store or a service center for that particular make of refrigerator can be contacted. When it comes to refrigerator rubber spare parts, you can expect to pay between 500 and 700 baht per line depending on the model, brand, and size of the refrigerator that needs to be changed.

1. Select a new rubber edge for your refrigerator type and size.

Write down the model and brand of the refrigerator for which you intend to replace the rubber rim before making your purchase. The serial number or Serial Number is also important to bring to the parts store or service facility for further investigation.

2. Clean the refrigerator’s rubber edge before replacing it.

After purchasing a new rim, you’ll notice that the rim is still a bit spongy. When the new rubber edge is softened by soaking it in warm water for a few minutes, it is ready to be bent to fit the refrigerator door’s edge.

3. Dispose of the old rubber seal.

To begin, disconnect the refrigerator to ensure its safety. Then, using a screwdriver, loosen the screws on the refrigerator door, paying particular attention to the screw that holds the old rubber seal in place. Then begin by removing the old rim from the top, and the side will come out on its own as you remove the previous rim.

4. Replace the old rubber rim.

Installing a new refrigerator door seal requires removing the old rubber seal and wiping the edge with a sponge wet with clean water. A screwdriver is used to tighten the screws that were removed in the same position as the screws that are being installed one by one. You can now plug in the refrigerator and use it as normal after ensuring that all corners are secure by opening and closing it.

It makes no difference to someone who has decided to replace their refrigerator with a new one. However, before purchasing a new refrigerator, you can learn about helpful approaches at How to select a refrigerator that will be useful, worthwhile, and long-lasting.


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Finally, the problem of a refrigerator does not close completely is solved with a simple method that HomeGuru feels every household can readily implement. It is possible to avoid the fridge door won’t close properly issue even if it has not occurred yet by cleaning the refrigerator and other kitchen appliances on a regular basis. However, if someone is seeking for a new kitchen appliance of high quality, they can purchase at HomePro locations near their home or shop online at, Contact the HomePro Call Center at 1284 for additional details.

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