Walk in Closet is a space for storing belongings, dressings whether it’s clothing, bags, shoes, or accessories as well as household goods that last a long time that will be picked out for use such as bedding sets, pillows, or even a big luggage. All of which will be designed in the same area for convenience use and to emphasize the use of limited space for maximum benefit.

Walk in Closet ด้วยตัวเอง

Building a Walk in Closet usually uses built-in closets and furniture for storing various types, providing full functionality including hanging or fold which for people who have some skills in mechanics, may be able to DIY a wardrobe or make their own closet. Because designing and creating Walk in Closet by yourself will be able to best meet the usage and usage habits of homeowners. And it can also be used as a room or bedroom furniture that matches the homeowner’s style very well.

With many advantages of the Walk in Closet, a dream of lovers of dressing up and home decoration. HomeGuru has compile things that everyone should know before designing their own Walk in Closet, including its advantages and disadvantages as well.

Walk in Closet ด้วยตัวเอง

What are the advantages of Walk in Closet?

The most noticeable advantage is that the storage of large quantities of goods is orderly and can classify items of use as well, very convenient for use in daily life. Especially for lovers of dressing, the built-in wardrobe to suit your own lifestyle can collect all the items you like in one place. Makes it easy to dress up, create new ideas and inspiration. In addition, you can modify various functions as appropriate while still helping to save space as well.

Walk in Closet ตู้เสื้อผ้า

What are the disadvantages of Walk in Closet?

Walk in Closet is like a small room in the house that needs constant care. Because for some people, storing lots of clothes to be tidy all the time is as hard as with custom-made closets, especially with Walk in Closet, with no doors. Which, although able to easily see things and conveniently picked out for use. But if picked and not placed in the same place or scattered belongings that are not in place clothes hanging together, beautiful Walk in Closet vignettes can easily turn into a cluttered small room. Not including dust that must be kept clean and the budget for making is quite high when compared to other closets.

Walk in Closet

10 things to know before designing Walk in Closet by yourself

The design of Walk in Closet is not just hiring a built-in closet that requires a high budget. But some people may make their own closet with metal rails. It can be combined with iron shelves and storage baskets that can be done easily by yourself, or you can use the DIY old wardrobe to get Mix & Match with other storage furniture. Or move furniture that exists in the same zone to get your own Walk in Closet. Because the idea of Walk in Closet is actually dividing the space for dressing rooms into proportions.

Walk in Closet ทำเองWalk in Closet ทำเองWalk in Closet ทำเอง

Walk in Closet

1. Set the depth of the closet

Most clothes whether it is a dress shirt, a robe or a thick sweater usually it fits into a closet that is approximately 24 inches deep. If the depth is less than that, it may cause time to hang clothes and the clothes will protrude. To the point that it is impossible to close the door or block the walkway makes it look very tidy and for clothes that have to be folded must have at least 9 – 15 inches wide space for storage. As for clothing, long dresses, evening dresses or long coats may need at least a 68-inch hanging space and a height of 50 inches for hanging pants and half-fold skirt.

Walk in Closet ตู้เสื้อผ้า

2. Dividing the amount of space to hang clothes appropriately

Let’s explore what type of clothes to be hung by hanging. If most clothes are shirts, skirts, pants or short dresses. The built-in wardrobe with double rack will save a lot of storage space. But if most of the clothes are long dresses, evening dresses or long coats Using a single rail, it will be more practical.

Walk in Closet ตู้เสื้อผ้า

3. The area in the corner of the room can also be utilized

The design of the Walk in Closet in a corner can be done. Just use the technique of stacking cabinets or curved rail installation to allow more storage space. Although, it is an area that is not easily accessible. But it can be used to store long-term use will take out and use like luggage or a large sweater.

Walk in Closet

4. Leave space to place the island

An island in the middle, which is placed in the middle. Walk in Closet will help to store small pieces of jewelry, organized and easier to find. It can also be adjusted to be the area that is currently being chosen or can be adjusted to be a 3-in-1 area for make-up. If any home has enough space, it is recommended to add this area to the Walk in Closet as well. 24 – 36 inches for those who make their own closets. The central island may just be a cabinet with drawers that are not large and placed on both sides. Then cover the top of the cabinet with wooden strips or other materials to deceive like the built-in furniture that matches with other wardrobes That’s it. A beautiful island that actually works and used to decorate the bedroom as well.

Walk in Closet ตู้เสื้อผ้าWalk in Closet ตู้เสื้อผ้าWalk in Closet ตู้เสื้อผ้า

Walk in Closet ด้วยตัวเอง

5. Leave space for your favorite pair of shoes

If you want Walk in Closet to be able to store your favorite pair of shoes with confidence that there will be no problems with odor, disturbance, or dirt. The space for storing or showing shoes can be done by specifying a space for storing shoes approximately 7 – 12 inches in width, space for storing ankle boots approximately 3-5 inches in height and space for storing long boots, height around 9 – 17 inches respectively.

Walk in Closet ตู้เสื้อผ้า

6. Place a soft, comfortable chair

If there is enough space Placing your favorite chair in one of the Walk in Closets will make room for sitting in shoes. Button-down shirts, make-up and many other activities can be placed by the chair on the side of the central island or can be placed on the side of the wall that is not being used and if you want more functions than sitting. You may choose to use a chair that can store small items under the seat. In addition to being versatile, one beautiful chair is a bedroom furniture that helps to make the room look more complete.

Walk in Closet ด้วยตัวเองWalk in Closet ด้วยตัวเองWalk in Closet ด้วยตัวเอง

Walk in Closet

7. Don’t forget the jewelry storage area

In addition to clothing and shoes, hats, bags, belts, ties, watches and accessories, you also need a proportion of storage space, such as a belt, necktie, necklace or some type of bag that is suitable for hanging. They can be hung on the wall that has little or no use as for small jewelry do not use bracelets, rings, watches, or brooches. You may use drawers to store or stored in a separate box and placed in an area that is easily visible and conveniently pick up.

Walk in Closet ตู้เสื้อผ้า

8. Design a natural light

Whether it is a Walk in Closet built-in wardrobe or DIY wardrobe, drawers. Then, rearrange if there is enough natural light in the area, it is better to let the natural light reach because the women who have to wear make-up on a regular basis will know that make-up in the natural light is the best. And also makes it easy to see things clear, true color, not fooling the eyes, making Mix & Match to dress in various looks.

Walk in Closet ด้วยตัวเอง

9. Choose a clear layout moisture proof

Since most built-in walk-in closets are connected between the bathroom and the bedroom, the walk in closet design requires special attention to ventilation and humidity. The distance between the dry and wet areas is at least 1.20 meters, including a window or vent to help vent moisture, causes of mold and respiratory diseases as well as helping to reduce heat buildup within the Walk in Closet, which helps extend the life of appliances.

Walk-in Closet ทำเอง

10. Mirror for checking from head to toe

Walk in Closet and mirrors are considered a pair. Especially full-length mirrors that make it easy to enjoy dressing and can check the order from head to toe. Currently, mirrors have a variety of designs to choose from. Not just floor standing or attached to the wall. But there is also a design that can be hidden inside and can be rotated or opened when needed. In addition to being useful, the mirror can also be used as a bedroom decoration that helps to make the room look brighter and wider.

Walk in ClosetWalk in ClosetWalk in Closet

Walk in Closet ตู้เสื้อผ้า

Although, Walk in Closet is just a small area in the house but has many uses and can perfectly fulfill the dream home of many people. The important thing in designing the Walk in Closet by yourself is to pay attention to the small details that show the identity of the user.

Which results in a personal space that is perfect and stylish. Answer the problem of usage and create happiness for users without difficulty.

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