Housewives often wonder how to fall asleep at night. Today, almost all butlers are overworked or under a lot of stress, which causes them to have sleep problems. This is a long-term health threat symptom. If you don’t find a way to sleep fast to alleviate insomnia, your body will endure a great deal of pain. HomeGuru has compiled a list of 10 techniques to make sleep easier in HomeGuru style that everyone may attempt.

10 Tips to help you fall asleep fast from HomeGuru

1. Pillows must support and accommodate your sleeping habits.   


Choosing the right pillows and bedding requirements for different sleeping positions depends on whether you want to sleep for a short or long time at night. Nowadays, health pillows are the most popular choice since they not only help you sleep better but also have a great impact on your overall health. For example, a memory foam health pillow that is flexible, supports the neck and shoulders, lowers pressure, inhibits dust mites, and is properly ventilated is an excellent option. If you like sleeping on your side and putting your arms under the pillow, some versions have built a shape to accommodate that.

2. Cooling blankets help you stay cool all night long.


The simplest technique to sleep better at night is to use a blanket as a warmer to promote deeper sleep. When the air conditioner is on to assist lower the temperature in the bedroom, yet you still feel hot and cold when sleeping due to the incorrect blanket choice.

If you have trouble sleeping or feel hot when you’re trying to sleep, a cooling blanket can be a good solution for you. Home Living Style Cooling Yuzu Blankets are composed of polyester fabric and have a nice feel. They are also flexible and don’t shrink when washed. Every time you use it, it stays cool to the touch because to the excellent ventilation that ensures there are no musty smells. Suitable for everyone in the family, especially children, thanks to the three various patterns and colors offered.

ผ้าห่ม ผ้าห่ม ผ้าห่ม

3. Use an air purifier to make the room feel more fresh.


Using an air purifier has been increasingly popular, especially with the recent increase in air pollution and PM 2.5 dust, as well as the current coronavirus epidemic. Respiratory health concerns are often given greater attention in houses, especially at night when the bedroom tends to collect dust and cause poor sleep. 

Consequently, air purifiers have become one of the ways that many people install in the bedroom to help them sleep better, and today’s air purifiers offer features and functions to use that very well. It may, for example, clean the air both inside and outside the device using Streamer technology to assist prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria, germs, allergies, and other hazardous items. The electrostatic HEPA filter and activated carbon filter assist trap tiny particles such as dust, PM2.5, and smells.

Don’t forget to measure the size of your bedroom before purchasing an air purifier so that you can pick one that fits your needs and is effective.

เครื่องฟอกอากาศ เครื่องฟอกอากาศ เครื่องฟอกอากาศ

4. Bedrooms should have a comfortable temperature.


In our heated home, the ideal temperature for a good night’s sleep and not waking up in the mid-night is 17-25 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the room should be lower than that of the body. As a result, the air conditioner’s temperature should be changed correspondingly. Also, remember to make the bedroom ambiance calm and dark by shutting off lights and communication devices such as telephones and televisions. The room must be adequately ventilated to avoid moisture and musty odors. 

5. Aromatherapy and scented candles can help you relax.


Stress is a contributing factor in many cases of insomnia. Place a fragrant candle or an aromatherapy diffuser in your bedroom to help you fall asleep faster.  Choose a perfume that you enjoy or enables you to sleep better, such as chamomile, lavender, or mild woods. It’ll make your bedroom smell nice, which will aid in your relaxation.

 There are already scent machines available in a variety of styles, and the price is still reasonable. Simply adding essential oils to your room will help you sleep better at night while also reducing humidity in the air, making it cleaner and fresher.

เครื่องพ่นอโรมา เครื่องพ่นอโรมา เครื่องพ่นอโรมา

6. Music can help you sleep effortlessly and soundly all night.

Choosing to listen to relaxing or classical music will help you keep your mind from being overworked throughout the day. For the purpose of better sleep by balancing the work of the brain.

7. Make a habit of going to bed at the same time every night.

The best time to go to bed is around 10 p.m., and the best time to wake up is around 6 a.m. to give your body a chance to rest. As well as helping the body relax, this is the most efficient technique to sleep better. It has a negative impact on the sleeper’s health as well. 

8. Change the ambiance or redecorate the bedroom.


Another aspect of sleep that is influenced is the environment in the bedroom because the bedroom is intended to be a sleep-only space. As a result, you should only choose bedroom essentials like a bed and a sofa, as well as certain luxuries like a closet. The dressing room can be separated from the bedroom if there is adequate room in the house. This makes the bedroom feel more spacious and open. Furthermore, it helps in dust abatement in the room.

The color scheme for the bedroom should employ cold tones or soft tones such as white, cream, and light gray. Using cool colors instead of warm ones will allow you to sleep for longer periods and have less difficulty. In addition, to help you fall asleep better, the bedroom’s layout can also alter the room’s tone and ambiance.

9. Getting enough exercise is a good way to sleep fast.


If you have trouble sleeping, try working out in the evening or 4-6 hours before night. Exercising too close to bedtime is not recommended. And it’s important to exercise properly, not too hard, because it can lead to insomnia.

10. Relax by taking a warm bath.


Take a warm bath for 20-30 minutes to help you sleep better at night since it balances your blood flow. Essential oils can be added to the water in any room of your house to help you relax and sleep better at night without waking up in the middle of the night.

If you want to fall asleep fast at night, try to keep your body clock in sync by sleeping at the same time every day. HomeGuru‘s method is one of the choices that will help you sleep fast and can do at home. However, if you’ve tried sleep-inducing treatments and they haven’t worked, you should see a doctor for a complete physical and mental assessment. The longer this issue is ignored, the more detrimental it will be to your health and quality of life in the long run.

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