“Home” is a place for everyone to relax, and doing various activities with the family. Therefore, taking care of home and keeping it tidy, can make home a lively place. We should keep cleaning the house and take good care of it. But with a fast-paced life today, we hurry to work and get home to lay down on bed, this may result in not having enough time to look after the house very seriously. HomeGuru has some tips to share with people who have no time with complete on matters of organizing your home and decorating your home. Even though, you have little time, but you can take care of your home successfully.

Take care your home by select of materials to match the house

For taking care of home, you should start from the selection of surface finishing materials for use in various rooms which should be chosen to be used correctly because it will be easy to take care and clean the house. For example, kitchen wall, should choose materials like stainless and ceramic because it is easy to scrub and wipe away dirt. Or door and windows, should choose materials such as aluminum and vinyl because it is easier to clean than wood materials, etc.


Take care your home by decorating the house

It’s not wrong to decorate the house according to the style that you like. But we have to consider usage as well. Choosing home decor or household goods is one factor that helps to taking care of home easier. To eliminate the problem with the word “home is messy” by choosing household items that can be used to store various things. Recommend to choose base tone color or the color that matches the house from home accessories will become the home decoration. In addition, organizing various items to be in place which everyone in the house must cooperate. When finished using an item, it should always be kept in the same place.

Take care your home by organize the space in the house

With each area having different uses, we should pay attention to the space in the house in order to taking care of home easier. Starting from designing the house area such as allowing every area and every room in the house to receive natural light, to help kill germs and reduce musty smell or Separation of wet and dry zones in the bathroom to reduce the occurrence of stains and easy to clean. In addition, the bathroom should have air vents and Including being in a place that is in direct sunlight. As for the kitchen, If it’s a home that does frequent cooking, recommend to install cooking hood or open the windows every time you cook, to reduce bad smell.


Take care your home by Cleaning and organizing home

Mopping, sweeping, wiping the house is the basic things that we should keep doing it often to remove dust and dirt. But we can clean the house more easily by choosing furniture and home decor that is easy to clean such as leather sofa that wipes dirt and dust better than fabric sofa. And another good element of home organization is the selection of household items with the necessity of different areas and lastly, choose materials that will help clean the house easier.

Taking care of home is an important issue that we should not be ignored. Even if there is little time, every home should pay attention and practice as a routine. In order to make the house livable and always order or may find help such as storage devices or cleaning equipment to help your convenient.

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