Making the room smell good is to create an atmosphere for the room to be livable and relax to the fullest. Nowadays, many houses have turned to take care of each room to make it more pleasant. Whether it’s decorating a new room or even using perfume in the bedroom and spray air fresheners to help the room smell fresh, relax, and reduce and eliminate musty odors as well.


Today, HomeGuru will take you to turn an ordinary room into a comfortable room with simple techniques that make the room smell friendly and suitable for relaxation.

1. Way to make the room smell good, start with the Big Cleaning Day.
2. Ventilation helps to make the room smell good, not musty.
3. Easy DIY to make a room deodorizer
4. Another way to make the room smell good, just add plants to the room.
5. Use a fabric softener with a long-lasting scent that doesn’t stink.
6. Use an air purifier to keep the room clean.
7. Air fresheners, another easy way to make a room smell good.


1. Way to make a room smell good, start with the Big Cleaning Day.

The first step in keeping your room smelling fresh starts with a Big Cleaning Day. Clean every corner of the room, including furniture, cupboards, under beds, under stairs, or even behind cabinets that you might be neglecting. . If not cleaned, a large pile of dust will accumulate.

Cleaning the room, it is advisable to take this opportunity to get rid of as many unnecessary items as possible. Be it paper, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, unused paper bags, cream jars, or even expired or used room items such as spray air fresheners. It’s important to remember to reorganize the zones, whether it’s misplaced shoes, book corners, or desks that are cluttered and piled up.

2. Ventilation helps to make the room smell good, not musty.

Sometimes your room smells musty, even using spray air fresheners does not help the smell disappear 100%. It may be caused by the air in the room that is not ventilated. Therefore, on holidays or vacations, it is advisable to open the windows or open the room’s doors so that the wind can blow in the old air and take in the fresh air instead. But be careful not to open it for too long because there may be problems with dust entering.


3. Easy DIY to make a room deodorizer.

Another technique to make a room smells good for people who don’t have much time to take care of the house is to DIY something near you to become a great deodorant. Especially when you’ve just recently had your Big Cleaning Day, sometimes you can’t get rid of all the odors.

1. Soap bar

It is considered a popular trend in 2021 to scrap a soap bar into thin strips into a glass. After that, place it in various places in the house instead of using perfume in the bedroom. In addition to help you get a room that smells good, this technique can also be used as an interior decoration in your home.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda isn’t just for cooking; you can also use baking soda to reduce bad odors by putting it in a bottle or a thin cloth to prevent spills and placing it on the spot with a musty smell.

3. Fresh ground coffee

If anyone brews fresh coffee every day or likes drip coffee in the morning. Don’t throw away the coffee grounds as it is a great helper in absorbing odors. You can either place the coffee grounds in a bag, place it in your closet, or put it in a cloth storage box. That’s it, the unpleasant smell will go away.

4. Charcoal

Put the charcoal in a thin cloth or mesh bag and then place it or hang it around the clothesline, just as it will help absorb the musty smell. You can also put it in the refrigerator to reduce the smell of the side dish.

5. Lemon

Using a cloth dampened with warm water mixed with lemon juice to wipe various areas, especially cabinets, beds, furniture. Or some houses may moisten the cotton and put it in a container to place in the closet. It is another easy trick to make your home smell good as well.


4. Another way to make the room smell good, just add plants to the room.

Minimal and natural lines may be chosen to make the room smell good by growing indoor plants to add natural fragrance and purify the air. Whether it’s Devil’s Ivy, Snake Plant, Peace Lily, Chinese Evergreen, Monstera, Fiddle Fig, Rubber Plant, Goosefoot Plant, Boston Fern, Aloe Vera, or even Tridax Daisy.

In addition to planting plants in the room, it is advisable to find a beautiful potted plant as an additional decoration. Guarantee that your room will be instantly refreshed and will also look tidy, perfect for relaxing.

5. Use a fabric softener with a long-lasting scent that doesn’t stink.

If you do not want to face the musty smell of clothes, HomeGuru recommends that you change the detergent to a new one. Then turn to a formula that helps to reduce the musty smell is better. Because it is suitable for indoor drying, including in areas with poor ventilation.


6. Use an air purifier to keep the room clean.

Making a room smell good that should not be overlooked uses an air purifier to help make the air in the room cleaner and fresher every day. Because there are filters to help eliminate germs, bacteria, including PM 2.5 dust. Although the air purifiers can actually keep the room clean and tidy, they dry the air.

Therefore, the best way to make your room smell fresh and the air is not dry is to use a humidifier. In addition to helping to keep the air from drying out, this machine can also put perfume in the bedroom as an essential oil. Let the machine spray out steam as well.


7. Air fresheners, another easy way to make a room smell good.

The last trick to make your room smell nice every day is to use room air fresheners; there are many types of air fresheners in the market to choose from.

• Spray air fresheners are perfumes that come in cans, can be used by spraying in different areas, or you can choose to use an automatic timer.
• Air fresheners or deodorant gels are available in large lumps and small globules, placed in different places.
• Essential oils are commonly used in aromatherapy burners or air humidifiers where the unit will spread the scent throughout the room. It is widely used in the bedroom to help relieve stress and increase relaxation while relaxing.
• Stick perfume or diffuser perfume is the most popular perfume today because the scent is quite clear; it feels like you are in a spa just plugged into the bottle.

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It’s all about how to make a room smell good that HomeGuru brings to you today. Each trick is full of weight and gives the best results. I assure you that from now on, your room will smell long and fresh every day for sure. And if you want to get perfume in the bedroom or spray air fresheners, just come and shop at Homepro, and you’ll be sure to get great products in your home.

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