“Toilet spray” an equipment that should have in every bathroom because it makes it cleaner and more convenient to wash after finishing work than any other method. But it is believed that many people may have had problems with some of the purifiers that were “squirted and startled” that they had to exclaim because of the force of the water hitting the delicate skin. Or the problem of holding down the hand while squeezing the water spray which each case creates inconvenience in their use. Therefore, choosing the right toilet spray must be strong and smooth. This content, “HomeGuru” will take you to choose which type is soft and suitable for use.

สายฉีดชําระ แบบไหนดี

Recommend to buy professional toilet spray

Toilet spray that is sold in the market in our country. There are generally 3 main types, each with different features and prices. The material of the cable and the appropriate length is also a part that should not be overlooked. Therefore, before choosing to buy, it is important to get to know this device better at every point for information for decision making which will be divided into details as follow:


Must know! What does a toilet spray consist of?

The toilet spray assembly consists of a gripping and pressing nozzle, an upper connection, a hose connected to a tap to deliver water to the spray nozzle. Both white PVC material and stainless steel hose, stop valve or mini valve are available. For force on-off the water of the spray hose. It is also a control over the supply of water more or less. Force or light of the spray hose too which all usually come together as a set. But you can choose to change some point as well.

สายฉีดชำระ สายฉีดชำระ สายฉีดชำระ


The difference between chrome, stainless steel and plastic toilet spray and nozzle

Plastic Nozzle toilet spray This type of material is cheaper than other types. It has moderate durability. Usually damaged, broken and stained easily, some models, when used for a while, may have problems pressing and holding, not rebounding causing the water to flow non stop.

Stainless Steel toilet spray The features more durable and a beautiful glossy finish than plastic washers. The strength is similar to that of the chrome head type. But there is a chance of rusting as well.

Chromium toilet spray Generally, the interior is made of plastic material that has been chrome plated to add a shiny beauty. The beauty is equivalent to stainless steel, but it can prevent rust better and it is quite popular.


Which toilet spray nozzle should you choose?

If cutting out the budget. It is advisable to choose a nozzle mechanism that is assembled according to industry standards with high quality materials, for example, made of brass coated with chromium that is stronger and more durable than plastic ones. And also provides excellent rust protection compared to stainless steel sprinklers. Making it last longer and must pass the leakage test according to TIS. 1497-2005 to ensure that water does not drip. As part of the purchase process, try and hold the nozzle that feels snug in your hand. The nozzle shaft is not too hard or too soft. Easy to control pressure levels. The head can be turned out to be washed. There is an adjustable standard thread that can be used with most common hose. And if choosing to use the stainless steel nozzle, it should be grade 304 as a whole, not anodized. Which will have properties that are strong, durable, not easily torn and less likely to rust.

หัวฉีดชำระ หัวฉีดชำระ หัวฉีดชำระ


Choose a toilet spray for the material and sway

Hose for water delivery is commonly used as the main material of the shower head. Which are often sold together as a set. But if you want to buy and change as you like. Choose a flexible cable such as braided stainless steel, jointed cable with EPDM rubber inside, springy cable or other materials. With flexibility, it can be moved easily in the desired direction. If it is a hard line, it will be difficult to steer.


Suitable hose length

The size of the hose is generally available in 2 sizes, 1.2 meters and 1.5 meters, it should be chosen according to the installation location. Which is generally preferable to hang the toilet hose on the next wall. Flush the toilet within reach of the arm and at a level that is neither high nor low. The hose should not be too short, taut, or long that it drags on the floor.

Tip: After choosing to buy toilet spray, before drilling the wall for installation. Always try to place the cable first, while hanging the hose must not touch the floor. This will help reduce stains and prolong their service life as well.


Easy to turn on-off stop valve

Stop valve controls the supply of water to sanitary ware including the hose. The flow of water from the sprayer forcefully or lightly depends on the device as well. Mechanics often install this valve under the toilet in the back to hide sight. If the valve torque is too hard, it will be difficult to adjust the water strength. Choose a twist stop valve that is easy to open and close. And install separately from the toilet valve for ease of maintenance.

สต๊อปวาล์ว สต๊อปวาล์ว สต๊อปวาล์ว


Warranty is required

All standard products will have an after-sales warranty to assure consumers that they get the best. It should be noted on the product box first whether there is a warranty and for what period. In case there is a problem in use, you can submit a claim or repair.


The use of The Toilet Spray requires a strong but gentle water pressure to clean the dirt without affecting the skin. But to be good, it should force or adjust the pressure of the water to be strong – light in various levels according to the needs of use. And before installing the spray nozzle, don’t forget to turn on the water hard to remove all debris in the plumbing.

Reduce clogging problems after Just like this, it will be able to use a fun spray line every time you do your own business.

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