Toilet Spray, an indispensable cleaning aid for Thai people. It is a cleaning device that is common in homes and public toilets in Thailand. Including some Central Asian countries, it is a sanitary ware that evolved from a shower type toilet. But it will be in the form of a hand trigger nozzle similar to a sink nozzle usually attached to the side walls of the toilet. There is a hose or inlet hose that connects to the water pipes and faucet, which will release the water into the water holding tank around the toilet seat. Besides, a toilet spray is a must-have accessory in the bathroom. It is also considered a water supply that facilitates the purification of sewage more than any other method.

HomeGuru would like to invite everyone to get to know more about this Thai bathroom accessories.


Toilet Spray commonly used in the home

Toilet spray has different types according to the material they are made. Each type has different properties depending on the pattern of use. Toilet spray type that has been widely popular can be categorized into 3 types:

1. Chromium Toilet Spray is strong, durable, not easily brittle. It can prevent rust very well, has a beautiful luster but may be quite expensive compared to other designs.

2. Stainless Steel Toilet Spray has strength and resistance close to the chrome head, has a beautiful luster. But after using it for a while, it may cause rust problems. The price is quite high as well.

3. Plastic Toilet Spray is quite cheap as compared to other designs. But quite damaged, easily broken, not very durable.

ประเภทสายฉีดชำระ ประเภทสายฉีดชำระ ประเภทสายฉีดชำระ

สายฉีดชำระ แบบไหนดี

Which Type of Toilet Spray to Choose?

Many people may have questions as to which toilet spray to choose. We recommend to buy the toilet spray which the nozzle is made of chromium coated steel. Because in addition to giving strength It is more durable than other types of sprinklers and also provides better rust protection. In the area of the water hose, it is advisable to choose a hose with a braided metal wire. This will help prevent the problem of the hose being bent. The last stop is the stop valve that is most often installed under the toilet to hide from sight. Choosing a stop valve should be a type that is easy to open and close and separated from the toilet for ease of use and repair as well.


How important is the stop valve to toilet spray?

Stop valve is a controller for the supply of water to sanitary ware, so for easy inspection and repair, a separate stop valve should be installed for each device. Because if there is any damaged piece of equipment, other devices can still be used normally.

The stop valve also reduces the wear of the plumbing thread on the wall. Because if it is twisted in and out often. In case of changing the sanitary ware, there is a chance that the thread on the plumbing is damaged. Resulting in the subsequent leakage problem which leakage at this point is difficult to fix. Because the pipe threads are often embedded in the bathroom walls, so installing a stop valve to connect the device will solve this problem.

สต๊อปวาล์ว สต๊อปวาล์ว สต๊อปวาล์ว

สายฉีดชำระ แบบไหนดี

How to adjust toilet spray water strength?

One of the problems that often comes unexpectedly when we use the toilet spray in public or other places unfamiliar before is you may experience the water pressure from the hose that is so strong that you must be startled along the way. But this problem can be easily remedied by adjusting the toilet spray strength to be lighter by using stop valves.

The stop valve is usually installed at the toilet spray joint, separated from both the sprayer hose and the toilet bile duct. It serves as a control on-off the water supply when repair of any part of the equipment is required. We can therefore set the water pressure to be delivered to the end of the toilet spray by twisting to adjust the toilet spray strength to get the strength required.

สายฉีดชำระครบชุด สายฉีดชำระครบชุด สายฉีดชำระครบชุด

There are many different stop valves available. Both used with water pipes and the one used directly on sanitary ware. You can choose either one-way, 2-way or 3-way stop valves depending on the needs. For choosing to buy a stop valve used with the hose, recommend to buy a stainless steel model or brass for durability, beauty and good rust protection.


Water pressure of toilet spray is not strong. How to solve the problem?

While many people encounter problems with water pressure, the toilet spray is not strong. Many others have found the opposite problem, that is, the water pressure of the toilet spray is not as strong as it should be. This could be due to a blockage in the water pipe, often found dirt, gravel, sand or PVC pipe debris that may be trapped inside. The basic solution is to remove the rinsing nozzle and clean these clogs to prevent blockages that may damage the water valve.

In case that the sanitary ware is not used regularly or not in use for a long time. The best way to prevent clogging is to close the stop valve at the part that connects the sprayer to the bile duct to prevent the water pressure constantly, press and hold the remaining water inside to flow out so that there is no dew in the hose.

สายฉีดชำระ แบบไหนดี

How to correct the drip irrigation of toilet spray?

The problem of constantly dripping water from the spray hose is another common problem and may be caused by many reasons such as broken hose head, broken push rod, loose or damaged joint, leaked hose, etc. But the most common cause of dripping all the time comes from using too high water pressure especially for use on tall buildings such as dormitories, condominiums, or in homes with high-pressure water pumps which can be observed from the symptoms of the spraying nozzle vibrating when in use.

ปรับความแรงสายฉีดชำระ ปรับความแรงสายฉีดชำระ สายฉีดชำระ แบบไหนดี

A simple solution in this case is to regulate the water pressure at the right amount. It does not cause damage to the device, that is, the installation of a stop valve to adjust the water valve to reduce the water pressure and shut off the water valve at a long time not in use. Which this method will not only help extend the service life of the device. It also helps to save costs that may arise from the leakage.

สายฉีดชำระ แบบไหนดี

Most common for toilet spray problems are problems that HomeGuru believes everyone can fix easily on your own. But it is important to keep the equipment clean. Regularly wash away limestone stains, dirt on the outside. And always get rid of the sediment embedded in the cleaning nozzle.

To extend the lifetime of the device and for the good hygiene of everyone in the house.

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