“TV” or “Television” it is one of the appliances that almost every home must have. But after the technology began to develop, Smart TV became on the words that many people hear more often. But how different is this TV character different from the ordinary TV, and why is the Smart TV price is even more expensive than the normal TV? Today, HomeGuru will take you to solve the answer along with revealing a list of smart TVs to buy. With complete, all sizes from light size but has a clear picture like a 32-inch Smart TV to a large size like watching a movie in a cinema ever.

For anyone who is currently planning to buy a Smart TV to install at home. We can tell you that it is definitely complete, because today HomeGuru has the list for you. Let’s come and see.
1. Smart TV is not just watching TV and get a clear picture.
2. There are many outstanding functions to choose from.
3. Check list of top 7 Smart TVs in 2021.
4. Buy a worthy Smart TV, don’t just select the brand.

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Smart TV is not just for watching the TV and get a clear picture

Smart TV is a type of television or TV. With a style of work that is similar to a smart phone. Because there are so many applications and functions to choose from depends on the selected brand and model. But the same thing is, it is able to connect to a wireless network or to the internet. Of course, when it is able to connect to a wireless network, making this TV become a Smart TV that can be used unlimitedly from browsing the internet, Facebook, Twitter, watching movies, listening to music, accessing Youtube, watching Netflix, or playing games, all can be done in one device.


There are many outstanding functions to choose from

For anyone who is looking for a good Smart TV model to use at home. First of all, HomeGuru will take you to see. What outstanding functions can be used unlimitedly?

1. Connecting to the application

Let’s start with some cool functions like connecting to an application that are as easy as loading the app for your current Smart TV model. So you can use it on your Smart TV.

2. Wireless mouse

No more pressing the remote button to control the TV. Because now Smart TV can use a wireless mouse that connects to the TV. Or turn the remote into a mouse to make it easier to use and more quickly.

3. Web Browser

When you can connect to the internet. You can also browse the web browser unlimitedly since Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Smart TV now has a shortcut, just go to the Home menu.

4. Karaoke

One of the more interesting functions is the use of Smart TV as a mini karaoke machine. Some of which may add speakers to add to the enjoyment. No need to connect your notebook and speakers to make it difficult.

5. Bluetooth

No matter what size Smart TV you choose, from 32”, 43” to 85: Smart TVs, all have Bluetooth built into them. It can be easily connected to speakers, mice, keyboards or other electronic appliances.


Check list of top 7 Smart TVs in 2021

1. SAMSUNG LED TV 43” (4K, Smart) Model UA43TU7000KXXT

It can be considered as one of the Smart TV models to buy ever. Because in addition to using an Ultra HD Crystal Processor 4K AI Upscaling display that allows a resolution of up to 3,840×2,160. It is also one of the models with a sleek design that is designed to match the focus of the eye. Because the contrast ratio is optimized, it is also one of the relatively affordable models. Since the average value is 10,000 Baht. So anyone looking for a good Smart TV, absolutely do not overlook this model Samsung’s UA43TU7000KXXT.


2. SONY LED TV “55 (4K) Model KD-55X8500G

It is one of the Smart TVs that helps answer the task quite well. It has both outstanding functions like the Android 8.0 system and the 4K HDR Processor X1 that allows viewing of this Sony 55-ich Smart TV more realistically and naturally. Using the new Acoustic Multi-Audio 2 sound system, the sound is real and precise, making it possible for you to enjoy movies with heavy sound without interruption.

ทีวี SONY

3. LG LED TV 32” (Full HD, Smart) Model 32LN560BPTA.ATM

This is the 32-inch Smart TV from LG that is quite affordable. But fully functional, one that you should not be overlooked. Although, it is not a very large size but it has HD resolution up to 1 million pixels and works with Resolution Upscaler that enhances the clarity of the picture to look realistic. In addition, the speaker of the unit can provide up to 10 watts of sound with a surround system direction. We assure you that you will definitely get the full flavor.

LG ทีวี

4. SAMSUNG QLED TV 43” (4K, QLED, Smart) Model QA43Q60TAKXXT

Another model of SAMSUNG that is very worth using is the model QA43Q60TAKXXT. With a super minimalist design that looks simple and comfortable. But the image quality is up to 3,840×2,160, resulting in clear and realistic images. It can be accurately balanced with the light. In addition, it can support a variety of connections such as LAN, Wi-Fi Built-in and Bluetooth function, making it easy to control. If anyone is looking for a Smart TV at a cheap price, this model is the most complete solution.


5. Panasonic LED TV 55” (4K, Android TV) Model TH-55HX720T

If you think of LED TV with a thin edge, plus a fine screen, you have to lift a finger for Panasonic model TH-55HX720T, which is one model that offers a high resolution of 3,840×2,160 in the Ultra UHD 4K level. It can be connected to a smart phone in Android TV 5.0 system easily. It is also a model that uses Bluetooth version 5.0, no matter how you use any function, it will flow smoothly.


6. SHARP LED TV 50” (Full HD) Model 2T-C50AD1X

Another popular Smart TV that can provide a resolution of Full HD up to 1,920×1,080, it must be given to the regular owners of electrical appliances such as the SHARP model 2T-C50AD1X, which is not only the full resolution of the image. But it also comes with the X2 Master Engine that helps to reduce the noise of the picture precisely. It gives the image dimensions and looks smooth, and it comes with a new innovative speaker design that works with Original Surround as well.

SHARP ทีวี

7. TCL QLED TV 75” (4K, QLED) Model QLED8K75X915

End with the big top-sized Smart TV like TCL QLED8K75X915. Although, it is a model that is in the group of Smart TV price. With a strong value because the price is 119,990 Baht. But if counting on the quality, it is not surprising. Because there is a new technology that has added billions of nano crystals. Increase the resolution and clarity for viewing higher. The TV can be controlled with the Google Assistant too. It also has an advanced AI Sound Engine that detects media content to optimize the sound.

TCL ทีวี

Buy a worthy Smart TV, don’t just select the brand

If you are thinking of buying a Smart TV. Today, HomeGuru will give you some simple tips that will help you make a cost-effective purchase. On holiday, you just lie down and watch TV or download movies on your Smart TV.

• Choose the right screen size. Because no matter how good a Smart TV is, but if the size is not suitable, it may damage your eyesight especially the distance of the screen and the point where you sit and watch. For example, if buying a 55-inch Smart TV, it should have a viewing distance of 2,5-3 meters.

• Image resolution because now the resolution of each model is different. There are a variety of options to choose from. So the standard resolution is HD with a resolution of 1,366×768 pixels or higher because the current image distribution is quite detailed. If the TV supports the sharpness, it will help to get a more realistic picture.

• See the difference between operating systems. The most common system is the OS. In addition, many newer models also have Android, Web OS, or even Tizen systems that make it easy to send images and share content.

• See what’s connected because some models will have a DLNA system that allows easy content sharing, it is important to remember to see what connection ports are suitable for your home or not.

• Sound system is important even if a person who likes to watch movies on a regular basis. If you do not want to pay for a home theater set. We Suggest you to look at the speakers that come with the TV, how smooth or how much the sound effect can be.

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Smart TV that HomeGuru brings it to the top, not including a simple selection of tricks that are brought together. Without any fear, if you want to have the most popular Smart TV models at the lowest price, whether it is a Smart TV 55-inch or even a minimalist size, come to HomePro. There are unlimited options. More importantly, there is also a cool promotion of Smart TV prices for you to choose from. Definitely worth the price!

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