The area of relaxation such as the bedroom, other than decoration and choose furniture to create the atmosphere that makes the bedroom into a cozy bedroom and then relax it’s equally important. HomeGuru brought up today is Cure Insomnia with the choice of bedding such as pillows, duvets, bed sheets (topper) and mattresses that have designs, features and functions to help you sleep soundly throughout the night.


How to choose bedding items to help you sleep well?

Bedding set whether it is a pillow, duvet, bed sheet (Topper), it is important that every home should take into account. The fabric is safe for the user. Because bedding is an item in direct contact with the body and face of the whole family. Especially with young children and the elderly who need to pay special attention. If irritation affects sleep and other health problems that follow, such as allergies.

Therefore, it is important to select the bedding that has a manufacturing process and delicate design including passing certifications or certificates from various institutions to build confidence that they are safe for everyone in the family.


5 Items that need to pay attention to choose to cure insomnia

1. Mattress

Choosing one mattress affects the health of the people in the house. If the mattress is not suitable for the body of each sleeper. It can affect back pain, neck pain, and causing poor sleep throughout the night. In general, the choice of mattress depends on many factors, such as feeling like not like the sleeper ergonomic response function including structure materials to produce and cure insomnia which results in different mattresses such as

Latex mattress The highlight is high flexibility, difficult to collapse, which helps support the body and relieve back pain of the sleeper well. Including a mattress that does not accumulate dust and moisture There are 2 types of latex mattresses to choose from: Mattresses made from 100% natural rubber and compressed latex mattresses, compressed latex mattresses are denser and harder than mattresses made from real rubber. But will not support the body of the sleeper as well because with different production processes.

Or if any house has an elderly person living with selection of adjustable mattresses made from natural rubber. It can help support the body of the elderly as well.


Spring mattress Suitable for people who like to sleep on a soft and bouncy mattress because it is a very resilient mattress can support weight well. There are many types of springs to choose from Offset spring, Bonnel spring and Pocket spring, each of which has different advantages and disadvantages, but it is advisable to choose a spring that can support it. The body of the sleeper is good to help cure insomnia to sleep well all night. Precautions for spring mattresses are if used for a long time, the spring itself may deteriorate or fall, causing noise during sleep.

Memory Foam mattress It is a mattress with high resilience. Collapses according to the weight and body of the sleeper. Thus supporting the body and distribute the pressure of the sleeper very well. But when you sleep you feel hot. This is because memory foam mattresses do not have any ventilation holes.

Compressed Sponge mattress Suitable for people who do not like to sleep on a soft mattress. Which the mattress is firm, causing the mattress to collapse less low flexibility. But be careful not to get wet because of the production material like sponge that absorbs water quickly may cause moisture.

Choosing a mattress not necessarily the most expensive. But choose a mattress made of materials and a standardized structure cost effective for long-term use and suitable for the body of the sleeper.

ที่นอน ที่นอน ที่นอน


2. Pillow

Pillow is another important item that helps cure insomnia to sleep for a long time and be close all night long because most people spend about 6-8 hours of sleep. If the pillow is not chosen for the lifestyle. It may affect health problems, neck pain, allergies or cold as well. Nowadays, pillows that are very popular are health pillows that are available in a variety of materials in production. And according to the symptoms of the sleeper such as goose down feather pillow, charcoal pillow, latex pillow, children’s pillow and memory foam pillows which has different properties. But the important thing in choosing a good pillow is choosing a pillow that is hygienic and can be easily cleaned.

หมอนสุขภาพ หมอนสุขภาพ หมอนสุขภาพ


3. Topper

Topper or “Bed sheet,” another help cure insomnia that make you sleep well all night long which is now very popular in many houses such as sponge topper Rubber topper Coconut Fiber Topper Wool topper and topper made from various fibers Because of the features of the topper not only provide more comfort during sleep. But also helps reduce the pressure on the back and distributes body weight well Plus help reduce back pain symptoms no matter what position you sleep.

Together with the function of the mattress pad to be placed on the mattress will be able to help extend the life of the mattress even more. Because the mattress does not collapse during sleep much. Therefore, it will not deteriorate quickly plus help prevent dirt, dust to the mattress as well ad also clean easy to move as well.

แผ่นรองนอน แผ่นรองนอน แผ่นรองนอน


4. Blanket

Keeping the body warm or keeping the body temperature at a reasonable level while sleeping and help with insomnia. By choosing a blanket that fits each person. This will help sleep soundly and more comfortable. Because it doesn’t feel too hot or too cold which blankets are available in many types depending on the material of production and different preferences. Each of which has different properties such as

Nano blanket Thanks to the fine, smooth and lint-free fabric, the lightweight is suitable for people with allergies, provide warmth as well.

Quilt blanket It is popular in many homes as it is paired with a bed sheet and pillowcase, making it a great warm blanket during winter. Despite its light weight, most of them are made of synthetic fibers.

Electric blanket It is mostly used to help relieve body aches or the back of the sleeper and suitable for the elderly, children or mothers after giving birth which provides warmth to the body at the right temperature without worrying about getting too hot during sleep.

ที่นอน ผ้าห่ม ผ้าห่ม


5. Bed cover

Another easy way in creating a relaxing atmosphere for the bedroom and helps prevent dirt, prevent the accumulation of bacteria and dust particles that invisible is choosing a bedspread or bedspread over the bed after the mattress is finished. In most cases, the bedspread is a single layer of fabric. Therefore, it is easy to clean. In general, it should be used to shake dust regularly for 2-3 days. And when you want to use the bed to rest, it is recommended to keep bedspreads. It should not be covered instead of a quilt.

Bedspreads are available in a wide variety of bed sizes, from 3 feet to 6 feet and can be changed as required and lifestyle of the residents.

ผ้าคลุมเตียง ผ้าคลุมเตียง ผ้าคลุมเตียง


The key components that help ensure healthy sleep, sleep well all night and cure insomnia far from that health problem. It is actually easy and very close. The house must pay attention and select bedding that is correct according to the body and the suitability of each family member according to HomeGuru mentioned above. However, even if choosing a mattress, pillow, blanket and blanket, how is it good? Equally important is remember to keep the bedroom environment clean, beautiful and livable.

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