Many questions according to “Topper” or “Sleeping Pad” What is it? Why is it necessary for sleeping? Why is it related to “Bedding?” Based on data from the Department of Mental Health stated that over 40% Thai people has insufficient sleep and another 10% has chronic insomnia. This causes the same effect that many people often have back pain and suffer from sleep problems. Because the selection of the mattresses is not standard. You might want to throw away your old sleeping mattress and buy a new one to solve the problems. Since the technology of bedding industry today produces new alternative sleeping pad such as “Topper.” In addition to health problems, it also saves money and your “bedroom” space. Therefore, HomeGuru would like to introduce to you this new sleeping pad through this article.


What is Topper?

“Topper” or “Sleeping Pad” is the result of the modification, by separating the surface. Early sleeping pad is 1-2 inches thick which the manufacturer stitched it to the mattress, which becomes picnic bed that we are familiar with. It has been popular to date because it is convenient, portable and foldable. But with advanced technology and higher marketing competitions, sleeping pad has been developed and is more widely known. Now sleeping pad is 1-4 inches thick with flexibility and softness options. Topper has become popular. Aside from adding comfortable, it also extends the life of the mattress as well.

ที่นอน topper ท็อปเปอร์ แผ่นรองนอน


Frequently asked questions and misunderstanding of the use between topper and mattress that is most people think that when the mattress collapses, feel painful when sleeping, just buy the topper and place it on top of the mattress to solve the problem. That is wrong. If the bed is already collapsed, and place the topper, bed is still collapsed and you still feel painful when you sleep on it. Topper is just a soft sleeping pad with no hard frame or hard bottom surface. It cannot cover the collapsed part of the mattress. It can only help reduce the softness or hardness of mattress at the appropriate level of the individual.

What if you would like to use topper instead of bed? It is rather a misleading usage. With flexible thickness of 1-4 inches, it cannot give the softness as same as bed. If you would like to use topper as bed on the floor, we recommend “Latex Topper” because it has the highest density.

topper ที่นอน ที่นอน topper ท็อปเปอร์


Latex topper, Memory Foam topper or Duck Feather topper… Which kind to choose? Users know the best answer! Because of the differences in sleep habits, the thickness of the soft-hard mattress and physiological factors or health problems. Therefore, if you want a good mattress or sleep pad, you need to consider your physiological factor primarily. Then, get to know each type of topper.


What are the type of toppers?” How are they different?

Toppers are made with the same sizes of bed: 3.5 ft., 5 ft., 6 ft. Each topper is divided into the following types of materials:

Sponge Topper made from sponges with different grades depend on the quality of sponge. It has the softness – firmness varies with the quality of the material. The best sponge topper is Memory Foam topper, which has high flexibility, well support weight and restore in original state slowly.

Latex topper made from good quality latex and synthetic latex topper: made from latex scraps. These 2 types are popular because they are highly flexible and long-lasting than other types of topper.

Coconut Fiber topper made from compressed coconut fibers, and one side is made from thin sponge. This type of topper is quite solid, very high density, restore in original state slowly and not expensive.

Toppers are made from various fibers. Synthetic fibers are popularly used for both mattress and sleeping pad especially the synthetic goose wool fiber, which is very soft and light weight compared to other types of materials. It provides both convenience and comfort to the user.

Animal Wool Topper is a sleeping pad that everyone wants to possess, especially the duck feather, which is popularly used as “Duck Feather Topper,” the feathers quality in each part of duck are different. They are different in softness and firmness and with several price levels from thousand to ten thousand Baht.

ท็อปเปอร์ แผ่นรองนอน topper ที่นอน


As you know the different types of “Topper,” a good topper must be appropriate for the actual use, which depends on the basis of each person’s sleep. While choosing a topper, it comes from a real trial. And based on personal preferences of each person. This may take some time to compare the pros and cons to get a really good topper.

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