“Touchless” This is one of new innovations that have influence to every home in a New Normal life. It’s comfortable and can relief anxiety, also safe and can avoid virus infections by using New Normal contactless technology to make life easier. Whether living in a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or even a study room. So Today HomeGuru will recommend you some of these devices.

เทคโนโลยีระบบไร้สัมผัส New Normal

3 rooms in the house should have a touch less device

New normal toilet

bathroom is a room where germs and bacteria can accumulate more than other rooms in the house, especially at public bathroom or in various places as well, cleaning should be a top concern especially at lavatory, wash basin. Choosing a safe Touch less device by installing an automatic lavatory, Electric automatic toilet seat, Automatic wash basin, and Automatic soap dispenser. Is one choice for New Normal or Next Normal that will keep bathrooms in every home hygienic. And far from germs.

Touchless ปลอดภัย ลดการสัมผัส

Automatic lavatory

automatic lavatory comes with Anti – Bacteria function, on – off remote control function and also Auto flush system which has the most efficient flushing system, with air blowing system and able to adjust the water temperature at 6 levels also comes with front and back sprinkler system which can help everyone in the family have better hygiene.

Mobile hand wash basin

This time we should wash our hands often. But to find a clean bathroom in public or when we organize a party outside the garden. It is not convenient. So, having the helper for cleaning such as mobile hand wash basin with New Normal contactless technology can helps family members stay away from germs. Suitable for New normal life. Mobile sinks are compact, Comfortable to use and easy to move. The tank can hold 17 liters of water. To use it just use your foot pedal to pump up water to wash your hands.

MOYA สุขภัณฑ์อัตโนมัติ MOYA อ่างล้างมือเคลื่อนที่ ที่กดสบู่อัตโนมัติ

Touchless ปลอดภัย ลดการสัมผั

Automatic Face was basin

It is the most used device in the bathroom. To reduce touching by Select the Touch less and safety face wash basin especially with children and the elderly is a good care about hygiene and safety. Nowadays, not only houses but also in shopping malls and hotels use automatic Face wash basin. To prevent and make confidence for the users as well

Automatic soap dispenser

Even soaps can keep our hands clean and away from germs. But it should not be overlooked during using. Selection of automatic soap dispensers. Nowadays, it is a new choice for many houses. With a convenient system of using sensors Without having to use a hand to press every time when you want to use

Touchless ปลอดภัย ลดการสัมผัส

New Normal Bedroom

When we fell on the bed. We don’t want to pick up or touching with any device in the bedroom, even on-off light switch. Selection of sensor lighting, Voice control system, touch less switch and a light bulb that can detect movement. For the whole family not having to get up to press the switch, it would be a good choice for bedrooms and every room in the house for New Normal

ห้องนอน ฉบับ New Normal

Genius LED lamp

This touchless lamp with voice command that can change its color and able to connect to your device for turn on music or answer a call, not only lighten your room but it would be more convenient to use and get rid of boredom with the design.

Moreover, if you open your curtain and window to let the sunlight shining into the room it would be easier to do the cleaning that we should do in the New Normal life.

เซ็นเซอร์ควบคุมแสงสว่าง ไฟเพดาน LED ไฟเพดาน CARINI


The New Normal Living Room

Living room is the most using place. Therefore, touchless devices are very worth buying because it’s not only offer more convenient but it can reduce worry of touching things.

ห้องนั่งเล่น ฉบับ New Normal

Smart AI TV.

TV is one of the most important devices in the house. Nowadays TV were designed for touchless technology so everyone does not need to touch the remote. Also, they have lots of designs and sizes for support every user.

Smart Bin

Surely, bin is one of the most important things in the house as well. On the other hand, bin is very dirty and dangerous to touch because you can get so many germs from it. Therefore, smart bin with open-close censor is become famous and popular.

RIN ถังขยะ ถังขยะ ระบบเซ็นเซอร์ ถังขยะ ระบบตรวจจับความเคลื่อนไหว

เทคโนโลยีระบบไร้สัมผัส New Normal

Touchless technologies may be uninteresting things in the past but now Covid-19 has leading people to Touchless Society. Also, using touchless devices is what everyone should concern about to stay away from Covid-19.

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