There are many considerations when choosing windows, whether for replacement or new construction. Sliding window are popular in mid-century modern home styles. Sliders are a good choice when you constantly need to open and close windows. It has functionalities that help save space, plus its design will fit in with any style of home design and decoration. Sliding glass windows have become a key component that has ventilation, receiving wind, and receiving light from the outside of the house. But it is also a part that helps reflect the home more charming and livable.

Suppose you want to know how to choose the right sliding glass window for the application and installation space. HomeGuru has some tips for choosing sliding glass windows to give you ideas and knowledge for every house.

Tips on how to choose the right sliding window for your home

1. Choose the right type of window.

There are many types of sliding windows for selection. It depends on the needs and design of each house, but in general, five types commonly use as follows.


• Swing Window is a fully open, push-out, hinged window. Most prefer to install it on the wall house that is barely passable because the activation must be careful not to hit the passerby. When installed, it will add more dimension to the home.


• Awning Window is a window with a hinge on top. There are both double and single doors, can not be used in full, can open only 45 degrees. Popular to install in residential areas such as condominiums.


• Accordion Window is several windows connected by hinges. Unique Suitable for homes that need to open and receive air or use a sliding window to divide the room.


• Sliding Window is one of the most popular windows today because it is beautiful when installed. It will be smooth and stick to the wall of the house by opening – closing will slide to the side. Easy to clean, and there are many types of applications to choosing. It depends on the homeowner’s needs and the suitability of the installation space as follows.


  • Fixed-slide window is a type of 2 windows that can slide open 1 side
  • Slide-slide window or double sliding windows are 2 windows that can open and slide both panels for ease of use, nowadays is commonly used in many homes.
  • Slide-fixed-slide window, also known as 3 sliding windows. The activation feature is that all windows can slide open, but the middle pane cannot be sliding. All sliding windows will gather in the center pane.
  • Fixed-slide-slide-fixed window or four sliding windows with sliding windows will be double-pane in the middle only. It will slide open to the side of the door that cannot be open.

หน้าต่างบานเลื่อน 3 บาน

• Slide-hung Window is a window that can open and lift the whole. Suitable for homes that do not have a lot of space. Help to save installation space.

หน้าต่าง Aluminum หน้าต่างบานเลื่อน ราคา หน้าต่างบานเลื่อน

2. The material of the sliding window is evenly essential.

หน้าต่างบานเลื่อน 3 บาน

The materials of sliding windows are factor that homeowners have to choose for durability strength for the most prolonged use. There are many types of materials to make sliding windows. Each material has different properties.

• Sliding glass windows

To receive natural light without opening the windows, sliding glass windows have become very popular because it helps the house look stylish and makes the home more visible. But if anyone is afraid, they will receive too much light or heat from the installation sliding glass windows. You can install curtains or tint to help prevent heat from entering the house.

หน้าต่างบานเลื่อน 3 บาน

• Vinyl or uPVC sliding windows

It is a window made of natural substitutes. That is strong, heat resistant, non-flammable, not rust, and light in weight. There are many grades available, but good quality vinyl grades are recommended. Because it is weather-resistant, it does not shrink quickly in hot and cold climates.

• Aluminum sliding windows

Aluminum is metal, so there is no problem with moisture, rust, and termites. Therefore, homes decorated in loft style or industrial style use aluminum sliding windows. The aluminum is more durable and flexible than vinyl sliding windows. Therefore, there is rarely a problem with leakages like vinyl or uPVC sliding windows.

But be careful; you should not use it in houses located on the seafront because aluminum does not like moisture from the salty sea. If exposed to moisture throughout the day, it will cause the aluminum to decay.

• Wooden sliding windows

With the properties of wood that is often swollen, corroded, easily flammable, and frequently leakages. Wooden sliding windows are not very popular in many homes. If anyone wishes to design a home in natural tones with brown or wood grain, choosing a wood-grain sliding window made from other materials is a good choice.

หน้าต่างบานกระทุ้ง หน้าต่างกระจกบานเลื่อน ราคาถูก หน้าต่างกระจกบานเลื่อน

3. Install to suit any room in the house.


Sliding glass windows are not suitable for installation in any room in the house. Most of the popular rooms with sliding glass windows are the living room, bedroom, study room, and dining room. These rooms can see the view and atmosphere outside the house.

Nowadays, condominiums are very popular with sliding windows because the usable area of each room is relatively narrow. Installing a sliding glass window is the best solution. Or even inside rooms often designed as a sliding window or sliding door instead of a partition wall. It is becoming more popular to help the condominium look more spacious, open, and airy.

4. Design and home decoration style

Sliding windows will help better reflect the home’s design and style. If you like to make the house look open, airy, choose a sliding glass window with 4 panels to make the room look spacious. It can receive more air than other styles of windows, or if the wall area is not very wide, you may choose a sliding window instead.

The house is decorated in a modern loft-style, emphasizing the décor in dark tones. May install a sliding window made of black aluminum to make the home decoration tone more outstanding and durable for use.

If it is a minimalist style, vinyl sliding windows are a good solution. Choosing a single sliding window that makes it easier to design, decorate, and use furniture in the house is a good solution.

The advantages of sliding windows


• Outstanding design can be installed in any home decoration style because of the nature of sliding glass windows installed flush against the house walls without protruding parts. Therefore, suitable for a house designed in a modern style or a modern home.

• Sliding glass windows are easy to use; you can open without effort. And most importantly, it is easy to maintain, keep cleaning and wipe the glass panes clean with glass cleaner. As for the rail area, you should keep it wiping and vacuuming regularly.

• Save living space within the house. The sliding windows allow every room in the house to appear more expansive and see the atmosphere outside of the place even more.

• Additional functionality, such as avoiding noise by covering the window sills with rubber seals, reduces the noise from outside while relaxing inside the house. Or install additional anti-theft screen devices to prevent theft while not at home.


Now that you know the tips and advantages for installing sliding windows that HomeGuru has mentioned above. The next step depends on selecting sliding glass windows to match the usable area and the suitability of above. No matter what type of sliding glass window you choose, the important thing is always to wipe the windows clean. Because the window is like the face of the house, if the windows are dusty and cloudy, it may reduce the beauty and charm of the home as well.

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