This situation is probably a period that many people would not want to leave the house. Where to travel if not necessary and many others work from home. When this happens Time to stay at home for a long time. There is no better boring activity than turning on the TV, watching your favorite programs, sleeping, watching movies, listening to music, watching your favorite series. Let’s follow HomeGuru to see which TV models are good prices, complete functions, should buy in this period.

1. LED TV 40” (Full HD) SKYWORTH 40TB2000

With only half a thousand, you can enjoy a variety of entertainment with LED TVs from the brand SKYWORTH. 40 inch large screen that provides clear images of bright colors. This model is full HD resolution with a screen resolution of 1920 x1080 pixels.


  • For you to enjoy the 40 inch LED TV screen.
  • Enjoy KARAOKE SYSTEM audio system with family.
  • Share various content with 1 USB connection.
  • Support Digital TV with a variety of images and sounds.


Full HD quality TV provide vibrant and colorful images with Wide Color Enhancer, enhancing and revealing every detail of your images with true colors, whether it’s broadcast television programs, satellite television programs, movies from Blu-ray discs and home videos.


  • Full HD screen resolution 1920×1080.
  • 50Hz speed response rate, motion level MR50 for smooth and smooth moving images.
  • Can plug in a USB port to watch movies, play music or view favorite photos through the TV.
  • Wide Color Enhancer enhances and reveals every detail in the picture with true colors.

3. LED TV 50” (4K, Flat, Smart) SAMSUNG UA50RU7200KXXT

Slim design, modern, stylish in every layout, lifelike images with HDR and PurColor for you to see every detail clearly. Experience a more colorful viewing experience like going into the event closely.


  • ULTRA HD UHD Engine display with 3,840 x 2,160 dots.
  • Motion level MR100 for continuous animation.
  • UHD Processor chip for color alignment adjust the contrast rate.

4. LED TV 55” (4K, Android) TCL LED55P8

Anyone who is looking for a comfortable TV but the function is worth more than the price. This 55-inch TCL Smart DTV gives ULTRA HD clarity images or 4K clearer than Full HD. Enjoy viewing content because all apps can be downloaded from the Google Store to watch movies and listen to music, watch the series, all can be done for the price of just ten thousand. In addition, when using a credit card, a maximum of 500 baht can be discounted.


  • 55 inch LED TV, Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), with a response speed of 2880Hz.
  • AI Technology with voice commands answer the modern lifestyle.
  • AI Technology with voice commands answer the modern lifestyle.

5. LED TV 50” (4K, Android) TCL LED50P8

ULTRA HD clarity. Satisfied with the 50-inch screen for you to watch entertainment in full. Whether it is a broadcast television program or content in the Google Store application.


  • 50 inch LED TV, Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), with a response speed of 2880Hz.
  • AI Technology with voice commands answer the modern lifestyle.
  • HDR technology adjusts the light level precisely increase the enjoyment of watching movies.

6. LED TV 43” (Full HD, Flat, Smart) SONY KDL-43W660G

43 inch LED TV from SONY, suitable for those who want a big screen TV but the space is not very wide with 43 inch which is the right size Moreover, this model also makes every pixel perfect with X-Reality PRO.


  • X-Reality PRO. The images displayed are compared to images in a special database to adjust every pixel to be sharper for realistic picture detail.
  • Motionflow XR 200 Hz technology for smooth, stable moving images.
  • Use YouTube quickly in just seconds with the YouTube button on the remote.

7. LED TV 60” (4K) SHARP LC-60UA6500X

LED TV from Sharp, smart TV, 4K picture size of 60 inches at a discounted price, with more than 60% cork, great value for the price of only ten thousand.


  • ULTRA HD screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.
  • Smart TV supports YouTube and Web Browser.
  • HDR technology helps to see the details clearly in the dark and see the details of the image, even in a very bright place.

8. OLED TV 55” (4K, OLED, Smart, My Home Screen 4.0) PANASONIC TH-55GX650T

Panasonic LED TVs that allow you to watch your entertainment to the fullest on a slim, slim, metallic silver screen. Bright and clear colors, every molecule with IPS LED Super Bright technology is a smart TV that meets the lifestyle for entertainment from many channels. Lets you access social media and watch online content on the big screen via Android 9.0 and Google Assistant.


  • LED TV, 4K ULTRA HD screen resolution (3,840 x 2,160), elegant design, thin edge.
  • Supports Multi HDR with Dolby Vision, modern dynamic metadata and supports native standards like HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma.
  • Clear image processing providing bright colors with IPS LED Super Bright technology that delivers excellent signal.

9. LED TV 65” (4K, Smart) LG 65UM7300PTA.ATM

LED TV up to 65 inches in size can be operated via Google Assistant and use a fast, accurate Quad Core Processor to reduce noise at less than 20,000 baht.


  • IPS 4K Display, showing realistic images comfortable to watch.
  • Quad Core Processor: Increase work efficiency and show better images.
  • 4K ULTRA HD 8 megapixel (3,840 x 2,160p) Ultra HD screen resolution, HFR displays up to 120 movies.
  • Full-range sound system with impeccable DTS Virtual: X for sound from every angle.

10. OLED TV 55” (OLED, Smart) LG OLED55B9PTA.ATM

LG’s OLED TV with intelligent AI, equipped with a 2nd generation α7 processor (Alpha 7), can recognize the quality of the original content and improve the ฃ sharpness, revealing hidden details. For clear, full-fledged images.


  • OLED Display, an OLED screen with self-illuminating pixels.
  • With Alpha 7 Gen 2, an intelligent processor that enhances the image and sound.
  • With a built-in Google Assistant, you can talk, search for specific TV programs via the AI on TV.
  • 4K ULTRA HD screen resolution of Ultra HD 8 million pixels (3,840 x 2,160p).
  • The AI Picture & AI Sound function makes watching movies, watching your favorite music series or content even more fun with virtual surround sound.

So how do you feel about these 10 TVs with good prices that HomeGuru has selected for everyone to lay down and watch series. You can choose according to the size you like, the right function in the budget that you have.

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