“ Door ” is an important part of the area,whether it is a residential, office or building. The door is an element that allows us to enter – from one area to another. It is an object that takes you in and out of a specific place or building.Therefore, choosing a good door is important. There are many types of doors to choose from. You should pay attention and learn the different types of doors.Each type of door has distinctive features depending on vary use. Choosing a door of our home, where we live, is essential.If you choose the wrong one, troubles may occur and it may shorten life of the door . Therefore, you have to study the different types of doors , understand the usage before making purchase.

Open Flap Door


Available for both single-leaf and double-leaf flap doors , depending on the living area. It is a popular type of door in a typical residential home.Can open only one side. It also opened up to 180 degrees wide. Choose to open in or out on one side of the wall. This type of opening will take up the space where the door opens.You need to have some space for the door to swing. This type of door is suitable for rooms, bathroom or the front entrance.

Swing Door

The door has double-action hinges that allow it to open either inwards and outwards. Used in public areas where people regularly visit. Similar to open flap door , but swing door can be pushed on both sides. This type of door is often used aluminum frame and the glass is milled. The lower and upper frame has a spur attached to the upper and lower jambs.

Folding Door

Simply known as zigzag door , which is a type door that has panels hinged together, open and close by folding the panels.It has been used in architecture since ancient times. It saves a lot of space and opens up widely like there is no door .Folding door has been popular to date. There are various folding doors to choose from.It can be used as floor or wall barriers. Suitable for large living area. Or can be used to modify the outer and inner space to become the same area. With materials that are both light and strong, it is suitable to use in residence.

Sliding Door

A good door choice for small home. Save a lot of space and no need to push the door much. Sliding doors are popular to use in the house. Sliding are mostly made up of glass. It can only slide sideway. Advantages are, it allows sunlight and fresh air through the house.The air can flow easily inside the house. The style of the door is beautiful and modern. A half sliding door design uses materials such as wood and aluminum.In general, sliding glass doors are cheap. Suitable for homes or low security areas.

Revolving Door

A door that has several wings or leaves, radiating from the central shift which can open-closely freely. It takes up lot of space, suitable for large area. It needs air ventilation. But most commonly used is an automatic revolving door that can be installed 2, 3 or 4 doors. This type of door is mostly used for main entrances at buildings, hospitals, factories or large companies.

Good door condition : should open and close fully up to 180 degrees wide, if not, recommend to change into sliding door .

Wall, cabinet and bed may block the door way. If the door can only be opened half way, it means that you won’t be successful in everything.If you open the door and hit something, you will face, disputes, conflicts and bad health. You may have to fix the door with shock absorber or rubber bumper.

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