Gardening is another thing for home lovers must take into account. Mostly, the homeowner will do the gardening themselves according to the style of each home. But the main obstacle of the garden is to take care of it. Especially, the lawn in front of the house, if we ignore it, it will grow up high. It always need to be taking care of, at least, two weeks a time. If you use lawn scissor to cut, you might waste both your time and energy. Therefore, you need a lawn mower. Let’s see which lawn mower suits your home and has good performance.


Which lawn mower suits your home

Choosing a lawn mower, not just only choose the one that work fast. But you need to choose which one is comfortable to use. It is important that you need to check the specification before making decision. If you don’t know the details of using it, you may end up parking it.

Lawn mower cart

It is the most economic one because it does not require fuel. It requires a person to push it. It comes with rotary blade, cut off the grass by pushing the cart. Some people attach their bikes to the lawn mower and cycling around the lawn. This type of lawn mower is compatible with flat, smooth lawn. But the blade is not durable and can be damaged easily. Changing a blade may cost a lot.


Shoulder Brush cutter

Suitable for areas with tall grass or in an area that is difficult to access. Mostly use for garden, rice field or farm that has tall grass such as cogon grass or weeds. Shoulder brush cutter has two-stroke and four-stroke powers which use fuel. It can be used to cut all kind of grass. It is heavy and make loud noise. More difficult to use than lawn mower cart. It requires proficiency to use. Also, requires safety glasses during work.

Electric lawn mower cart

It is commonly used because it is convenient. Easy to maintain and easy to use, just put in the plug. The sound is not very loud. Women can use it easily. The grass cutting is smooth and soft. Recommend to divide the cut into two levels, so the machine doesn’t blackout when it cuts tall, thick grass.


Advantages of electric lawn mower are it is easy to use, low sound (not more than 96 decibels), no air pollution, and easy maintenance. Simply clean up all the grass and apply oil at the metal part such blade to extend the life usage.

Lawn mower cart (oil type)

Lawn mower cart (oil type)  is commonly used because it is convenient and has more power than an electric lawn mower. Can cut thick, wet grass in large area without stopping until it runs out of fuel.

Advantages of lawn mower (oil type) are the engine is powerful and it can cut grass in large lawn without stopping. No need to worry about wire. Spare parts are available at all repair shops. And it can be used for a long time.


Brush cutter

Brush cutter is an electric lawn mower work by using hands to control it. There is a centrifugal chain around the axis of the motor, work as a cutter. The engine is not powerful as an electric lawn mower or lawn mower cart (oil type). Not suitable for lawn mowing in a very wide lawn. Suitable for cutting and trimming beautiful grass than weeds. This brush cutter work well in cutting grass at the edge of the fence or an area that is difficult to access.


Don’t forget! Grass bucket… if you don’t use a bucket, you will take a lot of time to clean up the grass. For lawns with slope, should use a bucket made from nylon that has lightweight and able to see the amount of grass and with good ventilation. For flat lawns, use plastic bucket Polypropylene (PP), which is durable, easy to clean, flexible and lightweight. Take off for cleaning easily.


Tips: After use, you should apply oil at the metal part. Also, apply oil on the blade to extend the use. Wipe off the grass with clean dry cloth. Don’t let dry grass thicken and damage the blade. Don’t forget to roll up the wire. Be careful not to bend the wire because the copper wire inside may be broken.


Lawn mower (oil type) … recommend to always check and change the oil, clean the filter by blowing the dust off or wash with lawn mover oil. Should not use water to clean, if not dry, water will splash into the machine causing damage. Apply oil at the metal part and don’t forget to wipe off the grass. Don’t let dry grass thicken.

Most importantly, do not forget to ask about after-sales service. Recommend to choose the brands with after-sales service with warranty from 6 months – 8 years depending on the brands. Do not forget to ask the staff for this last question.

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