Urinal toilet is a sanitary ware specially designed for men. Instead, it is a bathroom toilet that is on your maid’s must-have list. Because, as you know, one of the most common household problems in homes with both male and female members coexisting, there is a problem with the cleanliness of the toilet bowl. This is because the nature of the excretion of men and women is different. The prudence and order of both sexes differ more or less.

For some homes, it can become a serious conflict with the installation of a urinal toilet. HomeGuru recommended remedy for men urinating at.


How good is the urinal toilet and how important it is?

Besides, installing a urinal toilet will solve the problem. The man pee does not lift the lid then came the drama in the family. It is also more suitable for taking light of men because it has a shape that supports the use of standing, which is natural for men making it convenient to use. It can be easier to clean and clean. It saves more water than using a flush toilet and also serves to divide the bathroom area into proportion to it.


Type of urinal toilets

At present there are many different types of urinal toilets. Various shapes and there are many sizes to choose from to install to suit each body type. Which in general, if divided by installation, it can be divided into 2 types:

1. Floor-standing urinal toilet

In most cases, the free standing urinal toilet is large. Designed to have a height that supports users of all ages and all body types Therefore, it is preferable to install in public toilets than for indoor installations. But nowadays, urinal toilets are designed to be smaller in size and has a variety of shapes more stylish. Therefore, there are more choices to be installed with the bathroom inside the house.

For floor-standing urinal installation will have both a plumbing connection to the ground and a more popular type of sewer to the wall. Because the installation is not complicated. It is different from connecting the sewer into the site, it is complicated in the preparation of the site and requires a high installation precision.


2. Wall hanging urinal toilet

It is a popular urinal toilet in both residential and public toilets. Due to its small size, there are various shapes to choose from, from classic to modern to modern look. And it can be installed even in tight spaces. If the bathroom is very small, it also has a corner bowl that saves more space.

The installation of a wall-hung urinal includes a hook-on-the-wall to hang and anchored to the wall to the urinal toilet. The height of the installation, measured from the floor to the edge of the ceramic mouth should be approximately 61 – 65 cm, but can be adjusted to suit the user.

ผู้ชายฉี่ไม่ยกฝา โถปัสสาวะ โถปัสสาวะ


Hanging urinal toilet flushing system

In addition to having a variety of formats to choose from. The hanging urinal toilet also has different flushing systems as follows:

1. Flush valve system, supply water to the top

Generally, the toilet that supports this system is not too large for installation and use. There is a flush valve connected to the top to control the opening-closing of water for washing. Suitable for both residential and public bathrooms. Initial installation requires the installation distance of the urinal required. Both the distance of water into the flush valve position water out distance and the height for wall mounting. It is also possible to select the water content from the flush valve to be used for rinsing. You can choose from 1 liter or more to suit the size of the urinal toilet which is one way to save water.


2. Water push button system, water supply to the back

It looks like a flush valve urinal system. Differs in applications and site preparation for installation. Which the wall-hung urinal toilet on the back, it can be divided into 2 types:

Button type When the purify button is pressed, the back of the wall, water inlet controller releases the bile through the pipes for washing. The wastewater will flow into the sewer. In the installation, the inlet and drain holes must be prepared according to the distance of each toilet bowl. Including preparing a wall flush kit, including a push button set for controlling the flushing system and a set of flush equipment that will be connected to the bile duct holes to activate the bile. All of which must be installed behind the wall. Therefore, you have to check the installation period clearly.

Automatic Sensor system with infrared radiation It will detect the signal when there is a user. It is similarly installed with a push button system. But there will be more electrical issues coming in from the normal home power through the power converter to connect to the urinal Sensor working system, which can generally be operated in a variety of ways depending on the capability of each model, for example, 2 washes before and after use, pay continuous cleaning when used in a rush, rinse within 24 hours to prevent buildup of various deposits and to prevent disturbing odors, etc.

โถปัสสาวะ โถปัสสาวะ โถปัสสาวะ


Installation distance of the urinal toilet

The installation length of the urinal depends on who is using it. In particular, the wall-hung urinal toilet must measure the distance from the floor to the edge of the ceramic mouth to be approximately 61 – 65 cm. In the case of installing in public toilets, the average height of the users wearing shoes may also be considered.


The installation distance of a child urinal differs according to different ages. To suit the physiology of each age of the child, at the age of 2 years, the installation distance measured from the floor to the edge of the ceramic mouth is approximately 230 mm. Children aged 3 years are at a distance of 260 mm. Children aged 4 years are at a distance of 310 mm. and the 5-year-olds are at a distance of 330 mm., respectively.

For urinal toilets installed in kindergartens or public toilets for boys with very height differences. You may have to consider choosing a long-shaped urinal in order to be able to meet the needs of a comprehensive application.


Even though installing a toilet is not a complete solution to the problem of men pissing. It is an immediate solution that HomeGuru sees to be quite effective by limiting the scope of the mess to be more informal for the happiness of living together in the home of family members of all ages.

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