How many pairs of old rubber gloves are left empty in a year? In the present day, the world is confronted with the COVID-19 virus, making everyday life while cooking has to be cleaned or went out to market outside the house. It is necessary to wear gloves to prevent germs that are invisible to the eyes. But after prolonged use, these gloves may be worn out, tear and leak holes that cannot be used anymore. It must be a shame to be thrown away in the trash.



In this article, “HomeGuru” would like housekeeper who is about to throw away used rubber gloves into the trash. Because we have good ideas for you. Reuse latex gloves to use in new ways to maximize benefits and also helps reduce the amount of waste as well.

1.Removing wool on clothes

Rubber gloves are not only for waterproof. But also able to clean hair debris, dust, and fur on the surface of the material Because the inside of the bag has a small rubber button with high adhesion Just put on old rubber gloves and rub it on your shirt, sofa, rug, or any material that has dog’s or cat’s fur. Those hairs are easily pulled onto rubber buttons.

2. Use instead of rubber band

We often need to use rubber bands. But some items that will be used larger than any rubber band. In the market for sale, you can apply rubber gloves by cutting into rings of various sizes, can be used for a variety of things such as rubber bands, storage under the shelves. Non-slip rubber band on the clothesline rubber band, non-slip rubber bands at various points of the house that require special toughness and strength.


3. Use rubber glove to open the jar

Have you ever bought a product with a screw-on jars and cannot open the lid? The reason is because the packaging uses a vacuum seal method. Therefore, requires the strength and technique to destroy the vacuum condition in opening. From now on, opening the lid will be easier. Just put the rubber hand with the lid handle to increase the friction in the twist. Or put rubber gloves around the mouth of the bottle tightly wrapped around the edge of the lid. Press the top of the lid a little and twist the jar instead of twisting the lid. You can open the bottle cap without much effort.


4. Garlic Peeling Helper

Peeling the garlic is a time-consuming process, wasting time preparing other materials. This problem ends easily in the blink of an eye. If the housekeeper wears rubber gloves and rubbed palm in circular motions. The viscosity of rubber gloves will help the peel to tear and peel very easily. You also don’t have a garlic odor on the hand.


5. Protective cover

The part that is the thimble of the glove is the thinnest rubber surface and most at risk of tearing and is an important point that if torn, it is necessary to throw rubber gloves into the trash. But actually this part can be used again, such as to cover household appliances to prevent slippage and prevent scratches from shocks such as the sleeve. Wear a broom handle, an umbrella handle, or a gardening tool such as a spade, which is usually leaned against the wall. The friction surface of the tire will prevent the device from sliding, moving etc.



In addition to these 5 items, old rubber gloves are still used in other forms to benefit all. Based on our own ideas and creativity. This content is like sparking an idea forward. If readers have any ideas? Don’t forget to take photos and show your ideas with us.

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