Vacuum cleaner is an electrical appliance that is considered to play a huge role in cleaning the house. Especially, manufacturers compete to update new innovations to make the vacuum cleaner more modern and has versatility to meet the lifestyle of people today. In addition, they are manufactured to meet a wider range of cleaning needs, including cordless vacuum cleaners. A car vacuums cleaner or even a smart vacuum cleaner Self-orderable to help humans like us lightly. Since there are many types of vacuum cleaners. How do we choose a vacuum cleaner? And how to use it? HomeGuru has the answers.

1. Vacuum cleaner which type is suitable for what kind of use?
2. Choosing a vacuum cleaner, what needs to be considered?

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• Vacuum cleaner which type is suitable for what kind of use?

As I mentioned earlier, there are many different types of vacuum cleaners available in the market today. And each type is produced and developed to accommodate different uses for different purposes. So if you want to buy a vacuum cleaner that is best suited for your use, you must come to know the vacuum cleaner of each type first.


1. Vacuum cleaner, vacuum suction

It’s a relatively compact vacuum cleaner that’s easy to store and has a dust bag inside. But suitable for use in large areas. Often seen in hotels, companies, stores, hospice or large dwellings. The ability of this vacuum cleaner is to clean a wide area. The vacuum head can be replaced to be able to collect large dust or dirt. Suitable for vacuuming and collecting dust or dirt from furniture and crannies, under cabinets, under the bed, or for general use within the home.

2. Straight vacuum cleaner

This is a very popular vacuum cleaner in western countries where they often decorate their homes with carpets for their beauty and help to keep them warm. It is suitable for cleaning large carpet areas especially in the hotel room often have carpets on the floor. Because it can help clean the carpet in a wide area quickly and easily, able to absorb dirt and dust as well. Because it has more electric power than other types of vacuum cleaners. Even the device is quite large. Some models may be difficult to move. And the noise of the motor is quite noisy than other vacuum cleaners.


3. Vacuum cleaner for collecting liquids

This is a specially designed vacuum cleaner that can be used in areas containing water or liquid components. And because these vacuum cleaners can collect water, other liquids and large impurities. Therefore, suitable for use in industrial plants or various houses with wet waste or water stains that need to be cleaned in large areas always. In addition, the specialty of the vacuum cleaner for collecting liquids that it has a function in which cleaning solution is injected and a built-in blow-dry function. Thus, making it possible to use it comfortably in one step. But even if it can absorb dust, dirt, water and other liquids. The disadvantage is that these types of vacuums are less effective at filtering dust than those intended for vacuuming.

4. Hand held vacuum cleaner

It is a vacuum cleaner that has recently been produced. The highlight is the innovative mini vacuum cleaner that is large, difficult to use and heavy. It developed into a small dust viewer, portable and comfortable. It can be used for cleaning anywhere, anytime, some models are cordless vacuum cleaners that increases the flexibility while working more. But all these advantages come with functional limitations. As most vacuum cleaners cannot be used to vacuum multiple areas. They are often used to collect small dust particles, hair, debris, dust mites on furniture or the fur of a pet. Many people call this type of vacuum cleaner as cat hair vacuum machine.

Hand held vacuum cleaners are quite popular nowadays. But it is often the second vacuum cleaner in the house that already has the main vacuum cleaner. And in addition to being used inside the house. Some models still focus on the production as car vacuum cleaner. Because it can be carried in the car to help clean the corners of the car as well as a cordless vacuum cleaner. With it, it’s even more intuitive and comfortable. Despite not having the power to collect dust as much as other vacuum cleaners. But they are great option to clean small areas.


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5. Robotic vacuum cleaner

It is a smart vacuum cleaner that is getting very popular nowadays. And it will likely continue to increase in the future. Because it is a new innovation of the vacuum cleaner industry that was invented to meet the needs of cleaning that is more comfortable and time-saving. Suitable for collecting dust and dirt in almost all areas. Both inside the house, various office buildings, small areas such as condominiums or even a typical apartment. By the advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner or a smart vacuum cleaner is a good accessibility to all areas of the house or room.

It has suction power similar to that of a general home vacuum cleaner. It gives you the utmost convenience just when you first set it up. The intelligent system processing can then set the cleaning time automatically. And let the machine work unattended or can work on their own while no one is at home. It helps to meet the needs of those who have a little time at home as well. There are various functions to use. There are prices range to choose from according to the budget. And most of them will be able to update new programs or update the system to work better and better online.


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• Choosing a vacuum cleaner, what needs to be considered?

After we have known what kind of vacuum cleaner is suitable for use. Let’s continue to understand that if you want a vacuum cleaner that is good-to-use, durable, good value for money, for use in homes or residences, what factors must be considered?

1. Choose from the operation system

Vacuum operation system is the first thing to consider. Because the vacuum cleaner that is available in the market has a different working system. Usually, a normal electric vacuum cleaner has an electric power of about 700 – 1,600 Watts, which is a fairly strong level of electric power. Therefore, if you need a vacuum cleaner that is particularly efficient in vacuuming. You must consider the power that is greater than the normal power for efficiency in work that meets the needs of more suitable use.

2. Choose from dust filtration system

A good dust filtration system should be able to filter small particles because if the vacuum cleaner does not have sufficient dust filtering efficiency, it will result in dust residue inside the house. It can directly affect the health of the residents. So it is important to check in detail the properties of the vacuum cleaner that it is effective in filtering dust in order to obtain a vacuum cleaner, efficient in use and safe.


3. Choose from the motor system

Choosing an efficient vacuum cleaner must not forget to check the details of the motor properties in the vacuum cleaner as well. Because the more efficient the motor of the vacuum cleaner, the better air circulation. Because in principle, the air that enters the machine must be filtered first. So that air can be released to the outside and the air that has not been filtered will not be able to escape to the outside of the machine.

4. Choose from the purpose of use

If you want to use in confined spaces, you may choose to use a car vacuum cleaner. It is small and easy to carry. But if you want to use in a small area such as a condominium or an apartment, you should buy a vacuum cleaner that is compact and easy to store. It can be a cordless vacuum cleaner or a smart vacuum cleaner that will help the user to be more comfortable as well as does not waste storage space. Or if you want to use it in a wide area. There is a lot of dust or dirt, you should choose a large or powerful vacuum cleaner to help cleaning efficiently and suitable for the area.

5. Choose from the budget

Since the vacuum cleaner in the market has a wide price range to choose from. Setting a budget for purchasing and choose a vacuum cleaner that has the capability to perform well and cover the most demanding applications within that budget. This will allow you to choose the vacuum cleaner that is most suitable for your usage without too much to waste money.


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At this point, many people would already understand that Cordless vacuum cleaner, Intelligent vacuum cleaner, Car vacuum cleaner and other types of vacuum cleaners have a different working style and you will be able to choose to buy vacuum cleaner that is efficient and meet the best use. Because if you choose to use it properly, HomeGuru believes that cleaning the house will not be that heavy anymore. Because you will value and impress with the vacuum cleaner.

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