Valentine’s Day gifts, what should I buy this year?!! A bouquet of beautiful roses, just like in the past years, or sweet chocolate with beautiful bow tie, maybe it is not suitable for your girlfriend who is losing weight. Or giving clothes and shoes, it might be too bossy for dressing. And if she doesn’t like it, she can’t throw it away or donate it because it is a gift. If so, Valentine’s Day this year, try to find a gift that is useful in everyday life. The way we both can spend time together. With a sweet card attached, it would have been better and HomeGuru has prepared some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts 2021 that are suitable for couples with various lifestyles to choose from.

Valentine’s Day 2021 Gift Ideas

1. Gift for couple who loves cafe
2. Gift for couple who loves camping
3. Gift for couple who loves fashion
4. Gift for couple who loves nature
5. Gift for couple who loves good health
6. Gift for couple who loves entertainment
7. Gift for couple who loves eating
8. Gift for couple who loves racing
9. Gift for couple who loves home decoration
10. Gift for couple who loves invention


1. Gift for couple who loves cafe

• His & Her Cute coffee cup set for His & Her

For coffee lovers, having a personal coffee cup set that you like. It would be something that you can feel a small success, especially if it is a His & Her coffee cup set that your girlfriend intends to use together as a cute couple cup set. It would help add sweetness on Valentine’s Day without adding a spoonful of sugar.

• Coffee maker, turn the house into a private cafe

Valentine’s Day this year, anyone who likes to take your lover to sit and shill, sip tea and coffee in cute cafés around the city until you get bored. We would like to recommend you to change your house into a private café. Because in addition to being able to spend more time at home together. You can create everything as you want. No matter what kind of music you want to choose.

เครื่องชงกาแฟแรงดัน เครื่องชงกาแฟ เครื่องชงกาแฟสด


2. Gift for couple who loves camping

• BBQ grill, prepare for any camping situation

If camping is a common activity, choosing Valentine’s Day gift can be a beautiful design barbeque stove with good functions. It is another idea that your girlfriend should be happy. Because if you go camping without grilling equipment, it would be like using a spoon without a missing fork. Or having you but missing me. How is it going to be okay?

• Cold storage tank or portable freezer

It is a mobile innovation that is perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift for lovers of traveling or camping. Even if soaking cold drinks as a surprise, your girlfriend must be so excited that she invites you to come on a new trip for Valentine’s Day.

3. Gift for couple who loves fashion

• Electric brush comb, Valentine’s Day gift that every woman wants

In an age when time is money like this. Time consuming after washing your hair to blow your hair dry and use straight hair dryer is a matter that takes a lot of skills. An electric brush comb is another innovation especially for women. Both help save money going to a hairdresser and save time in doing hair. Any woman would want it for Valentine’s gift 2021 for sure.

• Men’s shaver that shaves both wet and dry

For mean with a sharp beard style is always something that must be taken care of. Having a great multi-function shaver that can shave both wet and dry at home. It would be nice. Most importantly, girl doesn’t like her boyfriend to look unkempt. When walking together, it is awkward. So this Valentine’s Day, try buying him a good shaver.

หวีแปรงไฟฟ้า LE SASHA หวีแปรงไฟฟ้า หวีไฟฟ้า

ของขวัญวันวาเลนไทน์ 2021

4. Gift for couple who loves nature

• Garden dolls, represents you and me

Couple who like to spend time in nature or spend free time taking care of decorating a beautiful garden together at home. Besides trees, beautiful flowers, sweet colors that your girlfriend likes. Try to choose a cute garden decoration doll as a gift for Valentine’s Day 2021, maybe choose a doll family that is meaningful that represents you and your girlfriend. And then, both of you help set up the garden together. Every time your girlfriend sees the decoration, she will miss you.

• The overflowing basin, decorated in a beautiful garden, enjoy listening to the sound of water

The sound of flowing water is an unbelievably peaceful sound. When you sit and listen to the sound of water flowing from the overflowing basin while enjoying the birds watching the trees in the backyard with the people you love is a good time and happiness everyday. How could your girlfriend doesn’t like this?


5. Gift for couple who loves good health

• Air purifier, because you and the air are the same, that we cannot live without

The most popular Valentine’s Day 2021 gift, and everyone wants to have it in their home, probably inevitably a good air purifier. Because as everyone knows, nowadays, the issue of toxic dust is still a huge problem that cannot be solved. Taking care of yourself and those we love the most is the best gift for this valentine’s Day.

• Smartwatch, measures heart waves in the same rhythm

For couple who often spend time exercising together, choosing a smartwatch that has health functions that support multiple exercise modes for your boyfriend to exercise. On a regular basis, it would be quite good even it it’s a pair of smartwatches to wear at the same time, it’s even more romantic. We ensure that when you exercise hard and never get tired because of full encouragement.

6. Gift for couple who loves entertainment

• Set up a new sound bar to watch movies, listen to music and play games

Anyone who has girlfriend or boyfriend who loves movies, music enthusiast, or likes to play games during the holidays at home. They probably know that the device for watching movies, listening to music or electrical appliances for entertainment must be good, full and updated all the time. So if you want to please your lover, try a new 2021 sound bar for Valentine’s Day.

• A sofa for a long, love movie

One of the things, couple spend most of the time doing together is sitting and lying down on their favorite sofa to watch favorite movie or series on a chilling day. So buy a new sofa that can recline comfortably without crowding. On a Valentine’s Day, put a surprise in front of the TV, who would not like this?

ซาวด์บาร์ โฮมเธียเตอร์ ชุดลำโพง


7. Gift for couple who loves eating

• Oil free fryer, but not without each other

On Valentine’s Day this year, if anyone doesn’t have an oil-free fryer, you have to hurry and buy one for your lover. Because for the culinary lover, having a fryer without oil is like getting a new toy. And you do not have to contemplate whether to be satisfied or not. Try new food that your girlfriend will provide instead of saying thank you.

• Blenders and crushers create new menus together

Many people may not know, or rarely care, that today’s blenders and crushers have developed a lot. Both in terms of beautiful design, looks good with modern homes. And a lot of packed functions. You can do both savory food, sweet food and delicious drinks. Choosing a blender or a juicer works well and has a nice design for Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend is another idea that we would recommend.

8. Gift for couple who loves racing

• Car camera, safety equipment for caring people

It cannot be denied that road safety is a concern for everyone. Not just a matter of accidents only. But theft, vandalism or any other bad things that we do not expect, it may always happen. Therefore, a car camera is another way to keep evidence of these unexpected events. If your girlfriend has to use the car regularly and doesn’t have a car camera installed, then you can buy her one for Valentine’s Day gift with your love and care.

• Car air purifier, tiny but cool, use it and think of your lover

For people who have to spend a long time on a car. There are probably times that you will feel uncomfortable, tired, not refreshed, especially in the dusty environment like today. Opening the car windows for the ventilation would not be a good thing. Car air purifier is another idea for Valentine’s Day gift for the current situation. Open it how many times you will definitely think of your girlfriend.


9. Gift for couple who loves home decoration

• Bed sheet set, change the atmosphere to be filled with love

Believe it or not? Changing bed sheets can change the atmosphere of the whole room. If you don’t believe it, on Valentine’s Day, buy a set of sweet colors bed sheet with soft fabric. Let’s try to change the atmosphere of the bedroom to surprise your girlfriend. Perhaps, your girlfriend return, there may be even more surprises than before!

• Aroma diffuser, the scent you like, gives you a good mood

For couple who like to stay at home and love to decorate their home to always be beautiful. In addition to buying furniture, storage device, electrical appliances and decorations that match the house. The smell can help create a good atmosphere for your home as well. And the aroma diffuser with natural scent essential oils that give a light fragrance, it is a cute Valentine’s Day gift that your girlfriend will definitely appreciate it.

10. Gift for couple who loves invention

• Big set of hand tools, complete the set

For men who have high skill and love to DIY. and repair things at home by yourself. Getting a full option set of hand tools is like having a large set of cosmetics. You can buy a big set of hand tools for Valentine’s Day gift for your lover.

• Work table for DIY. lovers

Spending time with your lover together to make a little craft is a creative and lovely activity. But if it is better to be done, it must have complete equipment. Even if it is a work table, a stylish design that makes work easier. And it is a beautiful piece of furniture that can be displayed for DIY lover. It is definitely a Valentine’s Day gift that your lover will never guess and have to say wow.

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All that HomeGuru brings together are Valentine’s Day 2021 gifts for couples, 10 styles for everyone to choose from. Valentine’s Day gifts that match the lifestyle of you and your partner. Which can be order and purchase at HomePro Online : or if anyone doesn’t like the gifts mentioned above, you can come and choose the right gift by yourself at every HomePro branch.

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