For old homes over 30 years, the problem of home is not just the deterioration from time. But the function of the 1980s old house that may not meet the lifestyle of today’s residents is another problem that must be planned to fix. Making over 2-storey single-family house over 30 years, area of 150 square meters. HomeGuru began by not only having to make a whole new back over, homeowners still want to add a living room, backyard kitchen and the elderly father’s bedroom.

Adjust function change design to get a new home on the same structure

One of the important things of making a home is to explore what should be changed and what should be improved from the original. In addition, to help save the budget from escalating also affects the spiritual values of the residents as well. What the makeover team saw as being able to improve from the original was the original parquet flooring that the owners wanted to keep and the area of real wood railing that is still in good condition.

Techniques for painting and dyeing wood to make old wood look as beautiful as new

Whether the wood floor or wooden stairs, there are simple techniques to revive. Just polish the original wood floor. Then foundation, put the color of the wood groove to be smooth, homogeneous. Then dyeing the wood as desired will get beautiful wood flooring just like new.

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Solve the house wall with mold from water leakage problems

As for the wall of the house that encountered the wall problems, there is water leakage, causing mold problems on the walls followed. In this work, the mover team must solve all problems by cleaning the wall. Apply antifungal solution before scrubbing the mold. After that, paint the wall by painting the old plaster foundation. Before painting the other 2 times. In the process before the real painting, the owner has to choose the shade on the real area to get the color that the owner wants and not wasteful of budget for the purchase of paint as well.

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Solve low ceiling problems, make the house airier

The ceiling problem found in this house is that the ceiling is broken and the distance from the floor to the ceiling is quite small, causing the occupants to feel uncomfortable. The team overcomes to solve this problem by removing all the original blemishes. From then, the ceiling design provides more steps in the form of pitted ceiling, to increase the height to another 30 cm, making use in each room to compress less and feel airier.

Solve the problems of doors and windows

For old houses that use wooden door and window frames that have been exposed to the sun and rain for more than 30 years, there is a problem of wood decay and damage over time. The makeover team had to change the door frame, all new windows by using UPVC materials that are heat resistant, resistant to rain, termites not eating, not twisted and soundproof. Change from the original window that is 90 cm above the floor to a larger window to increase the original light from a rather narrow, causing the room to receive more light to feel closer to nature and also helps to increase air flow.

Change electrical system, add beauty and safety

The power cable is worn out which is another problem encountered in this house. This is a very dangerous problem because the electrical work was originally used to hit the gift along the walls of various parts of the house. Makeover team, therefore, agreed that the electrical system should be changed to a wall-mounted conduit that, in addition to providing more beautiful. It is also a system that is more secure as well. In which the conduits for use are white electrical pipes of 16 mm. and 20 mm. according to the number of electrical equipment at the installation point.

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Make the bathroom safe to use

Bathroom area on the 2nd floor of the house that encountered slippery tiles problems that is dangerous. The makeover team has changed the old tiles into rough tiles to increase safety when using the bathroom. The water system problems that are found are the water pipe is in an old state until the inside is rusty which cause the tap water that is not clean as it should be. The makeover team had to change the whole plumbing. But still laying the pipe in the same position as a Single Loaded system, all on the same side to make it easier to operate the system.

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Design a bedroom for dad on the 1st floor

Since the space used for laying out the bed of the father is quite narrow. The Makeover team chose for a 3.5-foot bed so that there was enough space around the bed for easy walking. Put shelves or hanging shelves for storing space in the empty headboard. The other side of the room has the original structural columns that cannot be dismantled for structural safety reasons. This part can be designed so that the pole can be used for storage and looked swallowed up in the room, as if this pillar had disappeared. Adding both function and design to make the room even more perfect.

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For the resting zone that has been added, connect to the father’s bedroom, the makeover team has focused on increasing the light space to make the space clear. By using large glass that gives a feeling of airy and in the corner of the room, use the glass into the corner which gives a continuous feeling as well as for the color of the room. Emphasizing the use of warm earth tones suitable for father’s age. Already comfortable with the eyes, combined with the selection of furniture that is not too high or too low for the safety of the elderly.

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Master Bedroom design on the 2nd floor in Modern Classic style

The main color scheme of the room chosen by the makeover team is a cool dark color suitable for relaxation and fits well with the original dark parquet flooring that has been updated to look like new already. Resulting in a bedroom in the Modern Classic style that is very pleasing to the owner of the house and because this Master Bedroom is quite wide can therefore put a 1.10 m working table in the space beside the bed. At the end of the bed that is quite far from the TV, the makeover team has chosen to supplement the bench at the end of the bed to help fill the room to look full and is an added function to use in the room more than to relax at night. The other side of the room, next to the window, has a built-in stool that has hidden storage function. And the connection to the bathroom, which is a clothing storage zone, uses a lotus frame, the same color as the wall Make it look continuous into one piece make it perfectly beautiful and neat.

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Making a 1980s old house more inviting and satisfying for today’s residents may be inspiration and good ideas. For old home owners who have plans to renovate their house but still don’t know where to start from. For those who have problems with home adjustment, they can walk in to consult with the Home Service team counter at all HomePro branches or contact via Home Service by Home Pro application and Call Center 1284 for 24 hours.

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